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WGT Cheats

Sat, Jun 6 2015 8:23 PM (40 replies)
  • leonthomas
    37 Posts
    Fri, Jan 31 2014 3:12 PM

     There's just no way you can play a clean round up to the last hole and be 4 under  and miss 3     1 foot putts  anyone  with any sense at all will no that it's just bull ***, making every putt on the course and miss 3 on one hole less than 1 ft from the hole , you're wining  by 4 strokes over the other 2 player and tie it up , it's just another way  wgt cheats by making u touch the ball  many times , when u can't  drain a1 ft putt wgt's keeping you from doing it , just plain out Wrong!!!   WGT['s greed !!! ....we pay to play  and they won't let you ! everybody should start useing the free ball...i for one will never buy another ball, just play  the free ***,, win or  lose  !


  • Crazy3
    107 Posts
    Fri, Jan 31 2014 4:12 PM

    I agree with you with a small exception - I tried playing with on the free balls - vem is so messed up, you see it working with the ball in flight and on the green. I have gone to the next best think - cheapest ball - being the basic sirixon - provides a decent ball for 180 credits - lot cheaper than the nikes I was using. Maybe, if enough do this this will lower how much their vem affects the game.

  • commonguymd
    303 Posts
    Fri, Jan 31 2014 4:12 PM

    you seem man bro.

  • fatdan
    3,378 Posts
    Fri, Jan 31 2014 4:54 PM

    Sure you can, you just did it!! But it ain't wgt's fault....

    Just power up to 2 ft or more on a 1 ft putt and you can't miss it....even if you miss the ding early, late, whatever .....

  • jayw4862
    3,327 Posts
    Fri, Jan 31 2014 8:39 PM

    I was under the impression that putts did not count as "hits" on our ball. I may be wrong, though. I know mulligans do, but I thought that during any regular play, the putt wasn't counted against the ball life.

  • alosso
    19,905 Posts
    Fri, Jan 31 2014 9:10 PM


    Usually, putts on the green don't count, but Mulligan putts count two like Mulligan strokes through the green. See FAQ =>

  • courteneyfish
    15,796 Posts
    Fri, Jan 31 2014 10:19 PM

    The putter you have isn't very good. Also your game would improve if you got those wedge shots closer so using 3 good wedges and dropping the hybrid would be the way to go. Better approach shots make putting a lot easier.

    Feel free to ignore this advice if required.

  • mukbrain
    225 Posts
    Fri, Jan 31 2014 10:51 PM

    In that case, a high level ATV (L87?) would be right.

  • slillico
    393 Posts
    Sat, Feb 1 2014 12:03 PM

    Unfortunately it happens to us all, it had been a while since i missed an under 2 foot putt, then in this RG I missed 2 of them  on the 1rst and second hole. But as some sweetie told me, just dust yourself off and try to have fun.

    Ok so 3 times in 3 games within 24 hours missed a total of 3 easy 2 foot putts. Enjoy the changes folks.

    1,141 Posts
    Sat, Feb 1 2014 3:49 PM

    looks like you had just play'd... congressional  FOUR times in a row...

    sure seams like you woulda learned to keep ball below hole on 18 by the 4th time...

    i doubt it was 1ft from hole... prolly 2 or 3 very EZ to miss if ya don't play enuf break.. 

    ...cry on...