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VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

Fri, Mar 17 2023 8:09 AM (602 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Fri, Jul 17 2020 12:59 PM

    On a different note . Once again Icons buddies sought me out . I am already on moderation . What for ? Nobody knows .

      I had a rough spot a couple years ago . It was pretty serious . Took my wife and I by surprise . The worst part was my landlord of 13 years turned on me and evicted us . Right when I had lost the use of both arms due to rotator cuff tears .


    people do good things they wouldn't have imagined otherwise


    Then there are those that use deceptive tactics to steal...

    The worst of the bunch

    Promoting themselves as victims in need of help, Pfffft

    I agree with you Joe...Instead of continually showing up like a bad rash, Paul promised to leave ...but, like all of his other promises (i.e., paying you what he owes you)....


    Their responses are pretty mild compared to usual . And I never insult people here . Yet I'm the one on moderation .

      For those of you that have no idea what these two are spouting off about . I will tell you .


      From mid 2017 on and for the next 2 years I suffered from both right and left torn rotator cuffs .With other accumulative damage to both shoulders . Stemming from a couple of severe incidents working . And many years of constant aggravation .

      By the beginning of 2018 I could not move either arm .

      I could not work .

      I could not get any compensation or income .

      I could not pay rent .

      I had surgeries .

      I started a GoFundMe .

      I received several thousand dollars . Most of which from WGT friends . Not all .

      I was very appreciative , Thanked each individual earnestly .

      I used the money as wisely as I could .

      I had left arm reverse full shoulder replacement .

      The day of my surgery . My wife and I and our cat . A 13 yr old cat with diabetes for 5 yrs. We were evicted from our 13 yr home .

      A WGTer from California paid for a motel for a week .

      After that we lived in our car in 118 * weather . For almost 2 weeks . During that time our cat got lost and no doubt died of exposure or lack of insulin .

      We heard about a trailer park that we may be able to afford .

      Fresh off my surgery . I had little to offer . But they could see we were good people . Provided us with a trailer .

      3 months later I got medically released . Went to work for the Trailer Park . Paid them back .

      Continued therapy .

      Eventually got hired by RWK Electric Co Inc . Where I have my own truck . Run my own jobs . Celebrate 1 year coming up in August .

      This is Arizona . So it came as only a little surprise and disappointment . When I lost my unlosable ( according to my lawyer ) compensation claim .

      We now live in a much better trailer in the same park . We stay to ourselves .

      My wife Karen has HIV . And has self quarantined ( not left the house ) since March 15th . The minute we realized COVID 19 was serious .

      And there you have it . That brings us to the present . We are doing well .


                                   A LONG TIME COMING 


    Sept, 2020

    Colin has maturely and thankfully suggested that we get over this . And get past this .

    @"standing down"
       I apologize for all the BS I have thrown your way. I am willing to bury the hatchet, Life is too short so let's move on.

      As I would like nothing better . I accept . And will absolutely proceed with no chip on my shoulder .
      Thank you for stepping up Colin . That's a big thing to do .


      And now this huge gesture from Joe .


     This will absolutely put the past behind us . Able to comfortably move forward .

      Thanks guys

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  • pdb1
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    Thu, Jul 30 2020 3:56 PM

      As per my annual tradition . I have the day off . It is my birthday . For over 30 years . I have taken my birthday off from work . I feel that a persons birthday is the most legit holiday of the year . All the other holidays are either political or religious . Now if I can just get it paid too . Lol .





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  • pdb1
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    Thu, Aug 20 2020 9:24 AM


      At some point earlier this year . Some kind of a " bug " let's call it . Corrupted some of my forums in my website .

      I was kind of complaining about the amount of work involved in restoring the damaged ares .

      Someone asked me

      He asked "

    Maybe it's time to let it go Paul. Does your website get enough traffic to warrant the maintenance?

      So I thought about it .


      The short answer is no . If you go by the number of registered users . Practically none of them use the site . The total of posted messages may as well be zero . Most of that 8701 was back when the site was used . That is still a low number .

      If you pay attention to the number of guests online , At all times . Even though they are anonymous . It is a steady number . All the time . But even in our hey day 107 was quite busy for a single unknown site .


