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Re: Vem

Wed, May 1 2024 4:58 PM (30 replies)
  • BrianCheese
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    Wed, May 1 2024 4:58 PM

    I suppose I probably play a lot more coin games than you. I just need to be available when some of you guys are (12.30BST here, atm, and that's a late night for me now.

    You know my latest bug is 'lesser players' defying the laws of physics. If I was playing you, I'd expect you to stop a ball on a tournament green with a slope for a hole; you have the clubs and balls to do it and know what to do. But when two TPs at different times stop balls with starter LWs and bog standard balls on tournament greens, something I never ever managed on certain CTTH holes for starters, I have to start wondering if my crap shots came good are just the same 'quirkiness'. I got one of my HIO from as close to a shank as you can get with this game and obviously when that happens I'm not calling the game fixed (except I do it more when I make a crap shot comes good rather the other way around).

    I suppose for what I want from the game it gives me so much more than it takes away and it doesn't cost me anything - with one exception, every single piece of equipment has been gained through the game, whether it's targets, winnings or just the generosity of another player. In many ways I play to keep myself in balls that allow me to play a certain way that works for me. 

    The point here is, since the transition from the old format, the game has become a little easier. Plus there's no longer uneven lies rounds, while the wind seems more accentuated. In reality, the game has become less like real golf because of necessary changes. What this game needs is more variation, cloudy overcast skies, rain, heavy [very slow] greens, seasonal backdrops and anything else you can replicate from the real game - fairway putting, proper slicing and hooking. 

    I also think there's not enough player levels, but that can wait for another day