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How to Post Your Scorecard (Windows)

Tue, Apr 20 2021 8:23 PM (379 replies)
  • BubbaCrusher007
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    Wed, Nov 6 2013 7:29 AM

    Thanks so much Scott. I watched the video and a light came on in my so called brain!

    When it got to the part about delete the  letters provided in the insert media box! I got that HTT out of there and sent in HTML and  BINGO! I got it! Thanks so much!

  • ScottHope
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    Wed, Nov 6 2013 7:44 AM

    Thanks so much Scott. I watched the video and a light came on in my so called brain!

    You're welcome, thank you.

  • SamanthaWho
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    Wed, Nov 6 2013 9:03 AM

    One of the members of our CC, came up with a very easy 3 part tutorial on posting a scorecard. It's so simple its ridiculous. No need to even go to the bother of Photobucket, which i had always used before. Just download Postimage. org. , and you are good to go.

    Once this i done, it takes literally 30 secs from seeing your final scorecard to posting it.

    VIDEO ONE is a 2 minute tutorial on installing the app I use for posting images - the imaginatively entitled postimage. I don't want to teach ANYONE to suck eggs - it's a disgusting practice anyway - but one NewHavener told me all they can do with the computer is switch it on, and Mike says I have to imagine everyone's stupid - no comment, Mikey. So forgive me if this is a little basic, and yes the music drove mad, too - make sure you mute it or hit the pause button at 1:50 or you'll go deaf!.

    VIDEO TWO comes in at 2 minutes as well and mercifully minus the music this one takes you through the three methods used to activate the app. Patience, young Grasshopper...

    VIDEO THREE is a(nother) 2-minute tutorial showing you how to put a scorecard in a post on the forum. TA-DA!


  • ScottHope
    7,979 Posts
    Wed, Nov 6 2013 11:57 AM

    That looks interesting Samantha, might give it a try sometime, thanks.

  • ithurtswnipee
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    Wed, Nov 6 2013 5:13 PM

    Can someone explain how to take a vdieo off You Tube. I have tried the Snip & the Home button however after i click input media the URL goes in the box but not the picture I am ooking for.

    Zio, You put up a video of the singing Shrunken head dude. That is what I would like to  learn.

    I managed to do that 1 time but I have no idea of how I did it. I've climbed to the summit to ask this question.

    Also does the home button thing take a shot of abusive talk on sceens while you are playing?

    Please enlighten me.



  • ScottHope
    7,979 Posts
    Thu, Nov 7 2013 1:27 AM

    Have a look at this Pee for posting a video.  I don't know what you mean by 'home button', but I'm pretty sure, whatever it is, that it wouldn't take a screenshot of the in-game chat window.

  • ithurtswnipee
    891 Posts
    Thu, Nov 7 2013 1:28 PM

    Wow , Scott that seems to easy. Many thanks.  Now , I have done all that and I can put the URL in the forum box no sweat. But all I see is the URL not the picture that comes with it. Now I only have a few posts so far 30---40 so far. I always get the moderation box from the powers that be. How long does that last for?

    Also on a screen shot I have both the 7  clip and the key that has the  prt scr..........

    on the same key is the word "home" on top of prt scr. When I used that key to take a Tube video it took the pic away from Tube. When I open paint and put the cursor on paint & right click paste will not highlight. I even tried the scissors with the first green highlighted  site. uploaded to the site and again moved the URL to WGT and no picture again. Just URL

    I have 3 hammers 18 ounce 23 ounce & Stand the  F^*K Back 27 ounce. Perhaps i have missed some text where 1 or all of the above need to be employed in a step.

    WOW. I dislike typing in here. Thanks so much Scott for your patients..


  • ScottHope
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    Thu, Nov 7 2013 3:00 PM

    Also when posting a YouTube video, make sure the URL does not begin with 'https://', if it does, removes the 's'.

    I don't know why you should still be on moderation after that many posts, maybe have a word with icon or Mr Shoe.

    For print screen, if you are using a laptop, you may have to hold down another key before pressing the print screen one. Have a look for a function key 'Fn', hold that down then press the print screen key, see if that works.


  • ithurtswnipee
    891 Posts
    Thu, Nov 7 2013 6:28 PM

    LMBO,,,  I LOVE the big green arrow, next time put a big  DOPEY  on it for me will you please,,,,,Really LMAO,,  I am using a lap top. I am thiking of getting a dedicated middle of the road tower, my tounge is like sand paper & the saliva is a b^*+h to clean up before I type. I will look 4 the button you told me about.

    I know this is gonna be hard to believe, but, I already deleated the hhtp gringuss.

    I have a sun with a down arrow button & a sun with an up arrow button. Am i  supposed to be changing from night and day perhaps??

    OH I FOUND IT. ok I am gong to go mentaly abuse myself again.

     Hey I heard that all you people. Already mentaly abused. Naughty people. Insightful but still naughty.

    Thanks Scott


  • ScottHope
    7,979 Posts
    Fri, Nov 8 2013 1:39 PM

    The arrow is big for two reasons, 1.) So I can see it, and 2.) So that I could fit all the text inside it.  No offense intended.