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Cracked Game

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Sun, Jul 14 2013 5:46 AM (48 replies)
  • AGibbs1
    53 Posts
    Mon, May 20 2013 6:43 PM

    I looked over many messages in the forums and decided to do some personal research. I came across this video and was wondering if the staff at WGT know this was going on? I surely am shocked. Take a look...

    162 Posts
    Mon, May 20 2013 7:00 PM

    We are aware people use these programs to cheat. Anyone found using any program which slows their meter down is banned immediately.

  • MBaggese
    15,335 Posts
    Mon, May 20 2013 7:21 PM

    Those folks are just feeding their ego..or maybe they really want to chat with MisterWGT? ;)

  • AGibbs1
    53 Posts
    Mon, May 20 2013 7:42 PM


    We are aware people use these programs to cheat. Anyone found using any program which slows their meter down is banned immediately.

    Awesome! :D

  • courteneyfish
    15,796 Posts
    Mon, May 20 2013 10:57 PM

    And he still missed the ding.

  • StrayedFairway
    375 Posts
    Tue, May 21 2013 3:55 AM

    And he still missed the ding.


    Aye that was so funny...   still laughing at that!


  • courteneyfish
    15,796 Posts
    Tue, May 21 2013 4:54 AM

    This game isn't just about hitting the ding, if you don't get to know the courses, and their slopes and distances, dinging every shot won't help you much. On some shots you have to add 5 yards because you know that the distance shown is wrong, then add another couple of yards because there is a slope up to the pin. That is of course after allowing a bit for the wind and the green speed. 

    Then at the end of the day even if you've found a way to cheat the system, what can you take home?

  • Phaxda
    145 Posts
    Tue, May 21 2013 5:52 AM

    I really hope that WGT can somehow detect this program and other cheats like it, though am skeptical of that ability.

    There are some great players on here and they should be the ones clamoring for action because it's videos and posts like this that stir up the masses who then come on the forums and level cheating accusations against anyone who shoots under 60.

    Were I in charge, I would have either offer official staff-monitored playing facilities around the world for the Open finals, or just do has been suggested in the past and fly everyone to SF for a big main event under observation. Sure, it would be expensive, but how much is your reputation worth? The top players are awesome to watch on video--let's give the masses a chance to see them play live. I would pay real money for a ticket.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg and it's really hard to take the game seriously as a "competition" when cheats like this are widely available. I will still continue to play because I have a lot of fun with it and meet great people. But I'm through with putting credits on the line in any fashion and I'm seriously thinking about using the free balls instead of buying them.

    Online games are defined in pretty simple terms: Candy Crush Saga is "something my sister is always playing on Facebook." TWO has always been "that crappy cartoon game" to me. Unfortunately, WGT is quickly headed to "pretty courses, but everyone cheats" status. If I were an investor, advertiser, or anyone with a meaningful stake in the game that kind of growing sentiment would scare the hell out of me and I'd take every step possible to nip it in the bud. I currently do not see that effort from the powers that be at WGT and it's a shame because this is a great game.

  • bubbadork
    984 Posts
    Tue, May 21 2013 6:45 AM

    Courtney's got it. If you hit the ding 100% of the time you'll improve, yeah, but you won't be great. You have to know where to aim, manage the course, and above all, putt.

  • Phaxda
    145 Posts
    Tue, May 21 2013 8:10 AM

    I know the courses pretty well and usually know what shot I want to hit--including missing the ding intentionally in certain spots. 

    If I could slow the meter down as shown in that video and hit it exactly where I wanted it to every time I would be a much better player. I could easily avoid those meter hiccups that can tarnish a good round. I would also make more putts (it's pretty hard to make fewer than I do).

    You and Courtney are both great players and you have a point regarding the experience needed. But knowing where to aim, managing the course, and being a decent putter PLUS being able to manipulate the meter opens up a whole new world. 

    I know that many of the top players on here can stop the meter right where they want it most of the time without any cheat software. My hat is off to them. The problem lies with those who manipulate the meter and are also very good players to begin with. Do you want to tell me that those players do not exist? Can you say with confidence that everyone who qualifies for the open will have done so "cleanly?" I can't, and I don't see WGT claiming that either.