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Week 6 CTTH Challenge

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Thu, Feb 8 2024 6:26 PM (2 replies)
  • wrd108
    49 Posts
    Wed, Feb 7 2024 12:35 PM

    Okay so why in the world would our notepads not be available? I play many CTTH matches and have compiled years worth of notes and suddenly it is not available. Hopefully this is just a one off and not the beginning of a new trend. 


  • iamme30
    3 Posts
    Thu, Feb 8 2024 6:13 AM

    I'm not even seeing a Week 6 CTTH Challenge :(.  I can't remember one ever not being available.  All I see are sweeps.


    Which course is the Week 6 CTTH?  (I guess I'll contact support.)

  • wrd108
    49 Posts
    Thu, Feb 8 2024 6:26 PM

    I was able to register and play a round, however the notepad (the most important part of CTTH play) was not available on any of the 9 holes. Looking back now at the leaderboard there have only been a total of 5 registered scores, this makes it seem an even stranger occurrence. Something is obviously amiss.