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VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

Mon, May 22 2023 12:43 PM (624 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Wed, Oct 14 2020 7:42 PM

    This is the new " TRAILBLAZER " pic and trophy page .

    This is the new Derived from .

    SidersBest  Is this WGT's oldest active player?



    Below the trophies are the TRAILBLAZER appreciations .

    After that is the thread


    Which explains how


    Came about . 9 years of wall posts .

    P.S. this may be the longest page in WGT

  • pdb1
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    Sat, Oct 17 2020 8:17 AM


      I have stopped gathering lists . Of anything here in WGT . I've done enough .

      The wind has been taken from my sails .

      This will end my efforts here in WGT .

      But with the high sense of accomplishment that I have always felt in my efforts .

      That would be showing my appreciation for the accomplishments and efforts and goodwill of those that effect so many all over WGT .

      This was part of what I did as a CC owner for so many years . Recognizing every accomplishment , move up in tier , lowest score , in some cases highest score , personal bests , tournament wins , participation , helpfullness , availabilty , dedication , humor , knowledge , etc , etc .

      I witnessed first hand the immense effect of happiness , motivation , appreciation . These would bring .

      And over the years noticing and recognizing and awarding some of the WGT Universe for some of their contributions .

      That's all I wanted to do in those efforts .

      Of course besides enjoying the fight and climb and addiction of the journey of the game here in WGT .

      The learning and knowledge and participation in the Forums . Has been an experience of a lifetime .

      As an owner I loved the interaction , participation , competitiveness of not only all of the many formats and tourneys that WGT provided .

      But for me even that wasn't enough . I created more events .

      In CC match and stroke play titles . Where CC members challenged other members for the titles .

      Embedded CHALLONGE Brackets on the weekends . Played in my website . Which drew not only CC members . But also players from all over WGT .

      The Valley of the SUN CC vs CC interplay . Where we challenged and played some of the top and funnest CC's in WGT .

      We had the coolest BLITZ event . That went on forever . All 25 Blitz courses . 5 per week . 5 weeks per season . I don't remember how many seasons . Maybe 50 .

      I had even more ideas . But it wasn't practical . Players commitment to WGT was already a huge part of their life . To add too many more events and tournaments and another website . Was taking it too far . But it was fun for years for sure .


    These are excerpts from the first page in the thread .


    This is the final updated list of the mini trophy's for the 462 " TRAILBLAZERS "

    now on the next page

    Here are some of the random WGT GR8's awards through the years .WGT outstanding standouts . Various fun and incredible contributions to the WGT Universe.

    now on the next page

    WGT KICK ASS 1st POSTER awards. This to encourage and welcome new Forum posters . As it was at times a somewhat negative experience . I am happy to say that it seemed to work quite well .

    now on the next page


    Here is a small index to view various other lists .

    " TRAILBLAZER " The full list of full size " TRAILBLAZER " trophys is on page 3. In SidersBest Is this WGT's oldest active player?

    The full list of " TRAILBLAZER " is on page 2 . In this thread . TRIBUTES : TO TRAILBLAZERS & ORIGINALS WHERE TO BEGIN

    The full list of " TRAILBLAZER " avatars is on page 6 . In the thread TRIBUTES : TO TRAILBLAZERS & ORIGINALS WHERE TO BEGIN .

    The above page links are now on this page

    A couple large lists of the GR8 CC from which many of the " TRAILBLAZER " were found in . Page 3 . of the thread . THANX TO THE GR8 CC's.

    Another list is is the 7 years of wall posts I saved in my website . Not all but most are there . The list of WGTers that posted various comments and conversations is found in

    I BUILT THE WALL . Along with a link to the wall .

    The next list is a thank you post to all the friends i golfed with . GOLF WITH FRIENDS

    This list I tried to capture the avatars and profile pics of just about everyone I encountered and helped to encourage me along the way . NOT FROM THE SHORT LIST.

    On page 42 . In the thread MIA - Where are they?. I pay tribute to many that had disappeared , passed . got lost and came back , but was missed , etc , etc . By putting faces , avatars and profile pics to their names .

    In my CC Corner thread .VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

    on page 35 . There is a list of 167 Main Forum Posts , Threads , Links , Videos . Of all sorts . That may or may not interest you at all .

      And of course my website . Which has been many things for me over the years . For the many uses it has for me . It will remain open forever for the use and entertainment of anyone that happens by .

      All of this is for enjoyment , memories , appreciation , tributes , recognition , entertainment , etc , etc . And gratitude for my fond memories .

      I wish the GR8 WGT Universe all the best in the future .


    this is not my last post but my days are numbered

      I wonder if I should just post all my lists here in this thread ? Sounds fun .

      this is page 1 of that

  • pdb1
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    Sat, Oct 17 2020 12:31 PM

      Rather than having to click back and forth to various pages in many different threads .

      I am going to start compiling the lists to here . Which is as good as my homepage .

      "TRAILBLAZER " Links , lists , trophy's , pics , avatars .

      The stories and responder's to to these . Can be found in .



    Is this WGT's oldest active player?

     My latest project . Seeking out the players with pre 2010 start dates that are mostly still active . Not an easy task . I have looked at over 4000 profiles . And found about 462 players that fit the criteria . So far . I don't know how far or how many I will end up finding . I hope to reach 500 . But this will be my last major task here . . As of 10/6/2020 I have stopped looking .

