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Mon, Dec 10 2012 9:54 PM (0 replies)
  • pdb1
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    Mon, Dec 10 2012 9:54 PM



    > as frustrating as that shot is.wgt probably knows about problems like

    > that and many more on course problems.also the serious unexpected game

    > errors,spontanious dissconnections,removal from the lobby and not able

    > to return to the game ,being told that you have disconnected 3 times

    > and therefor lose the match,when you did not disconnect at all,when

    > your discon from a blitz game you can never return,when another player

    > times out from a game letting the clock go you are charged with the

    > forfeit.these are all happening much to frequently.these and many more

    > problems are very difficult to fix especially with such hi volume

    > usage.keep in mind that this is beta program which by definition means

    > first run untested programs.and a program like this is so complicated

    > and extensive it could take years to get all the bugs out .they

    > obviously have amazing experts constantly working on these

    > must admit that for the most part the entire experience runs very well

    > and the fact that they offer it for free is commendable and

    > appreciated and rare.i wish them the best of luck and more power to

    > them.thanx for listening.Paul Boppart