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VALLEY of the SUN C C ( a look back at VOTSCC & WGT)

Mon, May 22 2023 12:43 PM (624 replies)
  • crazycarla9
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    Sun, Jun 25 2017 4:43 PM

    Time for me to throw in my 5 cents (we don't have nickels down under) about this wonderful CC.

    I've only been a member for around 3 weeks, but it has everything u could possibly want or need from a CC.

    Paul is a tireless worker and owner for the club, and my mind really boggles at the amount of effort & dedication he puts into it, day after day ... and it shows.

    We currently stand at 54 members, mostly active & involved, with a vibrant forum that entails every possible topic and subject u could imagine.I agree with Paul that we should aim for a membership level around the 80 mark to take full advantage of the many many different formats of tournaments we have.

    So then, if you're tired of playing alone, in an inactive CC, or simply not making as many genuine new friends as u would like, try VOTSCC, I highly recommend it :-)

    Check out the 1st post of this thread for more info.


  • Next260
    2,196 Posts
    Fri, Jun 30 2017 6:05 PM

    If you're wondering about or wanting to find a new country club;

    Wonder or look no more, come join us in the Valley of the Sun , great people, mobile and pc players, free suntan ,no sunblock required.


  • Next260
    2,196 Posts
    Sat, Jul 8 2017 4:41 PM

    Bump . this is a great club, come check  it out.

    What have you got to lose???

  • JimQ916
    9,914 Posts
    Sat, Jul 8 2017 5:48 PM