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Virtual U.S. Open Qualifiers, New Tiers, New Clubs, and More

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Tue, Jun 16 2009 11:49 AM (137 replies)
  • ShaunMcClarty
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    Tue, May 26 2009 1:04 PM

    its a game though. It cant ever be perfectly realistic. If the game just decided you were gonna hook one 40 yards into the water on what felt like a good swing, youd go nuts. But realisticly, avg golfers do that. Do you want that part added to the game, or do you want the ball to go to where you aim?


    If you give accurate club dsitances, causew of how easy it is to put the ball where you want, the scores on the course would be in the 50's, like they are on the other course. Thats NOT a good, realistic representation of bethpage or a US Open. So, at some point, something cant be right to make things work right. if that makes any sense

  • nivlac
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    Tue, May 26 2009 1:10 PM

    People fear change.

    They'll work it all out.  They always do. :)


  • plim
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    Tue, May 26 2009 3:42 PM

    i'm sure WGT are taking all the comments on board but they can't move the goalposts now, well at least not till the end of the qualifers.  i agree that the different tiers need to be reassessed. there is a small elite who are light years ahead of everyone else, but thats why i thourght golfers had handicaps so everyone can compete on the same level regardless of ability. if all golf was based on what you could shoot round a golf course the same people would keep winning. sure have comps where the best players compete against each other but also have handicap comps so everyone has a chance of that big win. as a 9 handicap golfer i don't mind being beat by a 28 handicaper because i know his handicap will be cut and next time my chances are on a more level playing field.

    we all play online golf to do things and shoot scores we all dream about in the real game. WGT don't take the enjoyment out of what is a great site, i'm sure the real pro's would have something to say if they couldn't drive fairways and had to lay up on par 4's on the tour. (would be intreresting to watch)

    my average has gone up from 65 to 72 after 2 rounds on bethpage ouch. upgraded my driver and irons and still find it tough, but then again rome wasn't built in a day


  • elis2008
    21 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 4:10 PM

    i hit perfect drives with 11 mph tailwind and i still couldnt hit the fairway before the end of the qualifiers you should add more distance to the clubs or move the tees up


  • alivegentleman
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    Tue, May 26 2009 4:24 PM

    haha its funny how rnrmusic was complaining about tibbets having better clubs than him cause he shot a 90 on bpb.. guess what i got the standard clubs.. never bought a single one and shot a 75.. but yeah i do agree though that a 225 yrd drive is very poor.. i think my wife can do that.. joke.. but i only played 4 times in the past 2 years and i can drive it 270 yrds.. so thats definetly an issue.. but WGT already said they were gonna work on it

    Other than that.. BPB is a extremely tough challenge.. i think it made my short game a lot better cause if you don't put your 3rd shot close to the hole (if you suck at putting like me) then you'll end up getting a bogey. But i managed to get a 75 and im extremely proud of it. The first time im playing with emotions.. and i will be so happy if i actually make the cut seeing i never won anything on here so far.

  • elis2008
    21 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 4:26 PM

    when u first started the closest to the pin on bp i could reach the 1st par 3 with a 3 wood and get within 10ft

    now i hit driver and i cant hit the front of the green with 15mph tailwind??

    if ur gonna make us play from champ tees u should give us pro length

    if told a pro he couldnt use his drivier he would be pissed to

    especially u sergio garcia ur a great golfer with a shitty attitude thats why americans dont like u

  • ShaunMcClarty
    270 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 4:29 PM

    Alive, 75 here is a very good score, especially with the basic equipt. Ive shot 62 on Kiawah, and now if I shoot a 64 Im kinda mad about it. Bethpage has renewed my excitement for the game. When I shot 69 I was goin nuts about it, no joke. I have so much MORE fun playin bethpage, cause I know I had to work for whatever score I had.

    And Ive actually played bethpage in real life, and so to see how pretty much on the money with the course and how it acts and everything that WGT got it, its pretty cool

  • ShawnVanPar
    46 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 4:47 PM

    You play bethpage often..and you can't spend 6 bucks on here for a club upgrade?Were lucky this game is free..its a great game..but come on the clubs are cheap..especially if you got that kinda jack.

  • ShaunMcClarty
    270 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 4:49 PM

    ive played bethpage 3 times in my life. itws a municipal course, and it costs $45 for a round.


    And its not that I cant pay for the new club, I already bought one. I was asking if I can exchange it and just pay the difference

  • ShawnVanPar
    46 Posts
    Tue, May 26 2009 5:02 PM

    I was trying to quote that harold guy...not you shaun.