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2022 VUSO

Thu, Jun 30 2022 9:48 PM (32 replies)
  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Wed, Jun 29 2022 8:24 PM


    Damn I didn't check dates for round 1, assumed had 3-4 days to play it, missed it.

    Sorry to hear that, Sam. :( Yeah, it IS definitely confusing. Not sure which time zone it's based on, but even now, when I thought I would have one more day to start the 2nd round since it stated the round end date for the 1st one was June 29, the 2nd round is already on!

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    Wed, Jun 29 2022 10:14 PM


    So why I have I not received my 2000 credits for qualifying? Has anyone got paid yet?

    The first year i think i qualified, I was among the ties that were beyond the top 156, and as i understand it, the first 156 entries are automatic and those beyond that are done manually and it takes lomger to see those paid out.  If you are allowed entry to play, they will get your qualifying bonus paid but you might have been among the ties if it is not in your inbox.

    Yeah I remember that lol but I tied for 22nd this year . BUT low and behold I found a   Cool Looking  shinny "GOLD PLATED" chest  with 2000 credits in it  ­čśâ

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  • fobby1980
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    Thu, Jun 30 2022 9:48 PM

    I decided to try to qualify for the VUSO this year for the first time ever. Lo and behold, I shot a 58 and made the cut! But that’s gotta be a mirage because in the 2 following rounds so far I shot a 61 and 66. Oh well, at least I did receive 2K credits. But damn if the heavy winds really played a huge factor in dampening my enthusiasm. Back to the weeklies for me for now. (I did win W25 Champion’s Tournament, so there’s a pretty decent feather to put on my cap there)