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Thu, Jan 18 2024 9:07 AM (23 replies)
  • MioKontic
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    Tue, Nov 16 2021 4:37 AM


    this is not related to this topic but I dont know how to post my own issues.

    Can't believe you've been here 12 years and don't know how to start your own thread in the forum!  You need to go to the top level of the forum, then select a section, in this case we'll select Community Help:

    Then from there you will see right at the top there's a button which says "WRITE A NEW POST":

    It's as simple as that!

    With regards surveys, absolute waste of time; you can spend 20 minutes on the 'pre-qualification', then it says "you did not qualify".  10 years ago you could at least get through some surveys; when I've tried it more recently I found it near impossible.

    Videos can only be watched on a mobile device, or by installing the WGT app onto an android emulator on your PC or laptop (e.g. Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, LDPlayer).  You can get up to a maximum of 150 credits each day.

  • TramL1ner
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    Wed, Jan 17 2024 4:11 AM

    I totally agree here with this solution to SHOWDOWN games. I have just played 2 x 3 hole rounds where the 1st round the player took an eternity on the 1st hole then decided to quit allowing me to continue alone.... FABULOUS ... head down and enjoy!!

    2nd Game ....the Player decides to quit on the 1st hole (by some erroneous means) and the game now NO LONGER EXISTS... and I get 3 thank you for that....waste of 10 credits !!

    Please have the showdown as a single player entity either forget the coins or pool coin and credit for those in the last 100.


  • Tony08888
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    Wed, Jan 17 2024 1:01 PM

    TramL1ner you answered a 3 year old post, but so am I!

    Well said T… what a joke the showdown still is… still the same since 2019.

    Still the same in 2024


  • TramL1ner
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    Thu, Jan 18 2024 9:07 AM seems that the problem has existed for a long time... but if we sit back and say nothing... there will be no change.

    I like the idea of playing Showdowns as a solo player, entry fee could be coin and credits for distribution to winners, and where there is no outside interference.

    Losing a few coins to idiots in the Paris room, I can put up with, but ruining a card in Showdown is a joke as you say.