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Sat, May 5 2018 10:47 PM (28 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 1:11 PM

      It did for me . Answers a lot of questions . Very relieving .

      If you didn't get it . Try this link :

    I think this is a sign of progress . The question they ask ;

    "10. Would you play WGT on a computer as a downloadable game , instead of a browser application ?

      Because of the fact that flash player games are going to fade out . Gaming is at a turning point .

      To either develop new gaming platforms . Not yet discovered .

      Or choose some that are already existing . That have higher capabilities than the current platform . Flash player .

      Console type and game engines like steam have those capabilities .

      This is good news for PC players . It means that there has been some research into providing a better product .

      WGT has already maxed out the flash player mode . With the most advanced and precise , graphically perfect . game possible on this platform .

      So I am happy to see or hear that they have been investigating the possibilities .







  • gonfission
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 1:29 PM

    The only question that has real merit is #18

    When they find out 98% of the players are $50,000.00 or below, it's bye bye WGT

    No disposable income to continue a losing platform

    Just an observation of the last bastion of a scoundrel



  • pdb1
    24,735 Posts
    Sun, Apr 15 2018 1:46 PM

      True that .

      But . Not a shocker to us .

  • Breezybaby1811
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 1:50 PM

    So from reading this, WGT frstly want to know an awful lot about their players including income, why? What does income have to do with why you play WGT and what you would play?   Secondly, what tier you are, there is only one Tour Champion, why even have that as a choice?  Thirdly, want to know if you are familiar with Topgolf, well der, they own WGT or have a big stake in it now and it states "WGT by Topgolf" on the logo.  How many times you have visited a Topgolf facility.  Hope we don't lose points for this one, they haven't finished the one over here in Australia yet, again why?  It will be interesting to see how many chose another race for their ethnic background. 

    Don't get me wrong, some questions have merit and would be good to get an overall picture of WGT patrons, however, I just wonder who put this survey together, and what is the real reason why?   Lastly, how secure is WGTs information, in the light of facebook saga?

    Just thinking out loud. 

  • gonfission
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 2:16 PM

     Lastly, how secure is WGTs information, in the light of facebook saga?

    The moment you sign on to the internet, your information is catalogued, mined, and sold to every app developer, (NSA), then shelved. Just waiting for you to step over the line.

    Lines are never definitive theses days. Keep moving, like pick-up sticks

    We have a thing in the U.S. called "Life Lock". You give them ALL your pertinent info from your SS number, bank accounts, Credit Card accounts etc...


    I give it 4 years or less, before "Life Lock, announces, all their information has been abducted.

    Essentially. anything electronic can be hacked.

    WGT is no different. Since everyone on here is fundamentally fraudulent, this protects WGT from being a high value target for in depth information.

    Credit card info is the only thing that is of value. Except for the occasional delusional whack job, that rolls into town.

    That actually takes higher priority with the seekers though.

    "Got to keep the loonies on the path"

    You are safe in the clutches of WGT. They told me so, and, you are reading it on the internet, so it must be true.

    Al Gore



  • Robert1893
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 2:16 PM

    Wow! That is a horribly constructed survey. 

  • DufferJohn7
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 3:04 PM

    Bummer I didn't get any credits for completing it!

  • mrcaddie
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 3:19 PM

    Where are players getting this survey? Email, pm, or on the survey page?

  • pdb1
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 3:25 PM



    Where are players getting this survey? Email, pm, or on the survey page?

    Mine came in my email with the title below.

    "Need your opinion on WGT Golf"

    Obviously these guys are not expert survey takers. And there probably isn't a real good answer as to what the survey is all about.   Probably get a different answer from every admin.

  • adaputter
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    Sun, Apr 15 2018 3:32 PM

    just looked on steam website

    looks like you need to pay to play on steam

    flash is free