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Free sleeve of balls (you pick)

Wed, Sep 9 2020 12:35 AM (32 replies)
  • BMX123
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    Thu, Dec 22 2016 11:35 PM


  • bmw316
    210 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 12:32 AM

    I have smashed a chair, and damaged my mouse.


  • craigswan
    17,724 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 2:16 AM

    WGT Main office memo  -

    A recent study conducted at golf tournaments on WGT for both cc  events and alternate shot  has uncovered the disheartening fact that yelling at your golf ball during flight has absolutely no effect on how it behaves.


    "I just can't believe that a bunch of golf scientists are trying to tell us that!" said a very disturbed and twitchy.BMX 123 , the world's #1 golfer, and avid talker to his golf ball while it's in the air. "Most times I'll tell it to 'be right' or 'don't go in the sand trap' and it completely obeys me. So I just don't see that there is really that much proof to what these idiots are saying!"

    Yet other golfers who find themselves much further down the world's rankings are apt to agree with the new damning evidence. "It totally all makes sense now," said .Fatdan, who sits at #634 on the Official World's Ranking. "I've taken my new balls out to dinner and the movies the night before a big tournament, pleading with it to do what I want. And most of the time it just goes where ever it feels like. I'll yell 'please don't go in the trees' and it will bounce right in the lumber yard anyway. I'll scream, 'don't go in the water, ***!' And it does, no matter how fancy the restaurant I take it to."

    So with the Wgt 2017 season  just around the corner, players who talk to their golf balls mid-flight are left in a bit of a scramble. "Now I just feel pretty darn stupid," said . twinponds , who has slipped from his #1 ranking this season. "I suppose my lucky underwear isn't doing *** for me either, right? What's next... calling my putter 'Li'l Jordy' isn't working? I feel a lot of sessions with my sports shrink coming on. I may have to quit the game all together! Is it hot in here? What, we're outside? Oh god, my throats closing up! Aghhhhh

    2,580 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 2:56 AM

    My sanity, pure and simple, lol.

  • ostfriedel
    1,953 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 3:51 AM

    Show your computer who is the boss

  • PaulTon
    10,730 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 4:36 AM

    Over the years playing WGT I must have broken up hundreds of buds.

  • garypinhunter
    1,049 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 5:00 AM

    This is an Andyson classic he made. Hoping for a sleeve of L 33 Callaway's on Christmas.


  • BMX123
    576 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 8:57 AM



  • BMX123
    576 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 9:10 AM


  • AlaskanDame
    11,897 Posts
    Fri, Dec 23 2016 9:46 AM


    So what have you broke from a bad shot?

    The 10-stroke/hole limit!