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Invisible Wall

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Mon, Apr 26 2021 5:56 PM (1 replies)
  • Greynurse0
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    Sun, Apr 18 2021 2:00 AM

    I was just playing a head to head in the Beverly Hills room with a guy named Ferdi*** (sorry can't remember the numbers). We were on the Olympic course and on the first he lands his approach short and to the right of the green, near a tree. He has an unobstructed shot to the green, but his ball kept on hitting an invisible "wall" just beyond the tree. He maxed out his 10 shots trying to shoot past or through it. He asked me if I had done something, but I assured him that I was just as mystified as he was. 
    Has anyone else experienced something similar?
    I wanted to share this as poor Ferdi forfeited after it was clear he wasn't going to win, and the same could happen to me in the future with big coins or credits at stake.