      Here are the 462 " TRAILBLAZERS " .  As of 10/6/2020.

    Now 500 as of 2/10/2023 .

    1. dschom5
    2. IRISHKING1916
    3. Fuzzygazz
    4. thunderbird
    5. putter2eyes
    6. bonz
    7. 2dwn
    8. claremoreblue ,
    9. garyk49 .
    10. Beryman
    11. mmillings
    12. vabighack
    13. iconian
    14. KyRock75
    15. BolloxInBruges
    16. jeffdos924
    17. TaterNater
    18. Kaslo
    19. ColumbusStorm
    20. JrPapa
    21. DaveDwingdale
    22. opyeuclid
    23. JJ656
    24. RichJohn
    25. Bradness
    26. KnuckleWoods
    27. MrEd
    28. tygerjr
    29. overtheedge
    30.  woogster
    31. Iceats
    32. mohaviegreen
    33. brysoni23
    34. JimbeauC
    35. YankeeJim
    36. Shephard
    37. RyanKCantrell
    38.  sligocreek
    39. Rayc1
    40. Darrell3210
    41. derjohvan
    42. gr8flbob
    43. lyznat
    44. Golfspieler
    45. gtownmohawks
    46. alturner3
    47. gregorywinbush
    48. olazabal
    49.  Kosberg
    50. MADMAN17
    51. mgsvz
    52. Hightower3
    53. BigKnight
    54. poolmaniac6
    55.  tseeqhim
    56. headhacker
    57. Jerm65
    58. GOLFHAWK
    59. deeez-nutts
    60.  Bigmuggsy
    61. KennyPerry
    62. dharby
    63. bluey403
    64. yzermn
    65. NCJacket11
    66. JuanMendoza
    67. jobycat
    68. spozz1
    69. ThreeSpot
    70. Joeyola
    71. KevinKO
    72. zagraniczniak
    73. borntobesting
    74. PugsAce
    75. bassomatic
    76.  BIGAL123
    77. Fubar057
    78. BeRite
    79. harmonator
    80. Badboo
    81. shu1
    82. Psalms139
    83. hammertrucking:
    84. dennisd567
    85. boozybob1
    86. denissca
    87. LuisPinto
    88. pawof2
    89. shonkster
    90. la1state
    91.  ggeshaper1
    92. rockcityman
    93. SeattleSue
    94. Lgacord
    95. Tcushman
    96. Klickweltmeister
    97. Stevieg314
    98. Stip
    99. Bogeyplus
    100. Rightin
    101. Ironton
    102.  smittji
    103.  PRIESTESS
    104. marcbgd
    105. Dave1953
    106. PainterDude
    107. shellersperk
    108. herbrayles
    109. bwander
    110. Redemporor
    111. duffer5150
    112. BogeyOne
    113. sfcoquille
    114. umgant11
    115. Zumavon
    116. fishing4eagles
    117. Gertau
    118. Sifu2U
    120. 607papa
    121. tonyb2004
    122. thestevster
    123. cmurphy1
    124. Duke007style
    125. tpgunn
    126. THEMASTER1
    127. adamsaid
    128. dkgunte
    129. Pauldriver
    130. teebank
    131. charly01
    132. tigerthriller
    133. gowaylo
    134. TarheelsRule
    135. S00NERorL8r
    136. simovoice
    137. cappiest
    138. Trinbagoboy
    139. TMcCracken
    140. proeng71
    141. biggunky
    142. golfer420
    143. bigcountry317
    144.  inkep1962
    145. rc7777itsme
    146. Oaktown
    147. T8erSalad
    148. KeithJ
    149. JMH1
    150.  vrooomed
    151. plg1
    152. korion450
    153. xxblueeyesxx
    154. one1255
    155. CaptMick
    156. doccowart
    157. SexyEric
    158. Muddywaterman
    159. TDHarvey
    160. pekk24
    161. Finks
    162. gavd999
    163. dano691
    164. bfrogers60
    165. ItsAboutTimeGuy
    166. wayne5347
    167.  TWilliamsJr
    168. Golfdawg01
    169. Naugahyde
    170. bigdan1000
    171. Arpie
    172. chrrec
    173. COSMOS2K8
    174. DaTurk
    175. chemmy
    176. MoldSouvenir
    177. norden
    178. TigerBerni
    179.  Rudi299
    180. Wiggywiggy
    181. marco680
    182. fisgum
    183. Wynndogg
    184.  Lasky1979
    185. mreddy
    186. Greengene66
    187. Huysamen
    188.  Muokdog
    189. gallegos832
    190. rdoug
    191. igiveup
    192. Cotton949
    193. Thejazzman
    194. SteveOx
    195. fjtuba
    196. mustang71
    197. jkline49
    198. roxburyhellboy
    199. Stumpstaa
    200. baseline527
    201. JLadenburg
    202. Icemanrr2003
    203. RABky
    204. flicklives
    205. AYUMI
    206. pauldickson
    207. makaveliveson
    208. shooter21947
    209. BIGDAWG72
    210. momyma
    211. Jesusdyd4u
    212. kjmurphy21
    213. tomtoms
    214. skate82
    215. kardinal
    216. ozysouthpaw
    217. reddog1965
    218. Guzz612
    219. toyl
    220. Windmarkbob
    221. JerodBolt
    222. cardura9
    223.  ds813
    224. nofear2
    225. DavidWooten
    227. Radawg
    228. solmax18
    229. Bruen
    230. luquitas04
    231. poptart802
    232. Toadman5052
    233. DrJ101
    234. bagman110
    235. johnbohner
    236. PGOODY
    237. budman58
    238. welder1
    239. Diego902
    240. warnerpowered
    241. zabelingreen
    242. SteveLuzzatto
    243. howard1974
    244. McBall
    245. 2LURIDE
    246. dansamcam
    247. eivets
    248. PortsD
    249. pauls
    250. CASH11
    251. JohnHancock
