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WGT Congressional Championship Winners

Mon, Jul 16 2012 7:14 AM (79 replies)
  • tramilleo
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    Sun, Jul 15 2012 7:30 PM

    we are actually trying to have a conversation with wgt not you sir i don't know why you taking it personal i have spent $400 to $500 of my hard earned money with wgt not you,my questions and or rants are to wgt sir not you.

  • notonthis
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    Sun, Jul 15 2012 7:45 PM

    lol who are you talking too? I have said all i needed to say. Keep spending money big spender. Oh real cool to post on my wall then block me so i couldnt say anything back. Takes little nikes to do something like that.

  • notonthis
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    Sun, Jul 15 2012 7:58 PM

    Here is a song for you since your a wgt baller for spending 500$ on this


  • notonthis
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    Sun, Jul 15 2012 8:09 PM

    Na though im just stoned my badd man no more for me i had to much fun with this. Wanted to see what posting all day was like and it caused me to miss 2 putts to shoot a 54. But 56 will do i guess have a good night and i hope WGT gives yall  answers to your questions.

  • tramilleo
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    Sun, Jul 15 2012 9:25 PM

    get a life

  • tramilleo
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    Sun, Jul 15 2012 9:26 PM

    and for the record i don't listen to garbage music nor do i watch garbage videos now please be gone.geeeeeesssshhhhh

  • notonthis
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    Sun, Jul 15 2012 9:48 PM

    Yup it's garbage music but that 500 you put in this game only pays for the t shirt he wears lmao. Now i said i was done so you can chill.

  • casperturk
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    Mon, Jul 16 2012 5:38 AM


    Yup, I have had enough.

    If the players from the original leaderboard are not cancelled completely, I am drafting a long letter, detailing WGT's seeming indifference to establishing a fair game with a level playing field.  It will detail the many times WGT has put their profit margin ahead of fair play (like now...if you have already sent those players gift cards, then their accounts should be debited 500c.... the 100 they stole and 400 punitive).  But no.... by elevating them as was done, you have admitted that they were breaking the rules.  THEN PUNISH THEM.  Delete the account.  BAR the account from ever playing any competition where the prize is more than a pat on the back.

    I will be sending the letter to every gaming commission, to all the major golf and gaming mags, and to all the WGT sponsors (Taylor Made, Ping, Nike, etc).  The main thrust will be that anyone with any sense will save their money and not bring it to WGT where there is a decent chance they will get ripped off by someone without WGT making any effort to prevent it.

    Also, this 'handling it privately' is bullsh*t.  They didn't cheat everyone privately.  They did it blatantly where everyone could see it, and everyone pointed it out.  Many of us invest our hard earned money here and we have a right to know EXACTLY what is being done to combat those that would rip us off.

    So, WGT.... you have until Friday to end those accounts before the start of a bad publicity blitz.

    Here are the addresses of the Gaming Commissions if anyone would like to write them as well:

    PC Gamer, Gamespy, Game Informer, Gamespot, IGN...

    Golf Magazine, Golf Digest,

    Ping, Taylor Made, Nike, Callaway, Lynx, Cleveland

    USGA, The R&A


    Can anyone else think of anyone this letter should go to besides the above?


    Trolled for 3 pages now.

    Gotta make it disappear somehow.

    Have a happy day or some other WGT sign off


  • Ffudd
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    Mon, Jul 16 2012 6:31 AM

    the Pro Tier winner did not play from 2.29.12 to 7.01.12, had a 67+ average going into this tourney, had NEVER shot below 30 or 60 in any other stroke play competition and just showed up to shoot a sub-60 at one of the hardest courses to win a $100 gift card?

    OK the odds of doing this on your very first recorded round at Olympic and shooting 1 stroke under the leader on the last day of the tourny are what ? 100-1 ? 1000-1 ? It's possible I suppose.

    But what are the odds of exactly the same thing happening 3 (or possibly more) times on the same day of the same tourny by 3 accounts that were started within 2 weeks of each other ?

    Maybe it is all circumstantial and maybe it couldn't be proven in court without matching IP addresses, seeing whose account the vouchers were credited to etc but . . . 

    There is very little doubt that someone is $300 better off by breaking the T&Cs and for WGT not to ban those accounts is basically giving the green light to anyone else thinking of doing the same thing but afraid of the consequences.

    I'm not saying "go do it" or condoning it but WGT appear to be by not taking more drastic action. Expect some ridiculous scores from the lower tiers next time there is a decent prize on offer - at least one guy now has enough Master level accounts for a clean sweep.

  • WGTicon
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    Mon, Jul 16 2012 7:14 AM

    enough of this fighting.