      That's nice . And it is a record of most GUESTS here on the website . The previous record consisted of regular members . I'm quite sure . A few years ago at 121 .

      Way to go . It must have been driven by some new post I made in the WGT Forums . Updating some of the forums here , over the weekend .

      That's a hellalot of activity . I will now need to go and update the


      Thank you for stopping by .

      home of


    May the SUN always be with you

      If you consider the all time views . Of the large handful of what I consider to be classic , interesting , or worthy forums or posts . Posts that when viewed . Should be of a readable and comprehensive , enjoyable , interesting content .




    In the example above . The first memorial . One that meant more to many WGTers . Than practically any other event in WGT's history .

      This memorial was and is one of my special projects .

        This one in particular combines the art work , the sign up , the stroke play , the match play . All the way to the finish . All in one long post . In color . On one very long page .

      In that regard . It is most justifiable to maintain , repair , or whatever it takes to keep them enjoying the material .


      I very much doubt that 7500 WGTers would search the WGT forums and read page after page of these events .

      Even if the interaction and comments , respect , and love is still there in the WGT forums .

      The way I created , edited , and presented them . Is a much more enjoyable read . 

      Before the corruption . Which has made them basically unreadable now .

      Still . Is it worth it to repair them ? It's really hard to say .

      My regular self . Cares too much .

      Even without WGT . I mean me with out WGT . Or even if WGT fades into nothingness and irrelevance . Which is a possibility .

      I would still have my website . It could be there forever . If I so choose . As a hobby .

      Most likely it will be there forever .

      Even as painstaking it is to repair something of the size of those forums .

      If others . Anonymous or not . Are enjoying it . Then I enjoy it more .

      Not to mention that I use it for mega storage . And my image host and editing .

      I have a hidden forum that has tons of info that I can refer to . Not all of it WGT .

    It is called .

      So I will always be using the site . But the maintenance is going to be a biotch .

      I don't know if you have ever seen it . Hopefully before the corruption . If at all . But it is like my baby .

      I have repaired some of the good posts . If you have not seen them . It is a fast and colorful way to enjoy the interaction of some of our favorite people here in WGT . And the honor and respect between all in this first historic event .

      Here are some of the first Andyson memorial GR8 moments .

    You do not need to register to view most of the content in my website .

    Valley of the Sun CC

      But you may . It is harmless .

    The repaired categories are on this page .



    Then in another forum .


    Also this forum



    There are many more to view at your leisure .



      Although it has been 4 or 5 years since there was more than a dozen regular users on the VOTSCC website .

      At this point it is a virtual ghost town .

      And will remain at whatever level of usage , none to whatever , forever .

      The 359 registered users consisting of mostly ex CC members , quite a lot of other CC members , and many non CC members just WGT members . Already know it is there . Will or will not visit from time to time . Or maybe never again .

      Different folks have different strokes and everyone takes away something different .

      I only feel slightly compelled to keep anything current or updated there . So I only do minimal behind the scene forum maintenance . I don't know if I made the right choice by activating a SSL Certificate . Makes it more secure . Changes it from a HTTP to a HTTPS site . Which means that it will search for https postings much faster than http . Much of my old work there must be manually changed . I can spend hours doing that .

      There is a variety of varying topics with some interesting reading .

      There is quite a bit of entertaining topics . From jokes to gifs . Not much reading there .

      The site editor has its own image host . . It's a very cool WYSIWYG editor . Having its own image host is so convenient .

      If you look back through some of the pages in this thread . You will see many of the other abilities I have utilized over the years .

      Once you see it all . You will agree I was fully involved . Lol . To say the least .

      Yet the potential was far GR8er . So much more and many ways to utilize that site .

      So what I guess I am saying is that it doesn't hurt to take a look . If you register . Nothing will ever be asked of you . I don't even care . I just want it known that if there is anything that you may benefit from there . It is free for the taking . Registration does unlock a few things guests will not see . On Mobile I suggest desktop view .

      I will never contact anyone . Unless I am asked . Then I will respond .

      Gotta go .

    May the SUN always be with you

      As I have mentioned before . My website Has become a ghost town . That is literally . I used to say virtually . But virtually it is not .

