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WGT Ryder Cup 2019

Tue, Jan 7 2020 8:01 PM (350 replies)
  • carlosdev
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    Mon, Dec 2 2019 3:35 AM

    Hi all

    Here comes the Last n Final Round of 2019 WGT Ryder Cup.

    Good luck n may the best win the Title :) :) 

    "Merion" the home course to couple of people n it will be interesting to watch it.

    Thank you each and everyone for the wonderful Twitch responses till now :) :) 

    - Carl 

  • birchi
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    Mon, Dec 2 2019 1:30 PM

    Today's match is live now on our Twitch channel after a 2.5 hour delay caused by WGT's downtime.

  • amateur4sure
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    Mon, Dec 2 2019 1:39 PM



  • jackietesco
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    Tue, Dec 3 2019 3:21 PM

    would love to watch a few more European losses...but ive got a bad case of gastro enter tape worm...whom is my weather ***....and he says ...get ya tail outa there I will bid you farewell till next year.....CIAO

  • JSmithers
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    Tue, Dec 3 2019 3:36 PM

    Grant (TheGuyDownstairs)  great game bud!  It was a crazy round where we both had dry spells and both had hot streaks!  To everyone involved thank you for all your hard work in setting this tourney up.  I have enjoyed my first ever Ryder Cup and hope to be back for many more to come!

    ROW LETS GO!!!  Great play by all!

  • carlosdev
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    Wed, Dec 4 2019 5:54 AM

    Hi everyone

    Round 4, Match 2

    • Tgkomv vs Kelsp @ 2 PM EST,  7 PM UK, 12:30 AM IST

    Live stream "click here"

    See you all there :) :) 

    - Carl 

  • Tgkomv
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    Sun, Dec 8 2019 8:30 AM

    Congratulations to RoW team for a dominant win! I almost enjoyed everything about this RC (no comment....). Thanks to the organisers and commentators, all the players, and all the great viewers. Well done! Many thanks to my teammates and our great captain, Matt!

  • TheGuyDownstairs
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    Sun, Dec 8 2019 12:46 PM

    Congratulations to Jason and the ROW team on a comprehensive victory & really solid performances in each round.  Very well played Jo, Ezzy & Josh in our matches :-)

    Massive thanks to Simon, Jay, Peter & Carlos for the organisation and generous giveaways.

    The commentaries proved to be an excellent addition this year, nice job Tim and everyone else who had a go.  Well supported by the viewers!!

    Finally thanks to the European team for supporting each other on discord and a big sorry to our Captain Matt for not giving you the result your efforts deserved!



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    Mon, Dec 9 2019 12:57 AM

    Well done to the ROW for a great win.

    The standard of play from both teams was amazing....can see why you lot were picked lol.

    I would like to thank everyone involved for bringing to us a great spectacle.....the work involved must be as stressful as playing!!!

    The most enjoyable bit for me was the superb commentary by all but a special thanks  to Tim & Jay who were  perfect...thanks guys.

    I watched every live game on Twitch except for one (had to have hand operation so a good excuse!!)

    I find it a shame not more of us watched it live....the banter in chat was great fun but all enjoyed the players on show....thanks to the fans!!!

    Hopefully next year will be better...especially the result for us Europeans :))

    Thanks all

    Poppy (Pops)



  • MGB01
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    Mon, Dec 9 2019 9:05 AM
    congratulations R.O.W....great matches were witnessed by eager fans a true spectacle.....big respect to birchi and his band of merry men for all the background work that went into organising this.....mammoth event for sure....thx for the show to all involved....regards mickey