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VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

Wed, Jun 7 2023 2:19 PM (639 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Mon, Aug 23 2021 1:05 PM


      I have become very interested in this new crop of players transitioning from Mobile to .This group has become very skilled . Even with their tiering and averages all over the place .

      This is the result of WGT not informing these newer Mobile players of the


      No mention to them about ranked rounds . Or even that they can find information at .

      It has created a huge disparity . These highly skilled players are starting to find this missing information that will allow them to lower their averages , tier up properly , and acquire better equipment .

      Once all that starts leveling out . I foresee a huge presence of a new better generation of players . Probably take a few years .



    You know how I keep saying that after each update , and even just down times without an update . That of course you add many features and codes and whatever  , each time . I keep saying how noticeable it is . As it adds time to my
    rendering objects.jpg
    At one point a couple few months ago , after a long period without an update . I had managed to get my
    rendering objects.jpg
      down to about 20 to 30 seconds . It was amazing . There has been a downtime then another downtime and now an update since then . I am sure I have reported each time of the increase in my
    rendering objects.jpg
      From 30 seconds , to over a minute . And now 45 to 60 seconds just to pick an opponent . Then anywhere from 2:43 minutes to 3:35 minutes to
    rendering objects.jpg
    That's from the second the invite is accepted and the player appears , to the second one of us is on the tee . That is way too long . The opponent is highly likely to attempt anything he or she can to figure out why it keeps spinning . ( i think that is what they are seeing ? ) I wouldn't know I have never been on the other end / side .
      This is a game changer . I cannot logically or reasonably continue to attempt these rounds . I will be coinless in no time . Even though WGT will reimburse some of them . Even that will take longer than it takes me to lose them . Buying coins is way outside my budget .

  • pdb1
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    Wed, Aug 25 2021 10:11 PM


  • pdb1
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    Thu, Aug 26 2021 1:21 AM

    New features .

    WGT Forum link to video tutorials


    71 video tutorials . From WGTers & WGT . 32 young46 tutorials .


    YOUNG46 WGT VIDEO TUTORIALS ( website link )


    4 links to access links in this forum

    " THE THREAD PAGE " ( WGT Forum link )

    a couple hundred interesting & boring threads of mine and others .


    " THE PUTTING PAGE " .( WGT Forum link )

     Featuring 35 putting video tutorials .

     A couple dozens of putting links

     The biggest compilation of putting tutorials anywhere .


    " TRAILBLAZER " pic and trophy page . ( WGT Forum link )

    Also with

    Appreciation from the TRAILBLAZERS

    I BUILT THE WALL ( WGT Forum link )

    Which explains

    THE NEW LONG WALL ( website link )


    " FRIENDS & WGT TROPHY PAGE " ( WGT Forum link )

     GOLF WITH FRIENDS ( WGT Forum link )

    NOT FROM THE SHORT LIST ( WGT Forum link )




    A Tribute to Casey

    CASEY THE MAN , THE MYTH , THE LEGEND . ( website link )


    ( website link )

    Gift Of Golf Foundation ( WGT Forum link )

    CASEY'S GIFT OF GOLF FOUNDATION Formerly Casey's Make a Wish

    ( website link )

    MIA - Where are they?  ( WGT Forum link )


  • pdb1
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    Wed, Sep 1 2021 5:48 AM


    You are so disliked here you  don't even have a circle. Virtually no one respects your opinion other than yourself. Only the newbies don't know any better. and they all learn  and surpass you eventually.

    @pdb1 wrote

      " If it were to be taken to a vote . If a small fraction of my friends here came out for a vote . Some would if I asked them . That alone would slaughter your votes . In general WGTers would prefer to be left alone . Least of all be bothered by anything going on in these forums .

      But If we needed to . I think we could get a few to vote

      How do think the 500 plus " TRAILBLAZERS" would vote ? A group I duly recognized and paid tribute to in a way That I could truly show my appreciation for the influence so many had on not just myself . But thousands of others throughout WGT . I would likely get props from others that echoed my sentiments . The response from the trailblazers was overwhelming to me . As I received so many heart felt thanks .

      In my efforts to ease the transition of posting in the forums . Which at one point the best a new poster could expect would be to be ignored . The worst or common response was to be ridiculed .

      My 1st Poster trophy's were a way to welcome them in an accepting light .

      And again . Providing them with a trophy . A trophy they likely would not otherwise receive in WGT .

      How do you think the 1st posters would vote ?

      Also recognizing various outstanding WGTers through out the years . Many appreciated that .

      Even random players in thousands of MP rounds . That I would never remember their names . Nor them mine . If they did recognize me . I would get their vote . For simply breaking the ice . And getting them to laugh . In an otherwise depressing and forgettable round .

      You know the .0001 % that I mentioned that are Champions ? There is an even smaller number . .00001 % of forum participants . If you got everyone of their votes  You would still lose miserably . But even just a vote of only forum participants I think could not possibly vote in your favor . If they did ? Still a very small number .

      Now let's talk about CC's . CC members . And CC's in which we played CC vs CC interplay matches with for years .

      Those were some good times . And I having the experience and the ability to initiate and lead big events like that . Gained the friendship and respect for lifetimes from those excellent events .

      Now the big one . As you may not know . I ran a successful and wonderful CC for over 6 years .

