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I need a tip to DING every shot

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Thu, Jul 17 2014 4:56 PM (23 replies)
  • alexk345
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 3:26 PM

    I need a tip to DING every shot

    Not interested in buying 80" screen or nike ball or better iron sets.

  • alosso
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 3:44 PM

    Impossible IMO, and not necessary on most shots through the green.

    My way to ding more shots is to get into a rhythm on the downswing.

    One criterion on balls is to have a comfortable but not too slow meter.

    Having clubs with the same meter speed (at least between woods and irons) helps, too.

  • justinchakos
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 3:44 PM

    Simply put there is no secret but good timing, the equipment will give some advantages distance spin, holding power etc. I have found that cleaning my system of junk files and other clutter will give me a lag free computer hence what people call getting metered. A great place to practice is in the single player britz zone. I just purchased the max x Irons and holly crap what a fast meter. I have had them now for 4 days and am still struggling with the timing. Case in point WGT gifted Nike RZ balls and it slowed my meter dramaticly and I was able to enjoy the new clubs and shot a 9 under. It just depends on what you are looking for in performance. To ding it every time work on your timing and practice. 

  • ECBonus
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 3:59 PM

    I need to win the Lotto for millions.

  • JimbeauC
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 4:46 PM

    I need a tip to DING every shot

    Well, I don't ding every shot, but I did start getting closer to it and dinging more often when I did the following. 

    1. Get slower metered clubs Oops. Scratch that.

    Not interested in buying

    2. Watch meter movement 'til about halfway home, then switch focus to ding line. 

  • mmyers0
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 6:24 PM

    You say you're not interested in buying balls. Fine then, but here's my tip: use better balls.

    R11 irons are very difficult to consistently ding even with good balls. But my average has come down three strokes since I started using Nike L61 balls, and it's due in a large part to the increased number of tap-in birdies I'm getting. They have more than paid for themselves with high tournament finishes; if that stops, then I'll stop buying them.


    2. Watch meter movement 'til about halfway home, then switch focus to ding line.

    This also helped me when I discovered it during the tournament on Best of Par 3.

  • ApexPC
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 7:37 PM

    Improve your eye-hand coordination and timing.

    When I do want to ding a shot, I don't always ding the shot, but I am real close to the ding.

    Like many players I have developed a technique that works for me.

    For some shots, mostly putts and when the wind is at a steep angle to the line of an approach shot,, I miss the ding early/late on purpose instead of moving the Aim point.

  • JFidanza
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 7:53 PM

    I've been a drummer since 1978, I've performed live with a click track, and I've switched live TV for over a decade and a half, pushing dozens of buttons on specific cue.

    But the playing of WGT can still be a wonderful challenge. 'Timing is everything' is the quote, so my tip I can give to you is try knowing what kind of meter you're dealing with. (See Andyson's post on this, or mine called 'I've made friends with a group of people') But this is only a small part of it...

    I always try one swing before I try another and hit it. On the first 'waggle' I set the power and let go and say to softly to myself 'boom' (then the meter gets to just around the ding) and I again say 'bamm'. My brain makes a judgment about how long the time was inbetween 'boom' & 'bamm'.

    But my reaction and reflexes vary day to day, maybe I had a beer and while looking at the ding line I click too late so it slices a little past ding. So, next time I'll focus attention a little before ding. 1) If it goes still a little too far right, I'll focus a little more to the left. 2) If I hit too soon I'll move visual focus a little to the right.

    For myself, usually, my general visual focus is between the ding and the first line to the left of the ding. (naturally this varies because of different power selections and changing putting increments affect how long the powerbar will travel and also the speed, so I also combine the 'sound timing method' as suggested above. Again, as pointed out, having clubs with common meter speeds is great. I think the NIKE 97 match the Cleves, and the ATVs match the NIKE 85 etc etc. Whatever you decide is up to you.)

    Results may vary, and I'm still testing different methods, but I can usually ding a great deal when streaming at 100% CPU usage and that is a real tough rhythm challenge.

  • weredidtheballgo
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 8:40 PM

    I'm no expert but what has helped me is useing all clubs that have the same metter rating. 

    Driver,3 Woods, Irons, Wedges, mine are all 3.5

  • MBaggese
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    Mon, Jul 14 2014 9:26 PM

    I need a tip to DING every shot


    Stop the meter on the center line;)


    But really now, you should venture out to SA or RSG in Heavy winds, and see how far dinging your appoach shots will get ya in side winds:)