      I have a program that tells me " statistics " of all activity by members . Since none of the 365 members use the site . Except on occasion . Yesterday I found the first member online in years . He was one of my best and favorite players in VOTSCC . We had a nice chat . But that is so rare . I am sure it will never happen again .

      I do notice however . A steady stream of guests online . Anywhere from 14 to 44 online at all times . Since my " Statistics " program does not register those . I thought I should find a way to count them .

      So I installed a Website Guest Counter on 9/25/2020 .


      It shows that in 24 days 102 different guests ( it won't count the same guest twice ) have visited the website . And by my observation . Most of them linger for good amounts of time .( which accounts for the online count going from 25 to 35 but the counter only goes up by 5 ). Return guests are not counted

      I also added a Website Page Counter . On 10/10/20 . It shows 71 pages in 8 days . That doesn't seem like many to me . But some of my pages are very long . Lol .

      Average of about 25 new guests at all times .

      Have viewed an average of 9 pages per day for the last 8 days . ( I am not sure of the accuracy of the page counter ) . That seems quite low .

      Even though these guests do not register . I am happy to know that a good handful of people are visiting and I hope enjoying the site .

      And the fact that over 7500 viewers/guests have come to read The 2016 Andyson First Memorial Tournament .

      Normally I would not care about this . I do not subscribe to any of the features available to me to increase website usage . Even though they are free .

      Whether or not there is any significant usage of the site . It will remain open forever .

      Mostly for my personal use . Storage and image hosting are my primary commonly used almost daily features .

  • pdb1
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    Fri, Aug 28 2020 8:28 PM

      I have been fixing and restoring the Forums in the website . That became corrupted . Man . What a task . 


      In the mean time there are a few new posts here . 





     And I have updated a few links in the LIST

  • pdb1
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    Mon, Aug 31 2020 10:33 AM

      Not a good day for my truck . 2007 Ford F250 utility bed Company truck .

      The first time the tread peeled off of the Michelin left rear wheel . Still a little rubber coating around the wear bars . It held air and I was on my way home and only had 10 miles left . I made it home and put the spare on . That was about a month ago .

      Still I went and got another spare from the shop .

      This morning I had barely pulled onto the Red Mountain 202 east loop freeway . When I heard FLAP , FLAP , FLAP . I pulled over . Same thing except right rear . So I sais SHEEIT ! Got in and decided to try to make the remaining 27 miles drive to work . And change it there because it was still nice and cool . Only 101* . After a record low high for this morning of 93* . And If I waited till after work it would be more like 115* . Too tired and too hot . If I made it . I did .

      Put on the other spare . And when I pulled up I noticed the A/C condensate was just pouring out . I thought it seemed excessive .

      After work I headed home . By the first mile . It was obvious the A/C was not working and had taken a sht .

       Exactly 1 mile later just before exit # 2 . BAM !

      There went the spare . The last of 2 spares .

      I called my boss . He called me back and said his guy would be there within the next 2 hours . With a wrecker to take me to the auto shop . Then to get me a couple tires .

      Then he said " At least you have A/C . " That's when I told him about this morning . We decided to meet tomorrow after work and charge it with new freon .

      Exactly 2 hours to the minute later . The tow truck shows up .

      I finally got home at 6:15 pm . The whole ordeal only took 3 hrs and 15 minutes .

      Now I just have to wait for the two front Michelin's to peel off the tread .

      The tire guys told me that they had a record number of blow outs today from the heat and the condition of our streets and highways .





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  • pdb1
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    Mon, Aug 31 2020 5:05 PM

      Memories of past events .













    A QUICK OVERVIEW SOME OF THE VARIOUS GAME FORMATS AVAILABLE IN WGT Cc%20tourney%20CTTH%20skills%20challenges_zpsbr6zd5qv






  • pdb1
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    Tue, Sep 1 2020 1:54 PM


      Yes the similarities to real life are astonishing . From the pictography and the beautiful courses . To the feel of the swing . The wind . Club selection . Your favorite balls .

      That little tiny adjustment on the spin that you know made that 173 yarder drop right in the hole . Knowing you could do it again . Sometime . And you usually do eventually .