    252. alangardner
    253. silences
    254. slimline
    255. Russelllee
    256. broroderick
    257. Jeffster
    258. ASP0315
    259. Lefty2004
    260. dlgolfer20
    261.  Fairwayman55
    262. ppezoldt
    263. coach47803
    264. InterCad
    265.  kennyc1st
    266. SOFBALL24
    267. sunrise355
    268. Dopy
    269. Bigcallo
    270. Ohjoy40
    271. NBrenner
    272. RWHERO
    273. vaklein
    274. Dadedave
    275. sterlingbills
    276. SturgisW
    277. JTgator69
    278. Macker22
    279. sharkeyez
    280. JJGibson
    281. crispy68
    282. reachmcnabb
    283. Hometownt
    284. ParAll
    285. jazmona
    286. dontcryulz
    287. beltech
    288. torcher
    289. tc0043
    290. GregRU4
    291. truckerbil5
    292. Ghostwulf
    293. bdude
    294. DWBuck
    295. Lreed
    296. chucky922
    297. sas17
    298. RUSAVED
    299. Randy37
    300. Bsingle
    301. perhansen4444
    302. hooks4u2
    303. royskip
    304. triggerwood
    305. Kikoychu
    306. rleahy
    307. leenyx
    308. Borigard
    309. rverdag2
    310. RevRon316
    311. rpark22
    312. mwfreeman7
    313. fanney
    314. hermit4now
    315. WindStalker
    316. Melvin48
    317. magnum727
    318. AlienFart
    319. MIBCTGOLF
    320. Billyb4u2
    321. buckmaster7
    322. Darrell3210
    323. reneinny
    324. OleBones
    325. Pralaya
    326. JMH1
    327. kayeman
    328. stuckymb
    329. cmramn
    330. utch
    331. Headway
    332. cgiles
    333. morceau
    334. Bendeswede
    335. randalski
    336. Bamagolf1
    337. bozyman
    338. haugen79
    339.  texastwoputt
    340. bluegolfer66
    341. BuddahsGong
    342. AceLynx15
    343. tubbs87
    344. bobspooner
    345. Krutaaga
    346. rngrck
    347. bripuppy
    348. cp4353
    349. travy115
    350. vatos
    351. alanmason
    352. lpaul102
    353. Martin3
    354. yoyo
    355. redcats7
    356.  Snoper
    357. Golddigger47
    358. mastertuist
    359. birdiebear
    360. RipleyBP
    361. atom53
    362. CowboyTed
    363. wormburner26
    364. Didymus
    365. gunnary98
    366. k88ss
    367. grady3rd
    368. MisterWGT
    369. pjctas0822.
    370. UncleJed
    371. Goodwilly
    372. RyjaTybas
    373. JoePerry
    374. steved1951
    375. Upandatem
    376. AtlantaCoaster
    377. chipcrush
    378. ChronicDiarrhea
    379. heffdiddy
    380. winkdinkerson
    381. StevenP
    382. 4nuts4golf
    383.  ibprime
    384. Admirkeep
    385. zekerocks
    386. cobracarroll
    387. YippeeKiYea
    388. BenjaminW
    389. irv597
    390. OleSteenAndersen
    391. qwqwqw
    392. aannddyy
    393. PAPPYS
    394. JSimo10 
    395. RobbieAtkins
    396. billdee55
    397. honeyboy
    398. southchicago
    399. albarella
    400. ededed
    401. maxxxyb
    402. donsprintr
    403. tootoo
    404. slimdidden
    405. CYCHU
    406. Kdogg954
    407. seniorbruno
    408. mmchelli
    409. charger296
    410. popeye46
    411. mgk110001
    412. IamTomWatson
    413. virgilsuncity
    414. bonhoeffe
    415. mystry78
    416. flip1710
    417. pSuds
    418. trajan227
    419. SmoothSwinger
    420. POPPAGMAN
    421. RalphMusco
    422. docdiva
    423. Ripcol25
    424. ascrib
    425. SaskGopher
    426. tioramon
    427.  Bruntski
    428. tamjag
    429. mjf7401
    430. BUCKWILD7
    431. Cards1012
    432. wbbeattie
    433. raboneill69
    434. tokar
    435. kenheatwole
    436. DuFussMcGoo
    437. tighthead01
    438. MichaelMc14
    439. Pcguru7777
    440. LAFACE
    441. brianma69
    442. cris62
    443. VanHugo
    444. BradPutz
    445. willist622
    446. stevehelle
    447. timneal09
    448. RRRussell
    449. ChrisBaxter
    450. sombod
    451. Montrose1
    452. citytillidie
    453. garycharles
    454. goshov
    455. sawyers
    456. coodaygraw
    457.  rshore
    458. TheTripper
    459. hotshot76
    460. MiniMee
    461. Vonhelm
    462. gcullen
    463. empederado
    464. ch1ef
    465. stoosnam
    466. Hotai
    467. woodgolfdog
    468. lykkehans
    469. toolman957
    470. RJMARTIN
    471. alreno
    472. daytonidiots
    473. gutzy555
    474. hpurey
    475. beerstine
    476. GoodyChamp
    477. azdave
    478. pdiehm
    479.  Drainit
    480. DaveSparrow
    481.  Seven318
    482. stick1
    483. ltrip
    484. ronoboy
    485. harrymunk
    486. OLDSTICK
    487. opusx69
    488. tramilleo
    489. Dkuechel
    490.  LargeMike
    491. Skierdoc
    492. JDocBurns
    494. Tresclub
    495. GolfNomad
    496. AFCBNeil
    497. MBowe
    498. crabbygolfer
    499. jmars836
    500. Batmandarknight
    501. milangolfer
    502. martym35

