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consecutive days played

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Mon, Dec 25 2023 9:19 PM (19 replies)
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  • AlaskanDame
    19,230 Posts
    Thu, Dec 14 2023 5:55 PM

    Bravo, Good Samaritan.

    This is only a game.  That was Real Life.  Well done.

  • Robert1893
    7,695 Posts
    Thu, Dec 14 2023 6:01 PM

    I won't go into my story, but I also had my CDP restored at one point. The reason I lost it was outside my control, and I kept trying to log on the couple of days I didn't have access.

    While I started a new streak, I was never really happy about how all of that had played out. Eventually, one of the moderators restored it for me. I've always been grateful that the moderator intervened on my behalf. I'm now over 3,100 days and counting. 

    I tend to agree if a player tries to play or has a life situation preventing the person from playing a day, WGT should honor a request to restore the CDP. Those restorations do not diminish the streaks at all. 

    Now, here's the thing: I don't think any of us who have long CDP streaks see these streaks as any real accomplishments. At least, so far, I've resisted the temptation to list it on my CV. 

    Even so, I list all my posts on here under "peer-reviewed publications." So, I have that! 😉

  • pmm711
    5,598 Posts
    Fri, Dec 15 2023 9:00 AM


    I spent around 2 hours with her in the hospital and then I left to get a taxi back to my car.

    Eventually I arrived home and realised it was close to the dead-line for that day`s play on WGT. I switched on my PC and within a minute or so I logged on to WGT only to find I had missed that day`s play by around 2 minutes. I wont tell you my thoughts on here!

    Beautiful story there Listy...God bless you and I wish you a very very very Merry Christmas and an equally fabulous Happy New Year!

  • craigswan
    31,255 Posts
    Fri, Dec 15 2023 10:01 AM
    A samaritan you are kalliste . Not many left in the world . WGT mods are not all bad .
  • bossbird
    2,206 Posts
    Sat, Dec 16 2023 10:05 AM

    There are lots of good Samaritans in the world , but sadly we don’t hear so much about them . Good to hear and to tell a kind story . 

  • borntobesting
    9,651 Posts
    Sat, Dec 16 2023 10:51 AM

    As long as we are talking about WGT  resetting our Consecutive days played when we miss all players need to know that there is at least one game mode that doesn't count toward our consecutive days played. I lost mine twice in the past year because I only played that game mode that night, That game mode is The Winner's Circle. Nico reset mine both times. I am also wondering if The Top Golf game mode counts. Probably not as it is not a normal game mode. I will test it next week on one of my days off and let everyone know. (Edit) I just tested Top Golf and it doesn’t count toward your consecutive days plsyed.


  • Greynurse0
    38 Posts
    Tue, Dec 19 2023 9:32 AM

    You should be so lucky. I'm currently on 402 CDP, but now that I've earned my 500 credits, I don't see any real reason to worry if I miss a day in the future. Sure, it will delay levelling up, but once I get to Legend status, I'm probably going to be happy just to play when the mood takes me. Well done on 2173+ days, but don't let it consume you. After all, it is only a game.

  • SDGOLF05
    4 Posts
    Tue, Dec 19 2023 11:26 AM

    I only had 60 some days, but still pissed I miised a day when I had the flu. Now don't give a crap. Thouht about it. What do you reaaly get? From now on I'm just palying the games and not worring about points or levels. Those are just make to make you play more and hopefuuly spend money. So if you look at any bonusnes, yiu really don't gain anything.

  • bruce033
    73 Posts
    Mon, Dec 25 2023 5:08 AM

    wgt gave me back my streak, no thanks to mio! lol. one time in utah drove an hour to get a signal. can't jump off a cruise ship in the middle of the atlantic.

  • SamSpayed
    4,938 Posts
    Mon, Dec 25 2023 9:19 PM


    wgt gave me back my streak

    Glad they hooked you up, Bruce.  All's well that ends well.  Happy Holidays to you 🥂

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