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Is this WGT's oldest active player?

Tue, Apr 13 2021 9:12 PM (176 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sat, Aug 15 2020 11:36 AM


    Thanks a lot, a happy clicker since Nov 2009. 

      My pleasure . Well deserved .


  • gr8flbob
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    Tue, Aug 18 2020 2:36 PM

    Thanks for the WGT geezer trophy! For me it should come with an ' * '; I joined in March 2009, but found the game so difficult to play I stopped for a year, after a few frustrating rounds.

    A year later I gave it another go, determined to learn what worked and what didn't , and (being a retired engineer) began taking data on different spins, carry & roll for all my clubs, wind influence, etc etc..

    I also combed the forums for useful nuggets of info, and contributed my results to the discussion if it seemed that would help. Since then it's been 2 - 4 games a day for the last 10 years, rain or shine. 


  • pdb1
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    Tue, Aug 18 2020 6:06 PM

    Thanks for the WGT geezer trophy!

      You're definitely a " TRAILBLAZER " Bob . I recognize geezer's too .

      CHEERS Bob .




  • AtlantaCoaster
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    Sat, Sep 12 2020 11:22 AM

    Thanks for sending the award.  My join date was February 2009...but in fact, I had actually played WGT for some months before that starting in late 2008 - though I did not "sign up" right away......quite frankly, I wasn't sure what I had found.

    There were only TWO CTTH games available when I joined - Kiawah (Front 9) and Bali Hai.  No stroke play and no other courses.  No Pro Shop.  No choice of balls - EVERYONE played with the silly putty starter "free" ball that still exists today.  Everyone played with the same set of starter clubs as well.

    Like I said - I was not sure exactly what WGT was supposed to be - I thought it was a promotion for Kiawah Golf at first.

    Finally...eventually Stroke Play was rolled out.....Front 9 of Kiawah ONLY - the Back 9 of Kiawah got Stroke Play some months later.

    In the meantime, I played.  I got good at it - though it was tough to control the ball because it performed the same as the starter ball still does today.

    At some point Tiers came along - but at first there were only 4 Tiers - Hack, Amateur, Pro, and Master.  Levels did not exist at all - I think those came around 2014? (my best guess).

    We played it in that very basic state for about a year.....and then Bethpage Black landed - a CTTH (Front 9) came first and then Stroke Play on all 18 holes became available.

    There were distinct problems SUCH AS on Bethpage Hole #5, the driver (which I think had a Max distance of 225) could not drive the basic starter ball far enough to reach the fairway!  All of us were raising holy hell about it in the forums....Everyone was fed up with playing WGT because we always knew we would be in the short/right side fairway bunkers on the drive on Bethpage #5.  There were other sorrows, too. On Bethpage #7 the green was not reachable in 2 shots either - the hole was simply longer than anyone's firepower with the basic clubs and ball.

    After a week or 2 of this, WGT rolled out the Pro Shop - everyone could now get longer clubs and there were some ball choices as well - a small variety BUT the available items cured the problems I identified above.

    Those early days were some unique times.  LOL


    Thanks for the Memories,   AtlantaCoaster 


  • pdb1
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    Sat, Sep 12 2020 1:01 PM

    Thanks for the Memories,   AtlantaCoaster 

    CHEERS .


      It has grown a lot . Too bad it's going to stop .

      I believe they also had Match Play back then . And a couple CTTH's .

  • seniorbruno
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    Mon, Sep 14 2020 11:26 AM

    Started Dec 2008. Been a long ride. Joined East Coast  2012.

  • pdb1
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    Mon, Sep 14 2020 2:11 PM


    Started Dec 2008. Been a long ride. Been in East Coast since 2012.

      Duly noted . You are on the list for the next batch of trophies ,


    All of the original " TRAILBLAZER " trophies can be found on page 3 .

    In the thread Is this WGT's oldest active player? And on each of their profiles .

     As of Sat, Sep 12 2020 12:43 PM

     Here are the 405 " TRAILBLAZERS " . I have found so far .

      Still trying to get to 500 .

      I appreciate you coming forth . I would have likely not found your profile . I am only finding 1 active pre 2010er per 100 profiles that I view . Some people have 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , pages of long inactive players . But you don't know if you don't click on the profile . Then scroll about a half an inch to see the Score History . If there is a 2020 . Then I scroll to see the last month played . If they only played once in April or May . I won't save it . But if they are active up until the present or back a couple few months . They get a trophy .

      So I make trophies in batches of about 30 saved players . That is at least 300 scanned profiles . That usually takes at least a week or so .

      I started this on May 6 . About 4 months . Over 16 weeks . Comes out to about 25 per week .

      I can't believe I committed to 500 . They are getting fewer and farther in between . But I will get there . That will be all that I will have access to As it will be the end of the one player leads me to another CC and then a player there leads me to another CC and so on and so on . That ends because I have stopped looking at the CC's .

       Considering I will have only scanned a couple few hundred CC's . Many of those are pretty obscure . The fact is that there are over 60,000 CC's . Of which I guess I can admit there must be thousands more active pre 2010 WGTers in .

      Even if I had a list of those CC's . I would not attempt to look for anymore " TRAILBLAZERS " . Once I hit 500 .

  • seniorbruno
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    Tue, Sep 15 2020 9:50 AM

    Hope you don't mind. Here are more veterans from East Coast

    Crispy68                12/08                                                                                                      Smoothswinger      1/09                                                                                                        Trajan227               4/09                                                                                                         Psuds                    5/09                                                                                                         Flip1710                4/09                                                                                                         Bonhoeffe               6/09                                                                                                       Mystery78              6/09                                                                                                       Virgilsuncity            6/09                                                                                                       IamTomWatson       8/09                                                                                                       Mgk110001             8/09                                                                                                       Popeye46               8/09                                                                                                       Charger296              8/09                                                                                                       MMChelli                 12/09                                                                                                                                                                                                             


  • pdb1
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    Tue, Sep 15 2020 4:24 PM

    Hope you don't mind. Here are more veterans from East Coast

      Lol. No I don't mind at all Bruno . That is XLNT . Thank you so much .

      They all fit the criteria .Although these 2 just barely .



      All will get " TRAILBLAZERS " trophies .

      Thanx again man .

  • InterCad
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    Wed, Sep 16 2020 7:53 AM

    Thank you, for the recognition, of being one of the few who began this journey some year's ago with tournaments sponoring St Jude Children Hospital. The game has come along way since then, to say the least.