      The full list of full size trophy's will be in the next post .

  • pdb1
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    Sat, Oct 17 2020 12:38 PM

    Here are the trophy's










    Congrats guys .


























  • pdb1
    24,996 Posts
    Sun, Oct 18 2020 10:26 AM

    Appreciation from the TRAILBLAZERS .

    I appreciate the appreciation .

    2,664 Posts
    Sat, May 9 2020 9:08 AM

    Thanks for the recognition everyone, been a long time and a lot of cash spent on balls and clubs.  Thanks for the pictures from another life Deena, I was a stud back then, don't know what happened, and Paul, I was much better in the ring than I am at this game, just saying.Nice to know there are a few who have been here longer. My how this game has changed over the years.  Still the best fake golf game online.  Thanks WGT.
    Dangerous Dan Schommer

    329 Posts
    Mon, May 18 2020 2:31 AM

    What a surprise to see my name in a wgt forum.
    Back in Feb. 2012 someone said to me ,there is a golf game i think you might like.
    My reply was , i have never,ever played real golf ,why would i want to play an online golf game . Three months later i decided to take a look and as they say the rest is history.
    i have always played this game for fun and along the way i have met some great people that i can truly say they are my friends and always will be.
    So thank you very much for the acknowledgement and well done to every other player that has stayed the course for many years ,are we all insane lol .

    IRISHKING1916 wrote ":)"
    22 May 2020 at 3:41 AM
    Thank you for the kind aknowledgement Sir, Very kind of you! 

    giraldin wrote "Question reply"
    18 May 2020 at 8:50 AM
    Hello, his name is Karl, but lovingly in our CC Transgressional we call him KING KARL

    mohaviegreen wrote "PDB1"
    30 Jun 2020 at 11:09 PM
    Hi there. You'll have to excuse for not knowin' what I did to get a trophy. Sure is a nice trophy though and I thank ya for it.       mo

    TaterNater wrote "award"
    30 Jun 2020 at 5:39 AM
    thanks for the acknowledgement like blue been here almost since the beginning .. cheers

    claremoreblue wrote "Trail Blazer Award"
    28 Jun 2020 at 11:27 PM
    Thank you for the accalodes, been around here since almost the beginning lol. Much fun and made many friends from around the world! 

    Kalliste wrote "Kick Ass Dedication"
    04 Jun 2020 at 3:59 PM
    Many thanks Paul. Wonderful trophy....I am overwhelmed. Listee x

    KnuckleWoods wrote "Thanks !"
    03 Jul 2020 at 3:50 AM
    Thank you very much for the recognition and the wall posts . Very much appreciated .

    Kurtsbuford wrote "pdb1"
    01 Jul 2020 at 8:55 AM
    Thanks for the recognition and trophy, much appreciated, and yes,  many years and still going!!!

    97 Posts
    Fri, Jul 3 2020 4:00 PM

    Thanks pdb1 - appreciate the effort and the recognition. Hope everyone is staying safe and active. Happy to have WGT during these times.

    8 Posts
    Fri, Jul 3 2020 5:06 PM
    Thanks for the fun round of golf today and the recognition!
    My account started...
    Member Since 18 Jan 2008
    I got really good early and then they bumped me up so fast I couldn't even hit some of the fairways.
    The better you got the farther back they moved your t-box.
    I also have only ever played on a Mac, hence the high score.
    The game looks terrible on my 5K iMac but looks very good on my iPad Pro.

