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My average score doesn't go below 150.00...

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Tue, Aug 8 2017 4:35 AM (2 replies)
  • Romanski010
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    Tue, Jul 4 2017 5:00 AM

    Hi all,


    I'm fairly new to this game. I am now a lvl 22 and am a rank 'amateur'.

    However, my AVG Score won't change. I have read that you have to play ranked games to get it down, but I can't seem to figure out whether I'm paying ranked or "casual".


    Can somebody help?


    Thanks in advance!

  • phred952
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    Fri, Jul 7 2017 4:46 PM

    Are you playing on mobile?  Are you playing coin games?  Those are are practice rounds and not Ranked Rounds.  

    If you are playing on mobile touch the 3 stacked _ marks to the left o f the WGT Logo on the top left.  Then touch courses.  Pick a course like Pebble Beach.  Select F9, B9 for F18 and touch.

    A window opens that says Ranked or Practice.  Ranked is the default  If you touch Tee Off the round will start.  Ranked rounds has everything locked for your tier.  Practice allows you to set all of the settings:   Tees, Hole Locations, Green Speed and Wind.

    As you play ranked rounds your average will change.

    Hope this helps.  Good Luck,


  • Romanski010
    2 Posts
    Tue, Aug 8 2017 4:35 AM

    Thanks so much.

    Sorry for not replying, I had completely forgotten about asking...