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Hall Of Fame Tier

Sat, Dec 25 2021 4:53 PM (256 replies)
  • HenryKawa
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    Fri, Dec 25 2020 4:45 PM

    Still nothing

  • HenryKawa
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    Fri, Dec 25 2020 8:02 PM


  • pdb1
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    Sat, Dec 26 2020 6:21 AM

     Hey Henry . Just let one of these guys message you . They will get theirs on the same day .



    The Virtual Tour


    Jan 1 Dansamcan 2 Nashkurt 3 JFHuber (this was CTTH)

    Feb 1 Dansamcan 2 BolloxinBruges 3 StevenHarkin

    Mar 1.FrenchConnect 2 Mannykees, fmagnets, jmoney2224, cptWomp, xXxjasonxXx

    Apr 1.Dansamcan 2 Poldimaier Ujjbnjk

    May1 CptWomp 2 Cadaver Javiertorg BigNick092785

    June 1 Dansamcan 2 AllyKennedy  3 Spammage

    July  1 Poldomaier 2 LadyLuck87 3 Jmoney224, fmagnets, BolloxinBruges

    Aug  1  Mannyankees  2 Estienne, Dansamcan, HaojenTW, Frenchconnect 

    Sept 1 Ujjbnjk 2 Sebicu 3 fmagnets Demcug

    Oct   1 fmagnets 2 Nashkurt 3 jmoney2224

    Nov  1 Friendofyourwife 2 Walk0flife, Funkyjunkey3000, nikic123, fmagnets

    Dec  1 fmagnets 2 Walk0fLife 3 Javiertorg

    Tour Championship:  1 fmagnets 2 Walk0fLife 3 Javiertorg

    Live playoff: fmagnets beat Walk0fLife  



    Jan 1 fmagnets 2 Dr Shelby 3 Tinybo

    Feb 1 Bhose 2 Tremux 3 JColson (CTTH)

    Mar 1 Poldimaier 2 Farfoo, 3 Mags and 5 more.

    +Apr Tordodam Johehejo PTGolf904

    May  fmagnets Agassi1991 Gehl13

    June  Dansamcan Tasor fmagnets

    July   Tinybo  JJ656 Saurabh08

    Aug   Courtney01 Faruk JoeMaverick 

    Sept  fmagnets Walk0fLife Manishgolfer

    Oct    Walk0fLife fmagnets KonradOse

    Nov   Tordoram fmagnets MarioSilva

    Dec   Tasor Kelsp Sebicu Mannyankees

    There were also Quarterly Championships in 2015: The first two MP between the top two, Mags beating Poldimaier and then Dansamcam.  The final two were four player MP with semi’s Courtney01 beat fmagnets in the first final and fmagnets beat Tasor in the other.

    (+Up until here I was trying to put positions including 2= 3= at this point it changes to the first three names given)


    Jan  fmagnets Walk0flife Poldimier

    Feb  Tasor fmagnets titburn tinybo

    Mar  Tasor Saurabh KonradOse Young46 Kelsp

    Apr   Tasor Saurabh MrQueez Tricky fmagnets frenchconnect

    May  Titburn7k7k Kas64 Javiertorg  (CTTH)