      Recreational , entertaining , socially enjoyable alt shot rounds . Tight lipped silent ones too . Lol . Cat got their tongue .

      Hard fought multiplayer Stroke play rounds . With 2 , 3 , 4 players of your peers . You may know all of them or none of them . So competitively challenging and fun . From joking around to learning about new cultures . Some light banter to full on insults . They can be so fun .

      Meeting players from dozens of countries around the world . Learning and sharing . Rich and rare opportunities to be cherished for a lifetime .

      Outstanding personalities that without this . We would never have been fortunate to experience .

      People/players/members that live this and relate to all this and more . Are the lucky majority . And most likely to appreciate what I speak about .

      Also more likely to be polite , good sports , humane , reasonable , accepting . And familiar with all the good and bad that is part of the game .

      This positive experience is unique . And possible because of the people/players/members of the WGT Universe . That many years ago saw and appreciated and understood the potential of what these creators of this online virtual golf game . Flash version at the time . PC version . With all the bells and whistles .

      Mega formats , Country Clubs , Open discussion forums . All of which took off and pushed unimaginable boundaries . Raised the bars . Became this WGT Universe .

      This is what I have seen in my time here .

      There is another world here . The Mobile version that started about 10 years ago .

      Many in that world . Never knew about any of what is mentioned above . No efforts were made to encourage the players in that format to learn about the real .

      No prompts to familiarize them with the system of ranking and tiering and averages .

      No mention of the GR8 open forums . Or the incredible multiplayer possibilities . .Because that version didn't offer what the PC version had in abundance . So no measures were taken to inform the mobile world .

      That was very bad planning and marketing .

      Now that our precious Flash version has been taken away .

      The plan for the game is to integrate the incredible features of the Flash version into what is possible into the new game format .

      Not an easy task .

      Now what to do with the masses ? The ever spoiled and entitled virtual online WGT ex flashers that we are .

      And what and who are these aliens ? Who know nothing about the real WGT . They seemed to have learned with a completely different manual . Do they even have agenda's ?

      They must . They are very good . XLNT in most cases . They have obviously played a considerable amount .

      But where are their scores ? Why are they mid level tiers ? With high averages ?

      How did they get such GR8 equipment ? Why does the next guy at the same level still have starters ?

      Why do they not want to chat ? How long have they been playing ? How did they get so good ?

      How can we bridge this gap with this new/old ? species ?

      WTF is going on ?

      Right ?

      Let's fix this .




  • pdb1
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    Fri, Sep 4 2020 7:15 AM

      Over the years . My friend . Yes he was my friend . Andyson . Put a lot of work into his artwork of me .

      This one of my favorites .

      LMMFAO .



    This was off-topic on a different thread, so I deleted it and moved it here. ;-)
    I did some research and I stand corrected!  PDB1 is indeed a true hippie.  I dug this image out of the AZ Republic archives.  Click for a larger view.

    Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

    If you still can't read it, the caption on the 1969 photo says..."Nine year old Paul Boppart stopped playing with his HotWheels and watching Scooby Doo long enough to stage his own anti-war protest at the state capital on Thursday."

      More of his art and antics can be viewed . On my website .

  • Connorjwebb123
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    Fri, Sep 4 2020 12:48 PM
    VOTTS was my first CC when Jim was under ownership.. :)
  • pdb1
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    Wed, Sep 30 2020 6:56 PM

    Another GR8 thing is . Especially in this CC a turned in score high or low is never judged by other members . In fact props are always given for finishing . 

      That goes for the single play tournaments like the Brackets . Those tourneys are mandatory must finish all rounds or do not enter . Especially in this CC . But that is WGT wide for any single play tournament . Again props are given by all for completion no matter how high the score . One is very likely to judged negatively for not finishing even if they have a good reason . 

      In this CC there is every reason to complete all rounds if humanly possible . Please use that as a rule of thumb .

    Mon 7 Dec 2015 - 19:44


      Please listen to what I am about to say . I could copy and paste a books worth of things that will put you at ease in this CC . But I will type a few for you myself .

       First of all . You are here to get the best possible positive  experience that is possible in a CC in WGT . That in itself makes this CC different from any other .

