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WGT Ryder Cup 2019

Tue, Jan 7 2020 8:01 PM (350 replies)
  • birchi
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    Mon, Dec 9 2019 10:20 AM

    Unfortunately this year's Ryder Cup ended with a whimper in the middle of the night or early morning for most of us, but I'm still confident to say that we saw a great tournament. Both teams played some fantastic golf and with a bit of luck the Europeans could have at least dragged it out for a while. In the end, the sheer quality and clutchness on many final holes of the ROW team was way too big of an obstacle to overcome though. The remaining matches will be played and there's still the MVP award up for grabs, but we won't show them on our Twitch channel as the number of viewers steadily declined. I blame our European team for not putting up more of a fight and taking the suspense out of the 4th round matches ;) But please make sure to catch those remaining matches on the players' Twitch channels. 

    After organising this event on my own in the past year, I've had loads of support this time around and many people to thank. First and foremost Varun (carlosdev) and Jay (f1dget) with whom I started planning the tournament back in September and whose advice and work behind the scenes was invaluable throughout the entire run. In addition to this Varun was our marathon man on Twitch, not missing a single live stream, no matter the time of day, and keeping an eye on everything going smoothly there. Jay provided some of the very best commentary one could imagine and even made the matches enjoyable and exciting to watch for someone like myself who usually can't imagine anything more boring than watching two other people play WGT. Both also put up 25% of the prize pool, along with another 25% coming from Peter (ujjbnjk), many thanks for this as well.

    We didn't initially plan on doing as many commentated matches as we ended up doing. This was made possible by Tim who stepped in as our main commentator shortly after the start of the tournament and did a stellar job. Big thank you to him and everyone who joined him on the air throughout the weeks, including Yancy (who also provided the community with some excellent teaser and highlight videos everyone should check out), Ezzy, Jason (Young46), Jo (WalkOfLiFe), Jon (frenchconnect) and another Jon (AgentBrown). 

    Both captains did an amazing job in coordinating their teams and I can't thank them enough for making my job a lot easier. Congrats to Jason for leading his team to victory and to Matt whose players (myself among them) let him down a bit, but did an equally great job. 

    Lastly, I want to thank the whole WGT community for showing up in big numbers for every stream, thus providing a great setting and some extra motivation for the players to bring their best performances. It was an extremely amicable atmosphere with lots of support for our players in all streams and I hope everyone enjoyed the show.  

    On a personal note, this was the last time I organised this event. As many already noted, it's an extreme expenditure of time to run a tournament of this size and two years have been more than enough for me. But don't worry, I will leave it in the most capable hands I could think of, so Jay will take over the organisation next year.

    Before I a ramble on even longer let's get to the most important part: Big congratulations to Team ROW for delivering an outstanding performance and utterly dominating our European team! My very, very poor design skills won't do it justice, but I hope you enjoy the trophy and the credit prize that comes along with it. ;) 

    Thank you all, take care.

  • AgentBrown123
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    Mon, Dec 9 2019 11:18 AM

    Thanks for putting in so much of your personal time Simon. This was the first Ryder Cup I've participated in and it has been an absolute blast I have to say. Probably the most fun I've had in anything wgt related. From the commentating with Tim and guest commentators, the competition, to all the people who watched; everything combined made this feel like a very special event. I hope to participate in it again next year!

    I also wanted to say thanks to all the sponsors Varun (carlosdev) who also helped coordinate and Peter (ujjbnjk), Simon (birchi) and Jay (FIdget) for the donations. 

    Well Done

  • Shankette
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    Mon, Dec 9 2019 1:17 PM

    In the interest of tournament integrity, and pure WGT fun, Wagasojii and I played out match today.  I managed to take an early 3 Up lead and held on to the end giving up only one hole, and managed to get that back.

    Shankette wins 3 & 2.

    It was nice to meet Mic after seeing him on other leader boards of games we have played in the past, though we never played together before.

    It was a pleasure to be a part of the ROW team again this year.  I hope I can play again next year.


