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Is this WGT's oldest active player?

Mon, Jun 26 2023 1:37 PM (195 replies)
  • SidersBest
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    Wed, May 6 2020 6:33 AM
    Ireland IRISHKING1916
    Tour Champion
    Jun 2007
    I'm not talking about the individual's age.
    We would like to reconize and congratulate IRISHKING1916 longivity as a WGTer. And anyone else that is active today (Mods also)Next month this individual will have been playing this game for 13 years. 
    Hats off to IRISHKING1916 for enduring a lot of changes, new Mods,courses,clubs and stupid people. 
    Give us a shout out if you are one of our first. 
    Thank you again for being our "TRAIL BLAZER"
    Siders Best
    PS: if anyone knows how Post on his wall a "Trail Blazer Award"
  • doylerc
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    Wed, May 6 2020 7:35 AM

    He surely is the king of Ireland all hail


  • BogeyOne
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    Wed, May 6 2020 8:08 AM

    Looks like the game was several years in preparation before made available.

  • kelsp
    2,202 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 8:33 AM

    What Doyler said . LOL. Also the King of the new version is IrishKing1916. 

    P.S. He's now 104 years old as well(2020 minus 1916) so...

  • largemouth51
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    Wed, May 6 2020 8:51 AM


    He surely is the king of Ireland all hail


    C'mon Clem we all know pubs were invented so there wouldn't be an Irish King lol

    475 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 8:57 AM

    Hahaha , Kind words all, not quite that old KP lol and Clem you are still the only Irishman to acknowledge my being King, if only just to humour me, and just to shut me up really lol

    Thank you Sidersbest for the acknowledgment lol , i now feel old, its been a long trip since the days of Bali Hai CTTH and a set of starter clubs, there were no choices lol

    A trailblazer award may be just getting a little carried away though , but again , thank you


  • SidersBest
    873 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 9:01 AM

    As much as I appreiate WGTChamp for being there when we need him (and it seems he has always been there.)   Vetting says 2015 is his start date 


    And as to the age of Irish King 1916 only he knows for sure maybe he is maybe he ain't 104 . I know at 89 my Dad played several rounds and had fun last year.


    Siders Best

  • DufferJohn7
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    Wed, May 6 2020 9:04 AM

    Tip of the Duffer's cap to the Irishking!

    You beat my clubmate, Dschom5, by 3 months. He joined Sep 2007.

    Wisjing you many more years of enjoyment.

    Have fun, hit 'em straight and stay safe,


  • carlosdev
    2,537 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 10:21 AM

    First of all tx for the wonderful post!! Years flew for sure !!! 

    Congrats n Brilliant run in Wgt, King!!!!!!! 

    King Karl needs to get interviewed to know about WGT n how were those days. Will be interesting to know about it. King might have put all the OOB Water skateboards lol who knows ;) ;) 

    Once a king always a king!!! 

    - Carl 


  • SidersBest
    873 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 10:25 AM

    If you won't accept an award.  

    Then I raise a pint of your favorite (dark ale) to you health.

    Siders Best

    Dschom5, we honor you also Sir and looking at your profile you're a giver God Bless