    June  JoeMaverick Poldimaier fmagnets

    July   Faruk JJ656 Bignick

    Aug   Young46 DDuval BigNight

    Sept  fmagnets Poldimaier Tarheelfan

    Oct    fmagnets Faberv DDuval

    Nov   Manishgolfer KonradOse fmagnets Kelsp

    Dec   Manishgolfer Saurabh fmagnets JJ656 Stallion


    Jan  JoeMaverick Woodoworkery Faberv

    Feb  Saurabh Poldimaier JoeMaverick JSmithers

    Mar  Young46 Saurabh Ujjbnjk Manishgolfer Stallion

    Apr   Ujjbnjk Stallion JoeMaverick

    May  IIBC2 JoeMaverick Yiannis

    June JMoney fmagnets Ujjbnjk

    July  Ujjbnjk Yiannis Spammage 

    Aug  Woodoworkery SimonTheBeetle fmagnets 

    Sept fmagnets Young46 Jayw

    Oct   fmagnets Ujjbnjk Kelsp

    Nov  fmagnets Ujjbnjk Woodoworkery

    Dec  fmagnets Poldomaier Woodoworkery


    Jan IIbc2 AgentBrown123 Nalo Young46

    Feb  Woodoworkery Nalo AgentBrown123 Naturali

    Mar  Sinisvarc1 JSmithers Nalo fmagnets

    Apr  Nalo Naturali Alepat Nashkurt

    May Ujjbnjk JoeMaverick Young46

    June  Mannyankees fmagnets young46

    July  JoeMaverick Walk0fLife Sinisvarc1

    Aug  Frenchconnect JJ656 LeHew

    Sept Andivo fmagnets Ujjbnjk 

    Oct   BolloxinBruges Walk0fLife Kelsp

    Nov  Ujjbnjk  Bolloxinbruges Naturali

    Dec  fmagnets Frenchconnect Ujjbnjk


    Jan  Naturali Andivo Sinisvarc

    Feb Andivo Kelsp Woodoworkery

    Mar Young46 Ujjbnjk Sinisvarc

    Apr  Ujjbnk JoeMaverick fmagnets 

    May  JoeMaverick Brockbryn Naturali

    June  Andivo Naturali JoeMaverick

    July  Walk0fLife fmagnets Birchi

    Aug Ujjbnjk JSmithers Yiannis

    Sept  Asmisz0 Walk0flife fmagnets

    Oct  Naturali fmagnets SimonTheBeetle

    Nov Brockbryn Ujjbnjk Golfx3

    Dec  Kelsp fmagnets Young46


  • ct690911
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    Sat, Dec 26 2020 10:20 AM


       Thanks for the extensive research...but, akin to the tour champion tier, most players would agree that zero thought went into this honor by wgt. There are numerous players worthy of the HOF, yet they picked ONE !!...seemingly out of the blue, with neither explanation nor follow up. He won a live series? what.

    It's somewhat sad and pathetic.


    Edit: the above post takes nothing away from Young 46 and his accomplishments. My point is simply that others also merited being named.

  • HenryKawa
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    Sat, Dec 26 2020 12:36 PM

    Thank you Paul and ct.  I guess the point is, WGT should have a "DEFINED and ADVERTISED" goal that must be achieved to get promoted to HOF Tier.  Othewise, Henry would have just as much right to the Tier as anyone else.  

  • pdb1
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    Sat, Dec 26 2020 3:11 PM


    Thanks for the extensive research.

      Seriously Colin ? No research . Just copy and paste .

      Of course .

      I could have picked any group of players listed in the beginning of this thread . To reply .

      The point is exactly that . No thought or real purpose . So . They will all get them on the same day . NEVER .

  • DodgyPutter
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    Sat, Dec 26 2020 3:43 PM

    Thank you Paul and ct.  I guess the point is, WGT should have a "DEFINED and ADVERTISED" goal that must be achieved to get promoted to HOF Tier.  Othewise, Henry would have just as much right to the Tier as anyone else.  

    I suppose that's one way of looking at it.

    It's said they gave it to the Live Series winner but they announced that after it was known Young46 was the live series winner, so they gave it to Young46 and hung it on the Live Series.  Maybe they did tell some this was to happen but they certainly didn't announce it to us plebs before the winner was known.

    Who really cares who the second is? They've done what they wanted to do with this.

  • craigswan
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    Sun, Dec 27 2020 2:15 AM

  • pdb1
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    Sun, Dec 27 2020 8:47 PM

    There are numerous players worthy of the HOF

      Exactly . So what was the point of this ?


      It's with great pleasure that I get to announce that we have a new elite class called Hall of Fame. This classification will only be given to the best of the best in WGT. 

      We did not want to section Hall of Fame off from the rest of the world, so Hall of Fame players will still play in Tour Champion tier games. We are still defining exactly how we're going to start awarding Hall of Fame to players, but we will have all that sorted out when we start to move select players to Hall of Fame sometime in 2019. 

      It has been a year and a half . Very soon it will be too late to recognize the other deserving recipients .

      I think that was the point in dragging their feet .

      Wow . Just Wow .

      They are all Hall Of Famers to me .

  • craigswan
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    Tue, Dec 29 2020 8:18 AM

    Just for you henry .

    Hall Of Fame Human Contact Sticker by The Howl & The Hum