    85 Posts
    Fri, Jul 3 2020 1:21 AM

    I'm welling up here.  Thank you very much.   Only took 12 years to get a trophy picture on my profile.  Cheers :o)

    1,459 Posts
    Sat, Jul 4 2020 7:53 PM
    Cheers man, doing a great job compiling this list. Thanks for the trophy
    I am probably here under false pretensis.Although I signed up in 2009, back then probably only played half a dozen CTTH games. Had never even played a golf game before and had no idea.
    Actually got serious in June 2011. Remember playing the VUSO qualifier at Congressional and best score was 127, Royal St Georges qualifier was worse about 144. Played pretty much everyday since then. Played real golf with several other members, chatted and made friends on skype etc
    Fair to say I am not as keen these days, but involved with a sensational group of people in a wonderful country club and without that would be no longer here

    390 Posts
    Sun, Jul 5 2020 6:13 PM
    Thank you for the award all. First I've ever gotten. Didn't know there were awards, didn't know what this was for either. Had to look up pdb1 to find out. Been a member since 11/6/2009, somewhere around there. WGT has been a great past time for me. Spent a few bucks here, but no complaints at all. Pretty good game for a game. I noticed a couple friends of mine here, Clairmoreblue and Woogster. Congrats fella's and Congrats to all. I think this is a pretty nice way to show recognition. Alrighty, hit em straight fella's and who knows, might see one of ya's out there on the course sometime. Take care and stay safe

    94 Posts
    Tue, Jul 7 2020 5:02 PM
    Thanks for that Paul.  Was a bit of a buzz getting this.  I must be honest, I thought it may have been a spam when it came to my messages but I did a bit of searching and came up with this forum.  So once again, thanks mate and keep well.
    Redemporor ( Peter )

    418 Posts
    Wed, Jul 8 2020 8:36 PM

    pretty cool thread....myself and pekk24 both joined the same week in 2009...have played thousands of rounds with Rich....youd think we would be better lol

    4,149 Posts
    Sun, Jul 12 2020 12:56 PM
    Very cool thread, Paul, thanks for including me and for the nice trophy you left on my wall!
    Time does fly, but it has been a helluva fun ride! :-)

    Stip wrote "Kind Sir"
    16 Jul 2020 at 4:13 PM
    This "Trailblazer Award" is bitter-sweet. So much time has passed and I am still a Legend. Goes to show I am a slow
    More importantly, I thank you very much for your time & effort generating all these aforementioned awards, That, my good man, is much appreciated.
    Take care.

    vabighack wrote "award"
    14 Jul 2020 at 6:04 PM
    Thany you for the award. hard to believe I have been on here this long.  Hit em straight.

    Finks wrote "Award"
    14 Jul 2020 at 12:27 PM
    Thanks for the award, can't believe it's been so long but still enjoying the game

    Trinbagoboy wrote "Thank you for the trophy it made my 64th birthday much more fun"
    12 Jul 2020 at 9:46 AM
    Very much appreciate all the hard work you did to compile the list
    Best regards
    Robert aka Trinbagoboy

    254 Posts
    Sat, Jul 11 2020 11:31 AM

    Thank you for the recognition WGT although I actually joined in 2007 but due to a glitch you guys had with the original beta release I had to rejoin in 2009. If I remember correctly it had something to do with Facebook logins.

    Anyways it has been a joy to play the game even if it has cost me thousands, back when I could afford to do so, over the years.

    I have met some really great people in that time and more recently have met many more through playing in The world Cup with my club Brookline CC.

    Most of the people mentioned here would have started playing on the PC version and hopefully due to this exercise WGT might realize that although mobile arcade type games  might be the future it is your core support who has allowed you to grow and become one of the most if not the most popular golf game on the planet.

    I am trying to come to grips with the PCEA version that has been released. But after almost 19 years it is proving to be very difficult too change what is basically imprinted on my memory when it come to the greens and winds which seem to play vastly different on the App as opposed to the old flash version.

    I turn 64 today so in effect have played this game in my 40''s 50's and 60's

    Isn't it time there was a seniors tour Ha Ha

    Thank you again for the award and recognition

    Robert aka Trinbagoboy

    simovoice wrote ":)"
    12 Jul 2020 at 7:34 AM
    tyvm for the trophy, appreciated it :)
    Stay well,

    PRIESTESS wrote "Award:)"
    08 Jul 2020 at 4:46 AM
    Very thoughtful. Thank You. Tried to walk away a few times but the special moments are hard to wipe off the drive:) 
    Kurtsburford has been here a long time also. He hangs on well :):)

    smittji wrote "Trophy"
    07 Jul 2020 at 7:03 PM
    Thank you for the trophy ! Very good idea and huge endeavour, well done !! 

    Stevieg314 wrote "hi!"
    07 Jul 2020 at 5:53 PM
    that was nice of you to send that award!   TY  :)

    JJ656 wrote "Thanks"
    06 Jul 2020 at 10:55 PM
    Thank you for the kind words and trophy:)  Sorry it took so long to respond, been away from any technology for the past week!

    Lgacord wrote "Wow"
    06 Jul 2020 at 9:45 AM
    Thank you for the award...I never get any awards haha so I'm stoked. Feeling special!!

    BIGAL123 wrote "TROPHY"
    05 Jul 2020 at 4:26 PM
    Paul -
    Thank you for the trophy !!  Well done.

    ThreeSpot wrote "Thanks!"
    05 Jul 2020 at 12:59 PM
    I really appreciate the post and trophy!