      In that time I made many friends . No enemies . Maybe some on the fence . But otherwise all good . I have records of 780 WGT players passing through our CC . Quite a turnover right ? Lol . Yes it was . But no matter . Very few tensions . And very minor . It was all part of it .

      Then there are the 175 WGTers who's WGT replays . I converted to youtube videos . Just in the knick of time before they became disabled . Then made available to them to be viewed forever . That made some people very happy .

      I am still getting PM requests to see if I have any more .

      Even in these forums . I have found many new associates . Players I respect . And respect me back as well .

      So if you want to put it all on the table like you did with the game challenge ? Let me know . Think about it very hard . I don't want to see you go . Let's see if you can overpower your narcissism . And back off on me finally  . Make a smart decision .

      Forget about a vote . And live in peace .

      Personally I really want you to stop . None of what you say is true about me . I don't care if you don't like me . But all of this obsession with false information . And no one wants to hear what I say . Is out of line . And getting old . You don't get any confirmation on what you post either . Other than a couple others with no life to be positive about either .

      No one wants to hear your crap either . No one respects a person who's only goal is to demean others . Did you think you were gaining respect by trashing me all this time ?  In your world . You think that is what should be done ? Do you think you are here to point those things out . That only exist in your mind ? Constantly negative and disrespectful . Insulting and hurtful ? Is this okay with your wife and kids ? Are you a good example to them ?

      This is my last post here . There is no reason to continue . Thus ends probably the single most  enjoyable and influential , also depressing and humiliating experience in my life to date .
      The WGT Universe will carry on . I wish it and everyone the very best .

  • pdb1
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    Fri, Dec 31 2021 1:21 AM

      Even though the relief and lack of stress is so nice . Among other things . Since stopping posting in these Forums since the date above . It is not always easy refraining . So many subjects and discussions that I would normally just jump right into .

      By now it's very easy and I don't plan on participating again now or ever .

      I continue to just play Coin Rounds . Still the easiest format to get myself to the first tee .

      Knowing my obsessions with saving various topics .

      I have been able to save the match ups and score cards for over 1200 rounds .

      There were several reasons I started saving them . Mostly to submit all the false forfeits and non started rounds and errors that were sucking up my entry fees . To be reimbursed for those . That is still why . But most of those don't have score cards . So I save every round . The legitimate wins and losses and the false forfeits . Just to have references to what happens in the individual coin games . Not saved anywhere else .

      So any player that has played me could also look it up to see how it turned out . I may have missed a couple .

      If you want to check it out . See these :



    DECEMBER M's & S's


    Please everyone have a safe and happy new year .


  • Avinashokka
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    Fri, Dec 31 2021 2:40 AM

    Read the room mate. 

    4 months after your “goodbye” post no one has chimed in to say ‘No Paul, don’t go’.  

  • SamSpayed
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    Fri, Dec 31 2021 9:54 AM

    Please everyone have a safe and happy new year .

    And a safe and Happy New Year to you too, Paul  🥂🍾

  • pdb1
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 1:31 PM


    Read the room mate. 

    4 months after your “goodbye” post no one has chimed in to say ‘No Paul, don’t go’.  

      Well Mr genius . That is where you are wrong . I actually had 2 pages of messages from members from all over WGT . Wishing me the best . Many asking me to reconsider .

      Some are names you see everyday . But most and I mean by a large majority . Would never be seen or heard in these volatile forums .

      But you go ahead and take the bait . Believe these knowitalls . Follow them . Praise them . I will just say that they would not know truth if it hit them over the head . But they know that . It is all just a BS game for them . Very negative . An environment I can no longer accept .


      Here are some anonymous ( to you ) examples :

    @this guy wrote :

    " I know your above people making asinine comments   ...I for one appreciate  your posts that are both  insightful and intelligent...Not to mention helpful... I knew immediately  what you were doing when you listed the 7/7 update  and WGT's modifications in an "Easier" to view format.."

    @this guy wrote :


    Hey, Paul, my brother!

    Don't be bothered. I know you now. I know you're not one of those a-holes we get to come across in the forums from time to time. No worries, bro. As you can see my reply to it, I haven't taken it seriously. And I meant it when I said I respect your opinions. It might be different from mine at times, but I still respect it as long as it comes from you. Cheers. "

    @this guy wrote :


    Thank you Paul for that insight.  You seem to be the only reasonable one here.  Even WGT staff are basically out to lunch.   I hate to say it, but its true.  "

    @this guy wrote


    many strong defenders here in the forums. I personally like your posts and have taken on both mythanatos and Don on your have a few others.

    I said in an earlier post that you shouldn't let them are made of sterner stuff. You have every right to be in the forums the same as they do. 

    I hope you reconsider and keep posting...:)"


      And I could go on and on .


      Not to mention exchanging holiday greetings with 65 WGTers .

      Anyway . I am fine and did not and do not expect any support in these forums .

      BTW . Thanks for all your kindness .

  • pdb1
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 1:33 PM


    Please everyone have a safe and happy new year .

    And a safe and Happy New Year to you too, Paul  🥂🍾

      Thank you Sam . Cheers .


  • Avinashokka
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    Sat, Jan 8 2022 3:35 PM



    Read the room mate. 

    4 months after your “goodbye” post no one has chimed in to say ‘No Paul, don’t go’.  


      And I could go on and on .


    Yes you do rather, don’t you.