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Wed, Jun 9 2021 9:34 AM (11 replies)
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  • SamSpayed
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    Sun, Jun 6 2021 2:33 PM

    It is better to hear nothing .

    It is never better to hear nothing.  If WGT would post something stating "We're aware of the problem and we're working on a fix", I think that would go a long way.  It might not be what people would like to hear, but they'd understand.  Especially if WGT told us why it's taking so long (eg. one of their lead developers left the company or they're having trouble duplicating the problem in their test environment).  Instead, they say nothing, and they continue to release new Showdowns, knowing full well that there are problems with them.

    To me, that is a travesty.  

    Look at what WGT did with the Clashes a couple weeks ago.  There were problems with the Clash timers not displaying.  People complained.  WGT acknowledged the problem here in the Forums, said they were working on a fix, delayed the next scheduled Clash because they couldn't fully release the fix on all platforms, and then fixed the problem and started Clashes back up again.  They need to take that same approach with the Showdowns.

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