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Information about release 7/30/2015

Tue, Aug 18 2015 8:16 PM (142 replies)
  • 100plus
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 7:15 PM

    So I did not get an email re the new tiers so I played a so so round at Oakmount and got a 58,much to my surprise my average went from 55.64 to 56.84or up 1.20

    I read a number of the forums to find out what was going on and found a lot of the same thing going on,a few of them mentioned they had played a second round and with a decent game their average dropped again. I decided to play Cabo frt 9 ranked stroke play and shot a 10 under 26 .I checked my average again and it had gone down ,for shooting in WGT scoring a 52 my average changed from 56.84 to 56.81 an amazing .03 drop.

    What a crock.

  • alcaucin
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 8:52 PM

      from an impressed member

    TMI p.rick :))

  • mantis0014
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 9:32 PM

    With the utmost respect to everybody,  but I cannot understand why most people are complaining about average changes.

    Have we all forgot what it was like before our average stopped going up and down like a yo-yo.

    I say the higher average you have the better before you get promoted to a higher tier.  I'm looking forward to be promoted,  not saying I will get down to the whatever average needed,  it be some good damn fun trying    lol


  • fatdan
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 10:06 PM

    Screw the avg...where the f*** did the fairway cameras go? The ones you kept have sh!t views, half the time the pin is missing, the graphics on putts suck, very choppy...great job, month after month you turn a great game into a piece of sh!t with the attitude " f*** them, they will adjust, they have no place to go"....hope your android players are happy because the pc people sure as he!! aren't....


    So what did you really do, no way adding a few new tiers and junk balls did this!

  • Jimbog1964
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 10:10 PM

    With the utmost respect to everybody,  but I cannot understand why most people are complaining about average changes.

    Look average going up or down is neither here nor there to me personally, and my reasons for strong reservations are stated as well as addressing revenue concerns (before some spark picks up on that & as much as can without seeing behind the curtain).

    If CC red tees are allowed many just see it as  a badge chase, and will get there quick.  Soon TLs will be saying to champs go learn your wedges before slagging of with zero knowledge if that is the case.....Now get to Champ and it's special invitation to T Champ - what does that mean ? Have WGT thought it through even.............

    Does any of it really matter to any one that can play ? A red tee chase for a badge will not to most (that can play).  I don't get the bit about worrying about the averages, but WGT are hoping many will as they are often ones that usually want the badge (at any cost whether they can play a bit or not).


  • xxxhogheadxxx
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 10:18 PM

    Anyone else getting a flashing (very annoying) golf ball like --- On Every Shot!

  • BubbaCrusher007
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 10:26 PM


    Anyone else getting a flashing (very annoying) golf ball like --- On Every Shot!

    Yes. It's like the ball has a blinker light in it! And it's blinking morse code. You know what it's saying? screw you we got you by the short & curleys, you been had by WGT again! yada yada yada The yokes on you!

  • Dougie4042
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 10:40 PM


    I've always liked that word.  ;-)

  • DoctorEagle
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    Fri, Jul 31 2015 11:03 PM

    I agree that not being able to see the green was a lot more than a minor issue... Doesn't wgt have a way to test play the updates before making them system wide? As long as the Avg. are measured the same for everyone i don't see the issue.

    A weird thing that happened is that my WGT caddy left me on the 2nd or 3rd hole of my first game after the update. I had to select every club (other than putter) and couldn't see a meter bar or my player until I selected a club. Pretty annoying but resetting the browser brought him back.


    There was some smoke from the bushes so he might've just taken a break ;)