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Sat, Jan 15 2022 11:56 AM (24 replies)
  • Jetro16
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    Thu, Oct 14 2021 2:41 AM

    Hi Kasia's Kornor. I like  What your club is advertising to do with lots of interaction and fun between the members and others...I once belong to an active club (several tournament weekly club clash but also I liked playing skins and w club members on pre determined dates times all could play...unfortunately they fell apart. So I'm hoping to join your club and start enjoying the interaction and fun again with a new like club as yours...Sad bc I enjoyed helping out with the clubs strategies and being active with in the club as much as playing wgt as well...I loved being one of the tournament directors and bought the builder kits at wgt store and enjoyed creating all types of fun easy to very challenging and competitive tournament for all our members to play in anytime (even using a portion or all my own $/gold to set winnings for top scorers other members or team of the T.D. would pull  together making big jackpot in tournament....but that's what I loved we would help out even regular (active) members who weren't  financially able to buy any gold or $ at certain times. We used a pay it forward approach.  Would give like I said  free credits (gold or $) to deserving player down a lil $$ that month or you could request certain items your in need of on club page and outta all the members someone within a day or less payed it forward. I was one who did  pay forward and helped out when I couuld n found myself  couple times on receiving end getting help and got it payed back to me  so to say as well . Once needing set of decent balls or club passes or entry fee to tournament ect... anyways your Kasia's Kornor club is doing some of the same exciting interactions w members n events that I really miss ...

    OK I leave you my detailed information below and please get back to me with what steps I need to do to join the club or where I need to go next or if you do need any additional info from me etc... 

    Thanks Kasia 

    MY INFO:

    Player name is "Jetro16"  (pro tour level 81 or 88?? In the 80's lol)


    My name is Jeff Kern (N.W. Ohio) 41 yrs  young lol

    I play WGT Mostly on Android but also laptop on Windows...

    Playing WGT ??5 +  years?? When in a club I try2  visit club forum and Play daily or actually,  nightly lol important a night owl so usually I'm on here 10pm-3am  but also in daytime ...



  • kasia1967
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    Thu, Oct 14 2021 2:53 PM

    hi and what a nice read and first you must leave your club ...ive sent friend invite to you ..and ive sent club invite please message me direct and i will welcome you in

    do by any chance you use discord ?

    free app you download and we have our own chatroom 

    looking forward to having you here jeff

    kasia x

  • kasia1967
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    Mon, Oct 18 2021 2:09 AM

    Kasias korner only open 2 weeks reached level 5 we have shot pal putter pal and slowly increasing to 23 members exciting times here ..friendly community stress free and fun games includes a alt shot league  match play and now just starting cc vs cc match ups , sunday we meet together for fun games with members and friends to play various games ie bingo bango bongo if you decide you would like to give us a try please dont hesitate to read my blog and contact myself OR my fellow assistants.

    we also ask our members in what they also would like to see more going dorward with the club everyone is very together in what were trying to achieve,we also you discord which is easy to download and that way we set up games and talk in a private server chatroom

    kasia1967   Allqvie   DORAN908

  • kasia1967
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    Tue, Oct 26 2021 7:12 AM

    come see and checkout kasias korner club small club using discord and many friendly games !!!

  • donarsky61
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    Mon, Nov 1 2021 1:40 PM

    Come join the fun and friendly people at Kasia's Korner, we use Discord for setting up games and communicating with each other .  Come check us out


  • Allqvie
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    Mon, Nov 1 2021 2:08 PM

    Please consider joining us over at Kasias Korner! Everyones welcome!


  • doran908
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    Mon, Nov 1 2021 6:19 PM

    Looking for CC vs CC matches, anyone interested contact me please, thank you.

    WGT NAME------DORAN908


    EMAIL--------------DORAN908@ YAHOO.COM


  • Beermoose60
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    Tue, Nov 2 2021 9:36 AM

    Hello everyone. Please consider joining us at Kasia's Korner. I am an original member, and I can tell you from personal experience what a great club it is. The members are fun, gracious and really good players. We use Discord for easy communication between members, and our leadership team of Kasia, Freddie (allqvie) and Dale (Doran908), is the best around. Please give Kasia's Korner a chance. You will be glad that you did.

  • Allqvie
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    Sat, Nov 6 2021 4:26 PM

    We are still looking for new members to join us at Kasias Korner.

    Everyones welcome and we can promise you will always find a good game and friendly players...

    We offer competitions within the club, with other WGT discord members and v other clubs.

    PM me, Kasia1967 or  Doran908 if you want to know more!

  • kasia1967
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    Fri, Nov 19 2021 10:07 AM

    Hi   im  kas or  MA"AM   as my fellow members call me lol  . Anyway besides that we are a small growing family that only opened within last 2 months  and have reached level 7 now.. Kasias Korner  can offer you match play alts and cc vs cc style games aswell as putting on fun games within the club and friends ..  We  use discord so its easy to communicate with set up of games dates etc.. but will never be forced to have this..  There is always a game to play in throughout the day with friendly players and you will be made to feel welcome !!   we do try in clash but not expected those that do get the use of free super passes what we earn by playing in turf wars ..All i can say kasias korner as a great team here and if its for you please get in touch !!!

    KASIA1967      DORAN908    ALLQVIE