      CC tourneys can only be played in stroke play format . These tourneys are not made to be difficult or easy . They are all unlimited play . Which means that you are able to concentrate on each course or tournament and refine your skills by playing as many times as you like restarting each match before it is over and playing until you are comfortable with the score and only that match counts on your average 1 match even if you restarted 100 times only 1 will count the one you finish .

      There is no game completion % in restarted rounds if you restart before the end the 9th or !8th .

      Also you may not know that WGT has made 9 hole rounds count as an 18 hole match . ie : a 36 counts as a 72 . The 9 hole score is doubled . This is so it doesn't take 10 years to tier up . t takes half the time of playing 18 holes ..

      Competition . There is only friendly competition amongst our members . All members are playing against the course . Not each other . Always encouraging and supporting all efforts made by all members . No judging by any one occurs here . Not negative anyway unless the member is acting a fool . 

      So you need not ever pay much attention to the scores of others in any other way but to work at those scores your self .

     The whole point of our CC is to provide an environment for our members to hone their skills , lower their averages , move up in tiers and prepare them for other events outside the CC where there is pressure to perform . Like multiplayer stroke play matches or WGT tournaments .

      If you were in an alt shot match with us the other day . That kind of match is completely social . There is no pressure to perform there is no reason to get a low score . These matches do not count on your average at all so they are played amongst friends with no expectations at all . 

      If you understand what I am saying then I am sure that all you will want to play is CC stroke play unlimited play tourneys . They are the ultimate practice round . Because you play until you get the score you want and it counts . Practice mode matches never count . 

      I have so much more written on these subjects . I know from what i speak . So please try to look at it from these perspectives . They are so much more practical and encouraging . 

      Nothing about this CC is about being a good player . We have some good players of course . But that has nothing to do with fitting in to our CC . Our lower tier , and our inexperienced members are exactly the same as our upper tier and highly experienced members . The exact same respect and voice as the next . It has been that way since the day I created this CC and will always be that way .


    Fri 26 Jun 2015 - 0:45 Friending a WGT CC member is the same thing as shaking the hand of a team mate . Period . Here in VOTSCC especially . You have nothing to fear from the less than 60 members here in our very cool CC . Much to gain though .
      First friending a CC members only does a few things .
      1) enables a green dot when available  available only means that their computer is on and are logged into WGT and are not in the middle of a multi player round . Does not mean they are staring at their computer screen waiting for invites to decline .
      2) enables WGT PM messaging ( top of friends profile page not yours ) . Which allows one to communicate to one another . Communicate welcome and interesting messages as there would be no other reason for a fellow CC member to message you .
      3)  Opens a unique and elite pipeline of communication of opportunity bteween the always awsome and interesting and friendly members of VOTSCC that are always more than willing to step up and back you up and help in anyway more than any other place in WGT.
      Friending someone in WGT does not disclose any personal information about yourself . Other than you too are an awesome member of VOTSCC .
    Another GR8 thing is . Especially in this CC a turned in score high or low is never judged by other members . In fact props are always given for finishing . 

      That goes for the single play tournaments like the Brackets . Those tourneys are mandatory must finish all rounds or do not enter . Especially in this CC . But that is WGT wide for any single play tournament . Again props are given by all for completion no matter how high the score . One is very likely to judged negatively for not finishing even if they have a good reason . 

      In this CC there is every reason to complete all rounds if humanly possible . Please use that as a rule of thumb .


     Paul Sun 27 Sep 2020 - 9:30


    Sun 3 Sep 2017 - 10:49  As it becomes more and more evident that there is some problems . That have a tendency to spark many different unfavorable reactions and opinions and arguments . 
      Some that directly effect the survival of some events and formats in the future of WGT . 
      Some are too complicated to be certain of what kind and how much , or how many fixes it would take to solve .
      There is one though in particular . An area of GR8 concern to many . For various reasons . 

      Is the current old school poor excuse for an invite notification system . 

      A little tiny GREEN icon . Placed in the absolutely worst possible location one could think of . 
      That alone has been responsible for more devastating misunderstandings and catastrophic and devastating endings of everything from friendships to tournaments , to CC's . 