    JrPapa wrote "Trailblazer"
    04 Jul 2020 at 11:42 AM
    Thank you, sir! It has been a long time and so many things have changed! Still such a great game! I took a long break but have been poking around as of late.

    tseeqhim wrote "WGT Trailblazer"
    03 Jul 2020 at 6:59 PM
    Thank you very much for the award and all of your dedication in recognizing all of the long-time WGTers, Paul! :-)

    376 Posts
    Sat, Jul 18 2020 2:05 PM
    Thanks pdb1, I appreciate it.

    15 Posts
    Sat, Jul 18 2020 6:34 AM

    Thanks for the Award and making me feel really OLD!  After coming to this game from another one that was dying at the time ( Jack Nicklaus Series) GBC the Golden Bear Challenge, I really didn’t like it at first!  But hands down one of the best online games out here now!

    33 Posts
    Mon, Jul 20 2020 9:46 PM
    Thanks pdb1 for the award.
    I'm not a computer gamer, and am a very beginner real golfer.
    I found WGT by accident surfing the web in 2009 and got hooked.
    Its a great game, with great players. I've enjoyed many hours of
    great fun. Thanks for your efforts on this. 

    699 Posts
    Mon, Jul 20 2020 8:10 PM
    lol  Wow this is awesome.. Been back for 3 days and already winning Trophy's!!   Thanks pdb1  is really good to see you boys.  Member since September 2009.

    tramilleo wrote "BDAY"
    30 Jul 2020 at 5:38 PM
    Happy Birthday Young man :)

    Golfspieler wrote "Trophy "
    27 Jul 2020 at 6:34 PM
    Thanks for the trophy ! Feel motivated to go out and play again now !

    reddog1965 wrote "Thank you"
    27 Jul 2020 at 5:46 AM
    Thanks for the trophy not only for me but for all.

    ozysouthpaw wrote "Thank you!"
    26 Jul 2020 at 12:56 AM
    Cheers for the trophy mate.
    Not expected but appreciated just the same.
    A great thing you are doing for all the "Old timers" :-)

    2,054 Posts
    Tue, Jul 21 2020 2:20 AM

    Very cool thread. I played against both TDHarvey and pekk24 in this years World Cup, didn't realise until now I joined 12 months before they did , Feb 2008 :-)

    1,184 Posts
    Tue, Jul 21 2020 5:27 AM

    Wow never knew how many long time players are still on beside me. June 2008 for me, keep it going.

    Ironton wrote "Thanks!"
    23 Jul 2020 at 9:46 PM
    Thanks for the award. Very much appreciated.  I see youve done a great many of these.... very nice of you.
    Hit em straight!

    3,901 Posts
    Tue, Aug 4 2020 5:46 PM

    Awesome post. pdb1 !

    I don't know a lot of those players but I do recognize quite a number that are still active and that are worthy or recognition.  Even as a relative "noob", I appreciate all they have done to help other players  and I appreciate all you have done.

    Congratulations and Thank You.

    2,619 Posts
    Tue, Aug 4 2020 5:55 AM
    Just noticed this on my profile, thanks for the recognition PDB1


    8,910 Posts
    Mon, Aug 10 2020 8:41 AM
    the recognition is greatly appreciated and very unexpected...gracias!!

    4 Posts
    Sat, Aug 15 2020 9:58 AM
    Thanks a lot, a happy clicker since Nov 2009.

    cgiles wrote "Thanks"
    16 Aug 2020 at 11:32 AM
    Thanks for the "kickass recognition award" 
    Very thoughtful and much appreciated 

    RUSAVED wrote "Thanks..."
    10 Aug 2020 at 9:11 PM
    ...For the Kickass recognition trophy. It's been a long haul and have seen many changes from the first course - Kiawah B9 to where we are now. Thanks again! Tracy.

    PRIESTESS wrote "Wall Post."
    07 Aug 2020 at 12:12 PM
    I certainly have enjoyed kicking some of the big boys azzes over the years:)   
    Many thanks

    588 Posts
    Tue, Aug 18 2020 2:36 PM
    Thanks for the WGT geezer trophy! For me it should come with an ' * '; I joined in March 2009, but found the game so difficult to play I stopped for a year, after a few frustrating rounds.
    A year later I gave it another go, determined to learn what worked and what didn't , and (being a retired engineer) began taking data on different spins, carry & roll for all my clubs, wind influence, etc etc..
    I also combed the forums for useful nuggets of info, and contributed my results to the discussion if it seemed that would help. Since then it's been 2 - 4 games a day for the last 10 years, rain or shine.

    627 Posts
    Sat, Sep 12 2020 11:22 AM
    Thanks for sending the award.  My join date was February 2009...but in fact, I had actually played WGT for some months before that starting in late 2008 - though I did not "sign up" right away......quite frankly, I wasn't sure what I had found.
    There were only TWO CTTH games available when I joined - Kiawah (Front 9) and Bali Hai.  No stroke play and no other courses.  No Pro Shop.  No choice of balls - EVERYONE played with the silly putty starter "free" ball that still exists today.  Everyone played with the same set of starter clubs as well.
    Like I said - I was not sure exactly what WGT was supposed to be - I thought it was a promotion for Kiawah Golf at first.
    Finally...eventually Stroke Play was rolled out.....Front 9 of Kiawah ONLY - the Back 9 of Kiawah got Stroke Play some months later.
    In the meantime, I played.  I got good at it - though it was tough to control the ball because it performed the same as the starter ball still does today.
    At some point Tiers came along - but at first there were only 4 Tiers - Hack, Amateur, Pro, and Master.  Levels did not exist at all - I think those came around 2014? (my best guess).
    We played it in that very basic state for about a year.....and then Bethpage Black landed - a CTTH (Front 9) came first and then Stroke Play on all 18 holes became available.
    There were distinct problems SUCH AS on Bethpage Hole #5, the driver (which I think had a Max distance of 225) could not drive the basic starter ball far enough to reach the fairway!  All of us were raising holy hell about it in the forums....Everyone was fed up with playing WGT because we always knew we would be in the short/right side fairway bunkers on the drive on Bethpage #5.  There were other sorrows, too. On Bethpage #7 the green was not reachable in 2 shots either - the hole was simply longer than anyone's firepower with the basic clubs and ball.