  • carlosdev
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    Mon, Dec 9 2019 10:27 PM

    Hi All

    First of all, Congratulations ROW for the Massive Victory. Huge applause to all the team members who showcased some serious WGT Golfing :)

    Secondly, It was an honour to associate with the prestigious event called “Ryder Cup.” When the opportunity knocked my door, I didn’t think twice but hopped in. So my first n foremost Thanks to Simon. Then I met the most electrifying man “Jay.” If you haven’t heard his “Take a bow Son” then you are really missing something lol :D

    From that day onwards, everyday was an experience. We started the Ryder Cup on a pretty simple standard basis and as day progressed, more ideas started pouring in, the suggestions seemed to get better n thus overall flavour of the Ryder Cup did take a 360 degree colourful u-turn. As Round 1 started, working with Simon, Jay, Peter, Jason n Matt became a daily routine n it definitely helped altogether to move ahead without any complications. 

    Of course cannot ignore the big most important factor of the Ryder Cup, “The Commentary Section.” RC wouldn’t have made this progress, if it wasn’t for the commentators. Simon, Jay, Jason, Yancy, Tim, Jon (AB), Ezzy, Jo, Jon (Frenchconnect) all did an exemplary work. Sorry if I forgot to mention any other names. 

    Special thanks to Yancy for his amazing effort too. He made some terrific videos. It was sure different  but it’s own way n was a delight :) :)

    Last but not the least, all the WGT People who tuned in twitch to watch our live streams. The banter going on during the matches were another entertaining factor which provided an extra mileage. Having said that, it made me awake during some of the 3:30 am matches lol . Will surely miss those times :(. If there were no support that you bestowed on us, the positive momentum we received wouldn’t have happened to this scale. So, we all are thankful to you from bottom of our heart :) :) 

    My special thanks to “WGTCHAMPION n CS” as well  :) :) 

    Next year, It is going to be “JAY’s Ryder Cup”.

    Will see you all then.. Same place n same time ;) ;)

    Waiting for a massive slow motion style entry from “Team Europe” We all are waiting..

    Until we all meet next time, Sayonara :) :) 

    - Varun 

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    Tue, Dec 10 2019 5:41 AM

    Well said V

    Take a bow Son


  • Yiannis1970
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    Tue, Dec 10 2019 2:33 PM
    I 'd like to thank so much all the people who got involved in this great event. Hell...don't want to be timid was an amazing tournament and the best event i have ever participated on wgt. 10/10 folks!!! Congratulations to ROW team which showed an excellent rendering throughout the whole RC. A bientot for the next year!!
  • kelsp
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    Tue, Dec 10 2019 3:29 PM

    Thanks Simon, Carlos, Jay, the Captains and all the other organizers, contributors, commentators & Admins. People have thanked and appreciated you more eloquently above; I second that. 

    Thanks to my team Captain Jason & players; and to people who watched and supported either team or player.

    I have no doubt that Jay will continue doing a great job. He's a Professional at this commentary thing(much better than 95% of Channel 9 cricket commentary team).

    Happy Holidays & Stay Safe.


  • simovoice
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    Tue, Dec 10 2019 9:53 PM
    I would like to say a few words too, without repeating all the thanks that have already been made to Simon and his team, who have really all done a fantastic job. I would like to address my sincerest thanks to the captain of the Europe team, Matt, who, after qualifying, was so "brave" to pick me, even if I missed them. For me it was a gesture of great sportsmanship on his part, because I'm sure he could have chosen better players than me, and there are so many around. So thank you very much Matt, thank you for the trust, that I tried to repay the best I could.

    Chapeau to the RoW team, you have played an amazing golf all the games.

    The last thanks is for Carlos, the one who informed me of the existence of this tournament this year. For me it was trying again part of the beautiful emotions of an old Ryder Cup I played several years ago.

    Thanks to everyone, see you next time!
  • bluey403
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    Wed, Dec 11 2019 1:11 AM

    Firstly guys congrats on putting together a really well run event. The innovation of using tourneys to pre qualify was a great initiative.Unfortunately my time zone & work commitments, kept me from watching many games.

    I have played with the majority of the guys involved and you're all class.

    A great advert for WGT

  • fmagnets
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    Wed, Dec 11 2019 4:38 AM

    Apparently 1 entire person is interested in watching me Vs Remi UEL today so, barring disasters, we'll be playing at 2pm EST. I'll be streaming at, and I imagine Remi will stream too.