      Believe me when I tell you that the little tiny green invite icon located 2/3rds of the way up on the left side of a tab page . Is not likely to be seen by anyone that has an active brain and fingers that work . 

      As they are probably doing something constructive during their green status . Which only means that their computer is on and they are logged into WGT . 

      They are not sitting there staring at that little tiny green icon waiting to accept or decline the invites . 

      But in my case . I am extremely busy with admin . Which is my choice . But I would much rather accept an invite from anyone . And play a match . If there was a chance that I see the icon . I do surely jump on it . Unfortunately I am not in a position at the time to see the icon and I regretfully miss many invites . If I were to change my status to red . I would not have that chance to accept an invite . And it would be a week before I noticed that I was red . That sucks . So I will never turn my status from green . 

      This is a WGT wide problem and has been the case since before  I joined in 2012 . Quite simply the invite notification is a failure . There is no way you can predict what is happening on the other side of that invite . There are as many possibilities as their are players . And is not anything personally reflective to you . 

      There are ways to make the invite more likely to be noticed . Message any and all players prior and let them know you will be ready to invite soon . Any that respond . You have your answer , invite , and game . Seems like the hard way ? Thought it wouldn't be ? 

       I always encourage my members to message anyone they want to play with . Whether the person shows green , red , or even hidden . Yes they will get the email notification either way . Maybe come out of hiding . 

      The invite system is such a failure with that little tiny icon 2 thirds of the way up the left side of your screen . You have to actually literally almost stare at it at all times . So not to miss a rare or welcome invite . Very poor notification . 

      To have the same little Icon at both the top and bottom of your window tab pages. ( all the pages in WGT that are not the game client ) . Would make those invites hundreds of times more likely to be seen . 

      Or better yet  . A pop up that there is no way to avoid . That says So & So is inviting you to an alt shot match . Click here to accept , decline , leave message , or already playing 

      I know that these suggestions would be probably about 1,739th on the list . If even approved for review . 
      If you knew the turmoil and misunderstanding that this issue alone provokes non stop 24 / 7 / 365 with out fail . 
      Involving every kind of scenario . CC vs CC Interplay community organized and non community organized tournaments . Where the participants are from different CC's . Many already unfamiliar with the invite system . In which it is required that the opponents contact , communicate , arrange a mutually agreed upon time and day for which to be  GREEN . And then expect that this unlikely appointment is met by both parties . On the occasion that both parties find themselves GREEN at the same time . There is no response from the invitee . Frustrating the inviter . Causing him or her to message the unresponding  counterpart . Hopefully remaining calm and mature , professional , and polite . Inquiring about the un accepted invite that they had discussed the week before and agreed to mutually . Of course now that has blown any chances to play their match that week . And the following week one of them will be on holiday . 

      Well turned out that the invitee had in fact been GREEN and available during the agreed upon time . Had waited for the inviter to become GREEN . An extra 30 minutes . Had then gone to message the inviter and inquire . 
      The inviter it turns out had miscalculated the time difference and was actually 1 hour late . 

      If there were 2 more invite icons added to the the current icon . But placed one on the top and one on the bottom of the page ( s) . Anyone who was in a different area or page or looking at his daughter while she asked him what those GREEN things are blinking on the top and bottom of his page were . 
      Would be many many times more likely to see respond , and accept that all important invite . 

      Now that to some would be the more important scenario . Others that consider any of their time in WGT valuable . Would say that when they invite friends or CC mates to multiplayer matches . When the prospective invitee is GREEN . And knows the invitee is around and available . But did not respond or accept the invite . 

      And it turns out again that the invitee was just lower in the page responding to a forum post . Way below the little tiny GREEN icon 2/3rds of the way up on the left play now flash player section of the tab page . Completely out of site .

      Any dedicated and committed WGTer . Should have the ability to multi task and tend to what ever tasks is on their agenda . With the " luxury "  should be common place knowledge that . While tending to their administrative duties ( which could amount to hundreds of duties ) Should not be required to be playing a match , or just sitting there staring at the invite icon . Just for the simple reason to be aware of an invite .