    After a week or 2 of this, WGT rolled out the Pro Shop - everyone could now get longer clubs and there were some ball choices as well - a small variety BUT the available items cured the problems I identified above.
    Those early days were some unique times.  LOL
    Thanks for the Memories,   AtlantaCoaster

    7 Posts
    Wed, Sep 16 2020 7:53 AM
    Thank you, for the recognition, of being one of the few who began this journey some year's ago with tournaments sponoring St Jude Children Hospital. The game has come along way since then, to say the least.

    484 Posts
    Wed, Sep 16 2020 4:46 PM
    Thanks for the trophy, Paul ! I remember starter balls, fast meters and 220yd drivers. The Kiawah greens didn't seem so screwy then. Somehow we managed to master what we had and shoot decent scores. Appreciate what you're doing.

    491 Posts
    Mon, Sep 14 2020 11:26 AM

    Started Dec 2008. Been a long ride. Joined East Coast  2012.

    24 Posts
    Wed, Sep 16 2020 5:32 PM
    Thx for the Trailblazer award.  Still love this game!  Where has the time gone?
    thx for starting this forum string

    21 Posts
    Sat, Sep 12 2020 7:04 PM

    Thanks for the shout out... much appreciated.


    Mr Ed

    2,526 Posts
    Sun, Sep 27 2020 8:57 PM
    Thank you for the recognition. It is truly appreciated. Tomorrow is my 73rd birthday and you have given me a memorable present.
    I've often thought about the WGT Trailblazers, but had no idea you had done major research in this...I DO MEAN MAJOR!!!!!
    I feel there is a select few of "Distinguished Gentlemen" that do some outstanding work regarding the early days of WGT. You, along with your very creative awards, are among the class acts of WGT.
    So I toast your health. May we drink one together in ten years time, and a few in between.

    142 Posts
    Wed, Sep 30 2020 11:10 PM
    Thank you sir.   Has been fun.   Bit concerned about the switch to the app.  
    Again - Good Job on the recognition for so many long term members of WGT.
    Be Safe and take care

    goshov wrote "Recognition"
    07 Oct 2020 at 12:26 AM
    Thank you for the recognition award, hope to catch you for a game soon.

    popeye46 wrote "re congrats"
    15 Sep 2020 at 10:15 PM
    thank you for the recognition.  I came aboard in 2009 after my previous golf game folded.  And I do like it here.    
    Let me thank you for all of your hard work and effort to recognize all of the good people here.  I enjoy meeting people from all over the world.
    Stay safe and again thanks

    steved1951 wrote "Trailblazer award "
    13 Sep 2020 at 8:40 PM
    Thanks for the nice thoughts.   There are alot of more deserving people that could  use the recognition.

    ededed wrote "Thanks"
    12 Sep 2020 at 7:04 PM
    Thank you for the time you took looking up all of us. Can't believe it's been this long since WGT started! Cheers!

    Upandatem wrote "Nobody does it better ..."
    12 Sep 2020 at 11:20 AM
    In the Valley of the Sun, you're still the one, having nearly all the fun!
    Enjoy the day and thanks.

    98 Posts
    Wed, Nov 18 2020 8:40 AM
    I should check my wall more often! Thanks for the recognition! Been a player since June 2009. Took a few years off but am back strong since working from home became a thing. Had to relearn putting on the new WGT Launcher platform but I like the game more than ever and won't miss flash for a minute.
    Thanks again!

    sombod wrote "Trophy"
    24 Oct 2020 at 11:45 AM
    I got  real kick out of your trophy. Thanks. You did monumental reseach to come up with your list. Great PROPS to you! As I recall, "back in the day", the Island Course was the only available track. Played the heck out of it. New courses came with new fun. I updated my driver and a added a 3 wood but I still play with the same crappy stock iron set. As with my real game, I'm on this drinking a beer (or 6) which affects my swing and judgement, but it's all about the fun. Take care...
    Dennis aka "sombod" Round Rock TX

    morceau wrote "Trailblazer"
    25 Nov 2020 at 4:39 AM
    I've been playing in the standalone Windows app, so I hadn't noticed the Trailblazer Award from July until today! I appreciate the recognition... was just closest to the hole game when I started in February 2008, and I still play pretty much every day.

