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VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

Mon, May 22 2023 12:43 PM (624 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Wed, Mar 15 2017 3:24 PM


    Do you have teamspeak or some other voice communication.



      I use Skype regularly . Have tried to introduce it or teamspeak  many times in our CC . This bunch just doesn't go for it . 


  • pdb1
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    Mon, May 29 2017 10:28 AM

      Wow 9 weeks I have been absent from this thread . That is the longest yet . 

      I keep deleting all the pending recruits and saying I am done recruiting . Then i run across another CC with an abandon owner . I search the roster for any sign of recent activity . And invite those that have played in the last week . 

      I usually do about 20 to 50 in a sitting . Of which we will get maybe 5 players accept the invites . Of which only 1 if we are lucky will acknowledge us / me , play any CC tourneys . Or show any interest in being part of our CC at all . 

      So we sit at 40 members still . 40 gr8 members that get it . That is fine . But not really . 

      Just not active enough . We need about 80 . To be able to fill and have more full events . 

      It is too much to ask the 40 good members that we have to be involved in every damn thing . 

     CC vs CC Interplay 

      At least 2 running brackets 

      CC tourneys 

      multiplayer events 

      in CC challenges . 

      They already did that for such a long time . They need a little break . Or a long one . 

      With twice as many good members . That like CC events and formats . The burden would be distributed in a more casual and easy to do manner . 

      I have always known this . When we were at 60 about a year and a half to 2 years ago . That was a much better number than 40 . 

      Then some went about their way . And it has been the same ole same ole ever since .

      Anyone that is a good CC prospect . Is already in a good CC Duh . 

      Because of the hundreds of other players we have run across . We are polite and hospitable . Patient and informative . And most all of them would not play CC tourneys . Would not respond to me or other members . Would not friend myself or other members . Just join and ignore everything else .

      Lol . i am not even exaggerating . If they don't want to play with others , or talk to them , or even acknowledge them . Why join a CC in the first place ?

      Anyway . I am the one that is losing interest  now . Things are just too slow . Not just in the CC but all over WGT .

      It used to be . Whatever I wasn't getting in one area . I had several other areas of high interest for myself and others to  fill the void so to speak . 

      I thought for a while that what i needed was to get away from the CC . Get back into the game . Get lost in it for a while and do what i have to do to get to TL . 

      I don't think that is going to happen . For one thing I can't break myself off from the CC thing . Yet . Or ever if ever . Two I work too much and i have to sleep every night . 

      So I only have time to do CC stuff and play minimally . ( compared to what it takes to lower my average 2.23 points ) . Plus I don't have that drive for it anymore . I lost it . 20,000 missed putts has an adverse effect on ones motivation for some reason . 

      I am stuck in some sort of limbo . With not enough of everything I want to have driving me for more . Like it used to . 

      I will figure it out . 

      In the mean time . We have a gr8 CC . GR8 members . GR8 events . The coolest website in WGT . Is now a virtual ghost town . 

      Give us a try . 

     I invite you to take a look . 

     Our homepage 

      Our website
      Our CC Corner thread

    VALLEY of the SUN C C invites

      Please enjoy

      Thank you 

      Play well and Have fun 


    May the SUN always be with you

  • pdb1
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    Sun, Jun 4 2017 7:14 AM

      WOW ! Lol . Can you believe it is June 2017 alfreakin ready ? My how time flies in an alternate universe . Maybe it's really still 2016 ? I'll have to ask Yancy . Could be some what nots i missed . 

      So how the fck are you ? Damn peachy I'll bet . I'm happy for you . I am doing well as well thank you . 

      Ain't it just fitting that i get a rash of very welcome multiplayer alt shot and stroke invites from some of my favorite and upstanding friends . And i have been on for too long . I haven't cleaned and cleared . Or defragged my memory in a long while . And don't you know it ? I can't even get through 1 or 2 holes without 3 and out DQing . Ain't that a biotch ? It'll be a while till I hear from them again . Lol . Shheeeit . Damn . Oh well . I also think there were some server overloads that made it even harder to connect . But I will take most of the responsibility . 


      I usually do about 20 to 50 in a sitting . Of which we will get maybe 5 players accept the invites . Of which only 1 if we are lucky will acknowledge us / me

        Had about 5 this week . Fit right in . Very promising . Looks like they will stay a while .

      Very cool when that happens . 

      Our mobile division is growing nicely as well . Some fun and good players coming in . Some newbies as well . I do a lot to provide as much access to WGT as possible for the mobile players . That they otherwise may not ever be able to enjoy . 

