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Wed, Jan 9 2013 6:20 PM (34 replies)
  • JackTaylor
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    Mon, Jan 7 2013 8:17 PM

    I will have to agree with what is being said on many levels. In October I was promoted from TP to master, shortly after buying new irons and I beat a master a couple times. Got better once adjusted and had to buy another set of irons to be able to compete and then was promoted to TM in just a few weeks. Yes I beat a legend or two and got the bump, I have now played the required amount of ranked stroke rounds. A slight note is that I still have not shot par or below at Olympic or Oakmont. I just played a legend and won and my average went down 2.5+ strokes, now that is about unfair if you ask me. I do not play and MPC just MP. I think it is sad when I want to play some ranked games against higher friend players and get smooshed on my average if and when I win. Maybe a half stroke or a quaretr of a stroke but 2.5 strokes is a bit much. Time to start teeing off with the 3 wood to prepare myself for legend tees to prepare myself. Just think it is ab bit crazy with the drastic change in average when I like to play and enjoy ranked MP games. 

  • Chinajohn
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    Mon, Jan 7 2013 10:38 PM

    I'm sure someone will point out the obvious problem with my probably over simplistic solution. Why not make it so that only ranked stroke play and stroke play tournaments count towards your average? You can still level up as it is at the moment by gaining experience points so you can buy the equipment you want / need, and the tiers will be full of 'genuine' players. Sandbaggers are pretty obvious, all you have to do is look at their score history, (e.g. 61, 62, 62, 66, 61, 90) sort of gives it away.

    I am probably missing something as due to my location (China) and the time difference between me and most other players I only play stroke play and also I'm not that competitive. Additionally I want to learn my tier. I don't even play tournaments as I don't want to get messed up with playing from the TP / very fast greens and going to tournament greens, as that would mean back to the practice rounds to learn the different speeds with my putter.

    I hope one day to make TM, I don't think I'll ever get to Legend (let alone TL) but if I do I'll be a very happy bear.

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    Mon, Jan 7 2013 10:42 PM

     hear ya Brick!

    Its not unusual now for a pro to make legend in 3 months .. or less.


    However when they first did this anti-sandbagging measure it was WORSE.

    A higher tiered plkayer could simply FORFEIT on the first tee for the lower tier to benefit MORE than 1 stroke.

    Now the ability to affect averag from a forfeit is taken away and the amount of benefit for beating a higher tiered player is far less.

    However, it still doesn't change the fact that those Legends who fought hard to get to that tier, are now feeling betrayed due to this incredibly fast tier progression these days.

    the thought has crossed my mind, that WGT are selling less high end gear now since they made what was available based on your Level.

    So woe be tied if WGT should experience a drop in sales of .15%, So now they are tiering everyone up faster as the game community grows exponentially.

    Sandbagging measure or ....?


  • Rockitch
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    Tue, Jan 8 2013 12:06 AM

    Don't be surprised if at some moment in the future they come up with some trick to tweak you out of your beloved R11 irons and force you to buy other irons or more expensive balls......ow...... wait a second..... I believe they already did.

    If I were legend (with the R11irons) that would upset me so much more.



  • txzdave
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    Tue, Jan 8 2013 3:20 AM

    I had a random rant recently, YankeeJim might remember this, as he was the only one that kinda followed my thought process.....This game has gotten to epic proportions, no doubt about that. I find it fascinating how we all look at each other on this game. I don't know everyone that works for WGT, I don't care. I'm glad WGT is available to play. I had a couple games with Yancy and as far as I'm concerned, I'm a Legend in my own mind. Just havin' a fun time with that feller......In my opinion, that makes me a Legend.

  • Rockitch
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    Tue, Jan 8 2013 3:32 AM

    Sandbaggers are pretty obvious, all you have to do is look at their score history, (e.g. 61, 62, 62, 66, 61, 90) sort of gives it away.

    I disagree CJ.

    My score history looks somewhat (I'd wish to shoot low 60's) like that and I can assure you I'm no sandbagger. One game I go at it with total focus, the other is just for gathering xp points, while having a chat, watching TV or whatever... I guess this goes for many more players, so that's not how to recognize a sandbagger if you ask me.




  • txzdave
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    Tue, Jan 8 2013 3:35 AM

    62, 90........same thing. sarcastic.


  • YankeeJim
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    Tue, Jan 8 2013 5:26 AM

    Time to start teeing off with the 3 wood to prepare myself for legend tees to prepare myself.

    This is a great way to get up to speed. When I was a TM, after most of my friends got the Legend fairy dust overnight in their sleep, I still played with them but instead of enjoying the tee advantage I would use a 3W OR lay up to where Legends landed. Learning the 3, 4 and 5 iron approaches is where it's at.  :-)

  • Oldbayrunner
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    Tue, Jan 8 2013 5:51 AM

    Another way is to set up practice rounds setting the game up on the Championship Tees your choice of greens and whatever wind you want to try. That's what I did to practice when I was getting close. Either way will work to help you.

  • hpurey
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    Tue, Jan 8 2013 6:30 AM

    Learning the 3, 4 and 5 iron approaches is where it's at.  :-)


    For sure, besides,  you never know when you may show up to the first tee with 3 iron in hand.  ;-)