      Should have the suggested 2 more notifications , or an even better system to alarm , alert , notify the moment an invite is initiated . To enable the invitee to respond quickly and timely with no chance of missing the invite from a friend that you had not heard from in 3 years . If missed would be possibly  the last opportunity to connect with that player .

      At any moment any invite could be that rare invite from a CC mate that you had never had a chance to play before . And not likely would again . From another fellow CC owner. One of the biggest highlight rounds one can play .

      Would never want to inconvenience those rare inviters .

      And should feel comfortable enough to stop playing and start answering the 100 plus messages that you received that day . To make some trophy's . To clean up the CC forum . To spend 2 or 3 hours messaging and explaining what WGT is to the several recruits that had just showed up . And literally dozens of other possible necessary tasks that any WGTer should be able to do . While staying GREEN . Available to play . As anyone would rather accept that invite and play than doing admin . So long as the invite notification were so efficient and effective that they would be seen and responded to . Whether it be to accept , or send a message , or decline . One must be able to see it

      In every scenario . The obvious and simple , cost effective way to solve this enormous problem that is an enormous problem . Concerning WGT  player relations and the highly volatile and negative ongoing , unnecessary daily , hourly turmoil that I would ask you to please take my word for the depth and vast effect that this issue presents . As I have only the best intentions for this WGT and my fellow players all the site wide . 

      To please take this suggestion very seriously . You can check out . investigate , interview members of my piers . Selectively and or randomly to verify and validate the extent of this problem that I feel is the root and cause of the sadly failing by the minute most popular and precious and necessary multiplayer format . 
      That once was a thriving and preferred choice for the masses . 

      But over time . With the various glitches in the past ( the invisible invite fiasco ) Immediately halted , ended forever . Some of the original organized ongoing site wide multiplayer tournaments . Stopped them cold in their tracks . As they all depended on the invite system for game play . WGT being the only game in town . 

      Most all of those long time favorite events for hundreds . Had played their last match . Never again to be able to generate the interest and commitment necessary to restart and continue a successful event . 

      And as the WGT community grew in leaps and bounds . Glitches came and Glitches went . Some remained and  got worse . Some became playable with work a rounds . 

      With the wavering uncertainty of game play and the always crap shoot of the multi-player invite . 

      And a couple few generational changes to the player in WGT . The trickle down effect of some of the older formats slowly but steadily dwindling down . Some to obscurity . Some still with hope to revive and live again and prosper and be enjoyed again  by the masses . 

      It would seem to be a no brainer . To install just 2 more icons added to the present featured icon . 1 to the top of the page . 1 to the bottom of the page . The smallest fix to one of the most volatile concerns today . 

      Sincerely GR8ly concerned as always

    Sun 27 Sep 2020 - 9:30
    With the changes that have come to the game, having a method of communication outside of WGT is vital. All the more reason to have programs such as Discord or TeamSpeak or Steam in everyday use by WGT golfers.

      Yes those programs are very helpful . When you have a network of friends that agree . When those friends are on and green and responding . Then it may be easier to invite and coordinate games .

      But if those friends are not available . Or not available often .
      Then multiplayer will be difficult . And will not have Discord or TeamSpeak or Steam communication .
      I do not know why more players are not on board those communication devices . Except for everyone knows you talk funny . Lol . No matter so do we .
      But still the invite system . The ability to invite and notify , and receive and accept invites . Is a weak effort at best .
      Notification could be improved . By having a notification message at the top and bottom of the screen . Or a pop up message in the middle of the screen .


      Instead of the invisible little green icon first . That are most often missed . Or not clicked in time . By the time you get through the game client they have already given up on you . You just wasted the round you were in . If you were playing .
      If you were playing . You will see a pop up . Or a notification at the top and bottom of the page .
      If you are green . And not playing . That probably means you went to take a leak .Or Walmart . Or bang the next door neighbor . And you won't see a pop up no matter how big it is .
      But if you are just writing a Forum post . Or checking a leader board , etc , etc . You will see the pop up .
      But you won't see the tiny green icon . And miss another invite .
      Shouldn't be that hard to make a better notification . From my experience this would almost fix the invites . Making it so easy . Even a red headed step child could do it .

    May the SUN always be with you