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VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

Wed, Sep 1 2021 5:48 AM (403 replies)
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    Mon, Aug 23 2021 1:05 PM


      I have become very interested in this new crop of players transitioning from Mobile to .This group has become very skilled . Even with their tiering and averages all over the place .

      This is the result of WGT not informing these newer Mobile players of the


      No mention to them about ranked rounds . Or even that they can find information at .

      It has created a huge disparity . These highly skilled players are starting to find this missing information that will allow them to lower their averages , tier up properly , and acquire better equipment .

      Once all that starts leveling out . I foresee a huge presence of a new better generation of players . Probably take a few years .



    You know how I keep saying that after each update , and even just down times without an update . That of course you add many features and codes and whatever  , each time . I keep saying how noticeable it is . As it adds time to my
    rendering objects.jpg
    At one point a couple few months ago , after a long period without an update . I had managed to get my
    rendering objects.jpg
      down to about 20 to 30 seconds . It was amazing . There has been a downtime then another downtime and now an update since then . I am sure I have reported each time of the increase in my
    rendering objects.jpg
      From 30 seconds , to over a minute . And now 45 to 60 seconds just to pick an opponent . Then anywhere from 2:43 minutes to 3:35 minutes to
    rendering objects.jpg
    That's from the second the invite is accepted and the player appears , to the second one of us is on the tee . That is way too long . The opponent is highly likely to attempt anything he or she can to figure out why it keeps spinning . ( i think that is what they are seeing ? ) I wouldn't know I have never been on the other end / side .
      This is a game changer . I cannot logically or reasonably continue to attempt these rounds . I will be coinless in no time . Even though WGT will reimburse some of them . Even that will take longer than it takes me to lose them . Buying coins is way outside my budget .

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    Wed, Aug 25 2021 10:11 PM


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    Thu, Aug 26 2021 1:21 AM

    New features .

    WGT Forum link to video tutorials


    71 video tutorials . From WGTers & WGT . 32 young46 tutorials .


    YOUNG46 WGT VIDEO TUTORIALS ( website link )


    4 links to access links in this forum

    " THE THREAD PAGE " ( WGT Forum link )

    a couple hundred interesting & boring threads of mine and others .


    " THE PUTTING PAGE " .( WGT Forum link )

     Featuring 35 putting video tutorials .

     A couple dozens of putting links

     The biggest compilation of putting tutorials anywhere .


    " TRAILBLAZER " pic and trophy page . ( WGT Forum link )

    Also with

    Appreciation from the TRAILBLAZERS

    I BUILT THE WALL ( WGT Forum link )

    Which explains

    THE NEW LONG WALL ( website link )


    " FRIENDS & WGT TROPHY PAGE " ( WGT Forum link )

     GOLF WITH FRIENDS ( WGT Forum link )

    NOT FROM THE SHORT LIST ( WGT Forum link )




    A Tribute to Casey

    CASEY THE MAN , THE MYTH , THE LEGEND . ( website link )


    ( website link )

    Gift Of Golf Foundation ( WGT Forum link )

    CASEY'S GIFT OF GOLF FOUNDATION Formerly Casey's Make a Wish

    ( website link )

    MIA - Where are they?  ( WGT Forum link )


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    Wed, Sep 1 2021 5:48 AM


    You are so disliked here you  don't even have a circle. Virtually no one respects your opinion other than yourself. Only the newbies don't know any better. and they all learn  and surpass you eventually.

      If it were to be taken to a vote . If a small fraction of my friends here came out for a vote . Some would if I asked them . That alone would slaughter your votes . In general WGTers would prefer to be left alone . Least of all be bothered by anything going on in these forums .

      But If we needed to . I think we could get a few to vote

      How do think the 500 plus " TRAILBLAZERS" would vote ? A group I duly recognized and paid tribute to in a way That I could truly show my appreciation for the influence so many had on not just myself . But thousands of others throughout WGT . I would likely get props from others that echoed my sentiments . The response from the trailblazers was overwhelming to me . As I received so many heart felt thanks .

      In my efforts to ease the transition of posting in the forums . Which at one point the best a new poster could expect would be to be ignored . The worst or common response was to be ridiculed .

      My 1st Poster trophy's were a way to welcome them in an accepting light .

      And again . Providing them with a trophy . A trophy they likely would not otherwise receive in WGT .

      How do you think the 1st posters would vote ?

      Also recognizing various outstanding WGTers through out the years . Many appreciated that .

      Even random players in thousands of MP rounds . That I would never remember their names . Nor them mine . If they did recognize me . I would get their vote . For simply breaking the ice . And getting them to laugh . In an otherwise depressing and forgettable round .

      You know the .0001 % that I mentioned that are Champions ? There is an even smaller number . .00001 % of forum participants . If you got everyone of their votes  You would still lose miserably . But even just a vote of only forum participants I think could not possibly vote in your favor . If they did ? Still a very small number .

      Now let's talk about CC's . CC members . And CC's in which we played CC vs CC interplay matches with for years .

      Those were some good times . And I having the experience and the ability to initiate and lead big events like that . Gained the friendship and respect for lifetimes from those excellent events .

      Now the big one . As you may not know . I ran a successful and wonderful CC for over 6 years .

      In that time I made many friends . No enemies . Maybe some on the fence . But otherwise all good . I have records of 780 WGT players passing through our CC . Quite a turnover right ? Lol . Yes it was . But no matter . Very few tensions . And very minor . It was all part of it .

      Then there are the 175 WGTers who's WGT replays . I converted to youtube videos . Just in the knick of time before they became disabled . Then made available to them to be viewed forever . That made some people very happy .

      I am still getting PM requests to see if I have any more .

      Even in these forums . I have found many new associates . Players I respect . And respect me back as well .

      So if you want to put it all on the table like you did with the game challenge ? Let me know . Think about it very hard . I don't want to see you go . Let's see if you can overpower your narcissism . And back off on me finally  . Make a smart decision .

      Forget about a vote . And live in peace .

      Personally I really want you to stop . None of what you say is true about me . I don't care if you don't like me . But all of this obsession with false information . And no one wants to hear what I say . Is out of line . And getting old . You don't get any confirmation on what you post either . Other than a couple others with no life to be positive about either .

      No one wants to hear your crap either . No one respects a person who's only goal is to demean others . Did you think you were gaining respect by trashing me all this time ?  In your world . You think that is what should be done ? Do you think you are here to point those things out . That only exist in your mind ? Constantly negative and disrespectful . Insulting and hurtful ? Is this okay with your wife and kids ? Are you a good example to them ?

      This is my last post here . There is no reason to continue . Thus ends probably the single most  enjoyable and influential , also depressing and humiliating experience in my life to date .
      The WGT Universe will carry on . I wish it and everyone the very best .