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Best Bang For Your Buck Slow Meter Speed Ball

Sun, Feb 12 2023 6:34 PM (11 replies)
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  • YouLostToALoser
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    Fri, Feb 10 2023 1:39 AM

    I get it, but I use the Taylor Made L92. It has a 4 meter speed. I won some Tiltliests for a hole in one, the L0 vapor ones in the Winners Circle,mwhich they’ve changed to the super expensive Callaway, but only 6 as opposed to the 9 I won. They’re  a slightly slower meter, but hardly made a difference. 

    Then I won some Taylor Made L47’s in the Showdown, and as I’m waiting on the TSR3 to drop and I’m really close to L102, I’ve been using them in Coin Rooms to keep my credits thru ads going & build a stack of coins for use for the Club I’m in.

    But pretty soon, I got used to them, and although not as easy to ding, and/or miss on the correct side of the ding (right to left wind for example, miss ding favour the left so early to counteract the wind if anything and not lose it farther right.

    The price, too, 650cr compared to the Bridgestone at 600cr, when taking into account the durability, the Taylor Mades come out cheaper per shot. Plus the go 5, not too far off the best like Titleist L87’s at 5.6 (?).

    That’s all I’m saying, in essence, is the all round best ball for the price in terms of distance, spin, durability and of course meter speed, is the Taylor Made L92.

    Just my opinion, but I think I’ve made a solid case.

    Ps, going up to the TM L94 at 750cr, extra 100cr per pack for exact same but 5.5 distance, so +5, is an option, but I don’ (yet) feel the need. I play in Tournements, won at Legend and Tour Legend tiers with the L92 in the weekly/monthly’s several times and many top 10’s. The best ball imo, is the Titleist L87, even having never used it, but being that the Titleist balls have a huge mark up for some reason, I won’t use them until a can maintain them without paying (which I can with the TM L92’s atm).

    Hope all that’s clear😉😂

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