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VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

Wed, Sep 1 2021 5:48 AM (403 replies)
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    Fri, May 7 2021 8:52 PM


      I got my second one at an indoor , drive through , 7 lane , air conditioned site .

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    Mon, May 24 2021 6:55 PM


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    Mon, May 24 2021 7:05 PM

      With my bad internet . I am lucky to have broken even in the CasaBlanca Room . For the last 2 years .

    IE : I have never hit 1,000,000 coins . My highest has been 900,000 . Am at 800,000 presently .

      I now have hit 1,000,000

      I know most of you are in the billions . Not me .

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    Fri, Jun 4 2021 8:19 AM

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    Fri, Jun 18 2021 5:31 PM



      You need to play at least 5 ranked rounds as hack to saturate & be eligible for  Amateur.

      When your average score is equal or smaller than 100 you go from Hack to Amateur.

      You need to play at least 10 ranked rounds as amateur to saturate & be eligible for Pro.

      When your average score is equal or smaller than 80 you go from Amateur to Pro..

      You need to play at least 20 ranked rounds as Pro to saturate & be eligible for Tour Pro.

      When your average score is equal or smaller than 72 you go from pro to Tour Pro.

      You need to play at least 25 ranked rounds as Tour pro to saturate & be eligible for Master.

      When your average score is equal or smaller than 67 you go from Tour Pro to Master.

      You need to play at least 40 ranked rounds as Master to saturate & be eligible for Tour Master.

      When your average score is equal or smaller than 63 you go from Master to Tour Master.

      You need to play at least 50 ranked rounds as Tour Master to saturate & be eligible for Legend.

      When your average score is equal or smaller than 61 you go from Tour Master to Legend.

        You need to play at least 500 ranked rounds as Legend to  to saturate & be eligible for Tour Legend. 

      When your average score is equal or smaller than 60 you go from Legend to Tour Legend.

      You need to play at least 750 ranked rounds as Tour Legend to to saturate & be eligible for Champion .

      When your average score is equal or smaller than 59 you go from Tour Legend to Champion .

      You need to play another 1000 ranked rounds as a Champion to saturate .

      When your average score is equal to or smaller than 55 you are eligible to go from Champion to Tour Champion .

       You need to jump through 10,000 hoops before you receive an exclusive personal invitation before reaching Tour Champion.

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    Wed, Jun 23 2021 6:41 PM


      Now in the PCEA version . Most often what occurs is

      This doesn't reboot the computer . Nor does it restart the game client . It just seems to restart the format you are playing in .



    Then the reinvite timer begins . Any number of error messages can occur .

      Is not perfect . There are several scenarios that occur . That make it look like one of the opponents was the cause if there is a FAIL .

      This is a glitch in the system . That occurs , or appears to occur . Not because you didn't return in time . It more likely is the result of an impatient player . Who tried to reconnect very quickly . While you do nothing but sit there and wait for the system to do whatever it is going to do . Whether initiated by the opponent or the system . But obviously not yourself .

      It appears that the program at that time , moves too fast . Faster than your system . And while you are waiting . The program doesn't wait for your game to catch up .

      And falsely claims this error .

      This has all been confirmed to me by member services . As I have been falsely blamed and forfeited around 40 times . Reimbursed for every one of them . Full entry fee's .

      This is a similar error . Often appearing in the same type of scenario . But not actually pointing the blame . But still unclear on who gets falsely charged with the forfeit .

      Ideally and with member services claiming that the program is not set for these results to occur . They should not happen . And are working hard to correct them .

      Here is another glitch . When one gets this one . Clicking RETRY only brings the error immediately back .

      If you just click CANCEL . The game will resume .


    You will notice that each of the above are different errors . I have a whole page of them . And am trying to show the variety of brick walls one can encounter .

    More false forfeits

    When the game freezes and you have no other choice


    And now


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    Fri, Jul 30 2021 11:53 AM



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    Thu, Jul 30 2020 3:56 PM

      As per my annual tradition . I have the day off . It is my birthday . For over 30 years . I have taken my birthday off from work . I feel that a persons birthday is the most legit holiday of the year . All the other holidays are either political or religious . Now if I can just get it paid too . Lol .


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    Sun, Aug 8 2021 10:13 PM

      For a few weeks now I have been checking out the Diamond leagues . I play CasaBlanca Room ,

    Entry fee : 10,000 coins

    Payout : 8,000 coins + Apparel = 1,800 = 19,800 / per win .