    CEverett12 wrote "Thanks"
    24 Nov 2020 at 5:07 PM
    Thanks for the plague my friend

    darek2 wrote "ty"
    12 Jan 2021 at 8:01 AM
    tvm for a link , i 'll enter there next month I toke little time of  , o and Happy  healthy and safe  New Year

    Jimbog1964 wrote "Your Post on My Wall"
    22 Jan 2021 at 6:34 PM
    Mate, much appreciated.  Not been around for an age and just seen this.  My best to you and those close to you and to all:)

    TRAILBLAZER RESPONSES U536638_20201104_115837.jpg?0.139
    alreno wrote "Trail Blazer Award"
    30 Mar 2021 at 2:28 PM
    Hey thanks for the award and recognition.  Very nice.

    TRAILBLAZER RESPONSES 504988_20090821_153811.jpg?0.139
    gutzy555 wrote "First post;"
    01 Apr 2021 at 11:51 PM
    Tks for the first  Keep up the good work, your advice and suggestions are invaluable.

    104 Posts
    Tue, Apr 6 2021 1:42 AM

    Pretty cool, thanks

    TRAILBLAZER RESPONSES U874000_20210207_113329.jpg?0.139


    hpurey wrote "Trailblazer award"
    15 Apr 2021 at 5:31 AM
    Love it man, thanks!   The forum threads you post with it are spectacularly special.  
    Super cool my friend!


    TRAILBLAZER RESPONSES U637274_20200502_023521.jpg?0.140 TRAILBLAZER RESPONSES NLD.gif?0.140
    TRAILBLAZER RESPONSES Nation.png?0.140
    594 Posts
    Mon, May 10 2021 1:33 PM

    Tks :-)
    Cheers, GC




  • pdb1
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    Mon, Oct 19 2020 7:17 PM

    This next list will be from the post . I BUILT THE WALL .

      This wall list is the first big list I compiled .

      I have copied and pasted enough to boggle ones mind . Just what I have saved here in WGT is enormous .

      If you have ever seen my website . You know all that is nothing compared to what I put into that as I built it from scratch  5 , 6 , 7 years ago .

      One of the coolest projects . Is one that I called " THANKS FOR A WALL OF A GOOD TIME " .

      In 2013 I started saving my wall posts to a forum in my site . All of them . Or most anyway . Coulda missed a few . It was going real well . Until I decided to up the security in my website . By activating my SSL Certificate .


    You can have a secure internet address (HTTPS) for free. Your community will be able to access your forum in an entirely secured way. In addition, sites secured via an SSL certificate benefit from a better SEO. A 301 redirection will be implemented as soon as it is activated (http to https).

      As that might be a good idea for some . I decided , not so much for me .

      One critically bad issue I had with it . Was that it corrupted the profile pics in all 5 years and 5 long pages of the WGT users in my wall posts .

      All of them . Hundreds of them . Permanently . No changing back . And according to the " support " they don't believe the SSL Certificate was the culprit . Anyway above every post there was this .....

    And no avatar . F... A DUCK !

      Not going to let that ruin it . I vowed to restore " THANK YOU FOR A WALL OF A GOOD TIME ".

      By deleting the bad code from every post . And reducing the dozens of new post entries to just a few .

      I did that .

      I found a couple of things . One was the posts all looked funny without their avatar .

      Which was another cool thing about my original effort . Was that in my website . WGT profile pics don't change when you change them here . So I had a lot of posts that had various members old pics . I thought that was a bonus cool . But now all of them were gone .

      Next I worked on restoring a profile pic to everyones post . That's over 300 WGTers . Some of them with multiple and dozens of posts . These will be all of their current pics .

     The other problem I found was when I copied a group of wall posts . I often overlapped to be sure I didn't miss one . Well that added up to dozens of duplicates . Which had to go .

      The other thing was that the WGT wall posts are dated from latest to earliest top to bottom . That had to change to earliest to latest top to bottom .

      So rather than get too anal about it . Each month is a mixture .

    IE . jan 12

      jan 20

      jan 5

      jan 6

      jan 27 etc , etc .

      Alright . Now is when I emphasize that those years of wall posts had a GR8 amount of significance to me . And you . And to all almost 300 WGTers that posted to my wall for years .

      I just want to thank you .

      The following list is a fairly complete list of wall posters . If you find yourself on this list . Then you at some point posted on my wall .




      I have also renamed the forum . It is now called . " THE NEW LONG WALL " .You can see those posts . By clicking below .


      Go ahead and check it out . It is now only 1 long page . I think you will enjoy it . 

      If anyone is interested in viewing more . Feel free . There is only one forum not accessible to non registered users . It is ...


      I realize this isn't as big of a thing for anyone else . I like that I did it . And I like all the positive feedback . I even like the negative . But for the most part I love positive interaction .

    There is more content in . I BUILT THE WALL .

  • pdb1
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    Tue, Oct 20 2020 4:13 PM


  • pdb1
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    Wed, Oct 21 2020 5:08 PM


      It is also the longest page in the WGT Forums . I am quite sure .

      I do not know why after the " TRAILBLAZER " post any of the next posts did not go to the next page ?

      Maybe when I said " I should put all my lists on one page in this thread ". They are letting me do that . Lol . jk , not .

  • pdb1
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    Thu, Oct 22 2020 1:08 PM

    .what ?



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    Thu, Oct 22 2020 4:50 PM