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Re: showdowns

Thu, Sep 28 2023 4:32 AM (26 replies)
  • pmm711
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    Sat, May 21 2022 10:35 PM




    I guess everybody's thinking + or - the same. If it's the general consensus, I don't see why the showdown event even has to be a match-play format. :-/ 

    Simon, I think it's because of the "buy-in" feature and the fact that you have to post coins to play.  Currently the only coin play is match play.  That has to be the answer.

    Maybe Paul . But I would think we all would buy in just the same to play a solo qualifying round .

    My point is that I don't think WGT programmed the coin rooms for individual/solo play and modifying that may be a bit tedious for them.  I'm sure you understand what I'm saying.  They'd probably have to hook us up with a "dummy" opponent who would gracefully bow out before the first swing...idk.  The fact that the showdowns are coin room matches keeps us playing vs. an opponent.

  • beerstine
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    Sun, May 22 2022 12:08 AM

    I'm sure the showdowns were designed to engage the mobile players, which is why the coin format is used and coin games are more or less a form of match play with the added element of a little bit of betting.  It's always seemed odd that stroke play scoring takes precedence over the matchup.

    Match play scoring could add a bit of drama to the early rounds if better players couldn't just coast in knowing they're above the cutline, and had to take some chances to win matches to advance.  

    However, it wouldn't solve the problem of mismatches between higher and lower tier players leading to forfeits and cheap wins skewing the results.  I had a match against a level 18 Hack that I would have gladly forfeited in the last round, but couldn't for sake of the score.


  • PrimerLance
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    Mon, May 23 2022 10:46 PM


    Single player rounds would be tuff for many with the shot clock. At least playing with somebody you have a breather moment between shots. I would believe many would not play under that format. 

    Ron it's no thing at all . In my Showdown rounds . For some reason 50 % of my opponents forfeit before the 1st hole . So that's quite a few . Allowing me to play 3 stress free holes solo . It is quite nice . The transition between holes is plenty of a break .


    Time between holes is immaterial.  The 45-second clock is, in effect, extended by the presence of an opponent, which allows for calculating and/or thinking about the next shot during the opponent's turn.  An opponent quitting robs one of time.

  • AntLupin
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    Thu, Sep 28 2023 4:32 AM

    Agree, giving up on Showdowns. As a rookie, I thought I'd done well at 2 under after 1st round, only to find I'm 49th and the top 5 are all at 8 under and I still end up being below 51st or worse at the cut time with top 10 all more than 7 under?!! Not a chance I'll ever birdie 8 of 9 holes. Rookies should be Master and Level 95 or below - for example - and above that one should not be able to enter Rookie Showdown divisions. Or once you finish in the top 5 more than 5 times you are "promoted"? Just throwing ideas out there, but as a Rookie I'm wasting my time and coins. Hey ho....