      I figured out a way to incorporate mobile play into our 

    Valley of the SUN Casual Club Kick Ass Tours CC vs CC Interplay Series . 

      I have essentially ( but not technically ) broken the cross platform barrier . By creating an Interplay event played against other CC's that allow teams from the mobile division of both CC's to play concurrent with the main event . It worked amazingly well . And we hope to include this in all of our future CC vs CC Interplay events . Providing the opposing CC has some interested or any mobile players . 

      Here take a look . 

      WGT's first successful CC vs CC Interplay Mobile and PC Independent CLASH Event .

      Was a lot of fun .

      I have something else to share with you . We have a mobile player . From across the pond . Truly a fine chap . Mca19670 . His CC name is Martin the Mobile Maniac . 

      He has created the coolest weekly bulletin feature . It is called :

      Weekly Bulletin . 

      I could post it here . But there have been 9 of them so far . You will have to go to our very safe and cool , informative and entertaining website to view them . 

      This is not a promo for the website . That is already standing on its own . But I will admit that I am promoting and bragging about this Bulletin . I am not sure but one may be required to sign in to the website to enjoy this Bulletin and possibly any of the other thousands of features to be found there . It makes no difference to me . The website has always been there . With the intention to be able to provide a free informational and entertaining site . With functions , features and information not found here . Things available to anyone who cares to utilize it . There are many members there from other CC's . Many not in CC's  . And a couple that have never heard of WGT before . Lol . 

      To verify what I am saying . One would only need to peruse the member list . Pick from any of the players you recognize from other CC's . Message them and ask is this guy pdb1 is full of shyt ? And have they ever been bothered or inconvenienced or offered or asked to do anything in all the years they have been signed in there . See what they say . 

      The link to the Bulletin is 


      There are 9 bulletins to date .

      Please enjoy . 

      The link to the website is general is of course

      That is all for now . I gotta go . 

        Please enjoy

     Thank you 

       Play well and Have fun 


    May the SUN always be with you

  • pdb1
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    Fri, Jun 9 2017 8:21 PM

      There has been a little more activity everywhere lately . More CC activity . A half  dozen new members . More multi player alt shot and stroke games . CC Corner has a few actively looking players . 

      These are all good signs . Hoping it is an upward trend . 

      If you are not familiar with myself or VOTSCC . Please read through this thread . For the most part you will,get an idea of how active we are and what a GR8 bunch of member / players we have .

      One thing I usually fail to mention is that we are not a credit CC . Very few Premium tourneys . Our events are well made and a lot of fun . Friendly competitiveness . no minimums , no mandatories . no pressure , no purchases .

      Check us out . Take a look . The links are above . Message me with any questions . 

      Please enjoy

      All good all fun all the time .

    May the SUN always be with you

  • crazycarla9
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    Sun, Jun 25 2017 4:43 PM

    Time for me to throw in my 5 cents (we don't have nickels down under) about this wonderful CC.

    I've only been a member for around 3 weeks, but it has everything u could possibly want or need from a CC.

    Paul is a tireless worker and owner for the club, and my mind really boggles at the amount of effort & dedication he puts into it, day after day ... and it shows.

    We currently stand at 54 members, mostly active & involved, with a vibrant forum that entails every possible topic and subject u could imagine.I agree with Paul that we should aim for a membership level around the 80 mark to take full advantage of the many many different formats of tournaments we have.

    So then, if you're tired of playing alone, in an inactive CC, or simply not making as many genuine new friends as u would like, try VOTSCC, I highly recommend it :-)

    Check out the 1st post of this thread for more info.


  • pdb1
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    Mon, Jun 26 2017 12:19 PM

      Thanx Carla . 

        Thank you for that very nice review / testimonial . 

        And thank you for choosing VOTSCC . 

        Things have been going very well . I have to give Carla half the credit . 

      With around a dozen new players . Carla is responsible for bringing in about half of them . 

      Very well done . And appreciated .

      It would be nice to continue the growing trend 

      Please read some of the pages within to get more of an idea of some of what VOTSCC is about . 

      Thank you

  • Next260
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    Fri, Jun 30 2017 6:05 PM

    If you're wondering about or wanting to find a new country club;

    Wonder or look no more, come join us in the Valley of the Sun , great people, mobile and pc players, free suntan ,no sunblock required.


  • Next260
    2,148 Posts
    Sat, Jul 8 2017 4:41 PM

    Bump . this is a great club, come check  it out.

    What have you got to lose???

  • pdb1
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    Sat, Jul 8 2017 5:04 PM

      GR8 idea Ron . Saves typing . 23 pages should speak for themselves . 

  • JimQ916
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    Sat, Jul 8 2017 5:48 PM