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Games Terminating Prematurely - Coin Games - August 30

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Wed, Aug 30 2023 3:22 PM (0 replies)
  • AtlantaCoaster
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    Wed, Aug 30 2023 3:22 PM

    Today I have had 3 games terminate before they were completed. 

    This is happening in Coin games.  Additionally, I lost my coins in each instance.

    The most recent one was a 3 hole game in the MGM (Montreal) Coin game.  I was tied with the other player after the 3 holes completed.  It did not go to a Tiebreaker, the game simply ended - and my coins had been deducted from my account.  How did I lose?  We were tied and the game did not complete.

    I had something similar happen earlier in a 9 hold game in the Shanghai coin room.  We were playing the final hole and the game just stopped.  It took me back to my main screen and my coins had been deducted.  I was tied with the other player when this occurred.

    I also had one early today that was similar to the second scenario that I described - but I forget the details on that one - I did not really make a mental note of those details because I did not yet realize it would be a pattern.

    Is there a bug with WGT someplace?  Something seems wrong.

    Thanks, AtlantaCoaster