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Sat, Jan 15 2022 11:56 AM (24 replies)
  • kasia1967
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    Thu, Sep 30 2021 1:51 AM


  • donarsky61
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    Sat, Oct 2 2021 2:54 AM

    Come Join Us

    Kasia's Korner is a new active and fun club offering many games for members to play. 

    we offer a friendly yet competitive atmosphere , We use Discord to help us set up games and communicate  with one another. 

    Lets play Golf

  • Allqvie
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    Mon, Oct 4 2021 2:01 PM

    A social club, on discord. We offer many friendly competitions and a very active chat, you will always find a friend and a great game at Kasias Korner.


  • kasia1967
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    Tue, Oct 5 2021 2:08 AM

    Recruiting and levelling daily check out kasias korner very easy to set games with use of discord  a very friendly atmosphere no stress ... we play daily together and invite our members to join in fun games !!   we are now in a alt shot league but various other tournies will be introduced  ,, looking yo play cc vs cc games ..if you decide you want a friendly club read my blog and get in touch if this is whats for you ,,

    also tou can contact Allqvie   and donarssky61  aka freddie and keith !!!

    kasia welcomes you 

  • doran908
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    Wed, Oct 6 2021 11:22 PM

    Setting up CC-CC matches if any one would like to join KASIA'S KORNER and play?

  • kasia1967
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    Wed, Oct 6 2021 11:29 PM

    and also looking for any clubs that would like to play cc vs cc matches

    please contact DORAN908  KASIA1967

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    Fri, Oct 8 2021 8:23 AM

    Hello fellow golfers 

    Kaisa Korner is a  new friendly  growing club but we are  having  lot of fun, game and chat. 

    You can join club and play lot of club tournament , free as well as credit one, and tournament like stroke and alt  league.

    Also u can join us in discord where we chat , encourage each other, chat with each other and play lot of  fun games.

    We might be new  but  we have some  awesome players ,  a  very awesome and sweet owner Kasia1967(Kasia).  So  Join us and have a lot of fun :)

    Kartikayan (Kartik)

  • kasia1967
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    Fri, Oct 8 2021 10:59 PM

    read my blog see what you think i offer friendly fun games and more importantly a friendly club if its for you send me a message ..all wlcome in joining kasias korner if your active and a daily player

    kas xx

  • kasia1967
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    Mon, Oct 11 2021 8:32 AM

    Hi everyone and thank you to my members who have commented on the post !!!

    this is a small cc but slowly growing we now have a Alt -League-Shot in place plys a club match play event ... Talks are now on going with another club to create a cc vs cc clash !!!...Weekends we set fun games ie Bingo Bango  Bongo so we do keep active .. Clash is optional but it does gain xp and super passes which benefits our members and club levelling up .Shot pal and putter pal inplace after reaching level 4 after only a week .. We have discord inplace this creates and makes it easier to set up games and chat away in a private server .

    if you like what you read please get in touch to either myself  kasia1967 or Allqvie my assistant or DORAN908 


    KAS  X

  • Allqvie
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    Wed, Oct 13 2021 1:35 PM

    Come join Kasias Korner! Everyones welcome, plenty of opportunities to play friendly knocks or take part in our many in-club competitions. 

    Were using discord to chat, both text and/or voice, whatever you like!

    This is the place to be, trust me!