    And now the Montreal Room

    Payout 180,000 + Apparel = 18,000 = 198,000 per win

      The Diamond League is a slow grind . Each level 3 up to 2 up to 1 . Is a challenge . Always something higher to work for .

      Last week I did fairly well . In " MY LEAGUE DIAMOND 1 .Able to get in the top 10 to receive the 75,000 coins bonus on Monday .

    End of last week .

    Monday showing last weeks results .

      Something I am not clear about is the actual level . Like last week I knew I was in Diamond II . But it says I .But the bonus was 75,000 . Which is Diamond II . Diamond I is 100,000 .

      This week I know I was in " I " when Monday I got promoted .

      So it began . It was a tough climb . A climb that I failed to reach the top 10 . Not for lack of trying .

    ( that's a lot of rounds in one week )

      After hitting 11 several times . And with 1 hour left and no chance of closing the gap . I had to succumb to 14th .No bonus for me this week .

      ( I think even though both this one and the one above both say DIAMOND I . I think this grey one is the real DIAMOND I .)

      I can definitely see the draw to this format . There is always something higher to strive for . A reason to play more . I like it .

    Mon Aug 9


    EDIT : This has done many things . I have gotten much needed experience . In playing and in putting all the green speeds . Tournament on down .

      I have talked to many players . Made a few friends . And found out some interesting things .

      One is that it is the very newest players when they see the load time before the tee taking longer than 5 or 10 seconds . They think then that they are to reconnect .That it will clear it up .

      I try to explain to them that what they are seeing is my

      Before the tee . Not only does it not help for them to restart . It will make my load rendering longer each time . I don't think many of them understand .

      My load rendering is about 20 seconds . After that the tee loads up . The game is underway . That little delay before the tee is the only delay .

      I also find that there are still many many that do not know what Ranked Rounds areb . Do not know about tiering up .

      How to lower ones average to be able to tier up . And acquire better equipment .

      In a 3 hole round . There usually is only enough time to type . And hope they copy it or write it down .

      I have played 600 coin games this year . ( that's how many I have recorded . ) I have only played the same player twice , 1 time .

    to be continued

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    Thu, Aug 12 2021 5:26 PM

      It is not exactly the right time of year . But all times of the year are right for good humor . And this is some good stuff . Lol .

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    Fri, Dec 6 2013 9:46 AM




    Twas almost the Night before the 12 days of Christmas Giveaway .

    All the Country Clubs were ready, The gifts from the Pro shop were all under the tree And almost all the days were full .  MrCaddie was burned out from all the silly PM,s and working so hard  . He sat down in his chair and drifted off to sleep .

    Thats when all hell broke loose ,

    The Santas little helpers jimmyed the lock on the bar and started to drink all the good stuff ,They then hooked up the TV to the computer and started to download Elf porn .

    A few of the Santas helpers drank too much then Tossed up Christmas cookies on the floor And one passed out with his head in the toilet  .

    Santas little helpers then found MrCaddies car key,s and went out on the town in a rampage ,They took turns driving to see who could run down the most mail boxes and do the best yard turfing .

    After a bit of that they set his car on fire and pushed it into the lake at the Kiawah island course on hole # 17 .

    As the Santas little helpers were stumbling back to MrCaddies house they saw that the WGT Police were knocking on his door and they all ran to the bushes to hide .

    The WGT police Icon & Shoe could see all the empty bottles on the porch and in the yard and more in the house on the floor throu the window .

    MrCaddie woke from his sleep and said to him self ,  Self just who the .... is at my door at this time of night ,

    He got up from the chair but did not see that the helpers had taken his pants , He opened the door yelling  " Just who the .... do you think you are .

    The WGT police Icon & Shoe saw this man at the door with nothing on but his Tee shirt and could see that there was Elf porn on the TV . The Police did not ask but just clocked MrCaddie with a night stick and put him back to sleep .

    MrCaddie woke up in a WGT jail cell with a very large man , That man then told him , Son your name is now Betty and you are now my Btch .

    A few days latter Santas little helpers all got together and took some of the gifts to the pawn shop and used that money to pay MrCaddies bail .

    When MrCaddie got out he went home in his orange jump suit  to find the place trashed and his car was gone , He then said to him self  ,, Self you know who did this , them little Bstards , I will get each and every one of you even if it takes me till Christmas in July .

    The End