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What I’m I doing wrong

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Thu, Apr 29 2021 11:02 AM (14 replies)
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  • TopShelf2010
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    Tue, Mar 30 2021 9:39 AM


  • Mythanatos
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    Tue, Mar 30 2021 10:38 AM


    Tiers are over rated. To me average is more important .

    For the vast majority tiers are directly related to average. 

    Red tee tourneys affect both the same.

    most everything is affected by people grinding out red tee rounds.

    probably the best stats to go by are sand save %, save %, ADP,  3 putt %, 

    also helps to compare level to tier.  it's informative on how people got to whatever tier they are at. 


    really doesn't matter. comparing yourself to anyone else is a waste of time. It's an ego thing that just doesn't matter.

  • pdb1
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    Tue, Mar 30 2021 3:02 PM


    I dont get this.....i have never had an average of 67 or lower and i have been a master for a long time.  I think wgt should demote me to the level of incompetence i overrated at the master level....:)

    Total Ranked Rounds Played  168

      According to old school tiering . ( which you are in that group ) . With your equipment . It shouldn't take long to feel right .

      In fact I'm not even sure how the new age even tiers up . With no stats .

      But anyway . Just put your nose to the grindstone for a while . You have some GR8 equipment . You're on the right track .

  • James36290
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    Thu, Apr 29 2021 7:05 AM

    Finally made master.  Thanks for all your help guys. 

  • pdb1
    22,225 Posts
    Thu, Apr 29 2021 11:02 AM


    Finally made master.  Thanks for all your help guys. 

      Glad to hear .

      You should be able to get any answers you need from within your CC . These forums are also always here to assist you .

      Any topic can be typed into the " SEARCH " . On the right side .

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