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I need a tip to DING every shot

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Thu, Jul 17 2014 4:56 PM (23 replies)
  • JFidanza
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    Tue, Jul 15 2014 11:05 AM


    I need a tip to DING every shot


     But really now, you should venture out to SA or RSG in Heavy winds, and see how far dinging your appoach shots will get ya in side winds:)


    I think you're talking about 'off-dinging', but I could be wrong.

    In any case, and for many reasons, I occasionally consider off-dinging when approaching/driving.

    I also occasionally consider off-dinging while putting *.

    With a heavy cant or slope with fast moving lines, I may consider method A (off ding) shown on the left. I believe many pros at WGT often consider method B (right) because they have experience of how much to aim (fig G) and how much the break will affect the shot.

    See the difference in aim (fig G), this may be similar to methods used in an approach shot in heavy wind.

    But I often like method A (off ding), and you have to consider the power loss from the off-ding also. The ball seems to spin and slow down. Even if I miss the ball ends up nearby.

    When I fail at my calculations using the dinging method (B) the ball may end up very far away from the hole. I need to practice more.

    Another fault in method A (off ding) is that it seems that the ball is spinning more and the shot is more likely to spin in and out of the hole, or lip out, etc. 

    What different methods do you try and how does it work for you?

    [The black circle is the hole. The Pink word 'AIM' is where the aim arrow is at. The smallest dotted line between them (fig. G) is just showing the difference in distance between A & B.]




    I concur with this subsequent post's advice:


    Loosen/relax your grip on the mouse and try to use more of your mouse finger "finger tip".  

      use more of the tip of my finger and not so much the fingerprint part of my finger, it really quickens my reaction timing.

    I used to push it like a game buzzer, or like I was pushing in a tack, but now it's more of a slide off from the tip of the finger, like when wiping a small smudge off a surface, this can be done quicker and I can adjust to the way the meter is moving, or how it may seem to change during that particular shot.

    I slide it off right to left, while paying attention to the screen.

    * see more pros-and-cons on off-ding putting in these forum threads.

  • WGTyphoon
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    Tue, Jul 15 2014 2:34 PM


    I need a tip to DING every shot

    Not interested in buying 80" screen or nike ball or better iron sets.

    Hand - Eye Coordination might be able to assist with this. Practice helped me develop a better eye for timing but like many players suggested its not always the best to DING every shot. I find it can be based on different situations but I haven't been playing for very long hah.

  • hpurey
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    Tue, Jul 15 2014 2:51 PM


    I need a tip to DING every shot


    Stop the meter on the center line;)

    LOL,  leave it to Mike to have the sure fire way. ;-)


    Here is my tip, and I'm not trying to sound like a wise guy...

    Loosen/relax your grip on the mouse and try to use more of your mouse finger "finger tip".  


    I find that if I don't over grip my mouse (especially if I'm having one of the WTF am I doing wrong??? rounds)  and use more of the tip of my finger and not so much the fingerprint part of my finger, it really quickens my reaction timing.


  • Bojangles11
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    Tue, Jul 15 2014 3:04 PM

    Does a putter upgrade make a difference

  • MBaggese
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    Tue, Jul 15 2014 4:21 PM

    but I haven't been playing for very long hah.


    Some day...the truth shall be revealed!

  • MichaelStroke
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    Wed, Jul 16 2014 12:36 PM

    Hack into Flash.

  • fatdan
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    Wed, Jul 16 2014 1:48 PM

    OK, don't laugh as I am a "sick" individual !!!!

    here is what works for me..

    a wired cheap gaming mouse...

    I have a shortcut to the mouse on my desktop and I reverse the mouse so that the right click is now the leftclick(trigger) lol...this stops the accidently R clicks and scroll wheel changing clubs on ya...makes gripping mouse much easier too...

    I can now comfortably hold the mouse and use 2 fingers to click(now that rclick and wheel are out of the way) which you will find is easier than using 1 finger to time the click, try it you will find it to be true!

    I ding putts, most of the other shots I don't even try to ding...I hit a little early late into straight on head or tailwinds I will either try to hit close to ding or sometimes I just aim to hit early/late...dinging a shot isn't all it is cracked up to be as you will find out with experience, figuring out where to aim is...

    on full shots I power up let go and take my eyes completely off the screen, then find the meter and shoot, the urgency to relocate it helps me focus...

    on putts the meter will "speed" up just a hair befor the ding, I click as soon as I see it start to speed up....

    The best reason to do this is when you switch back to normal mouse settings and find it difficult to do, you have been playing "WAY TO MUCH", time for a break....



  • KenZarley
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    Thu, Jul 17 2014 9:55 AM

    Believe it or not which browser You use DOES make a difference.  For example Chrome uses its own version of Flash called Pepperflash.  This Pepperflash needs to be disabled in order to use Adobe Flash (needs to be enabled) - more frequent updates and a smoother flash delivery - even in Chrome.  However I haven't been able to "Enable" Adobe Flash for a while now.  Pepperflash is choppy and prone to making the video difficult to time the "ding!".

    Experiment with Firefox, IE, and Comodo Dragon.  They each use Adobe's version of Flash.  MUCH Smoother.  I use IE 8 with WinBlows XP Pro, and I have been less frustrated with getting "Metered".


    But to answer your original question:  PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE,  even do a practice swing to get the timing prior to "hitting" the ball.

    I often will play a practice round with the starter balls - and once I have a feel for the ding with those - switching back to my Nike RZN Black (speed 4.0) I get a lot more dings per round.



  • hpurey
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    Thu, Jul 17 2014 12:01 PM

    I reverse the mouse so that the right click is now the leftclick(trigger)


    Funny that you say that,  I was thinking about trying it the other day.  



    Another tip,  fairly obvious I think but may be worth mentioning.


    Meter speed throughout your bag...  meaning, try to have everything in your bag with as close to the same meter speed as possible.... perhaps the putter is the only exception.


    And,  pick a ball and stick with it.  I go from slow meter to fast meter balls occasionallyand it  always ucks with me lol.  But thinking I'll be ok with that now that the "yelloways" are here. ;-)

  • spaceghost88
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    Thu, Jul 17 2014 2:46 PM

    Thank you all for time and awesome advise!

    All these are true factors ]

    I find remember to keep in chek when u switch from iron to wedge to putter the meter speed if you don't have matched meter clubs. it helps to match them up as much as possible, as well as ball meter speed.

    Always focus b4 shot on your meter sweet spot . i use the swing icon with its arrow shape bottom side to point area i focus on .

    Use off ding for countering wind influence helps ; hit opposite of ding line in relation to wind direction .

    Also it seems to me that with wedge especially when you hit on right side of ding it can spin ball to left of shot on landing, left side may spin ball right , so you can shape your spin or ball release on landing  right or left roll shaping. also true with irons but lesser amount.

    the practice swing where you let meter go to see speed is good and if meter is skippy hold swing at power for 2-3 seconds b4 you let go.

    yes keep computer clean for smooth meter or all bets are off lol.  i use cclean by piriform the free version .

    Also being relaxed when you play is big factor it seems to me ; ]

    If you can use putter on long increments meter is lil slower say 20ft putt on 50ft meter 

    the less distance the meter travels the slower it is goin when it gets to ding ; ]