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Thu, Oct 5 2023 2:36 PM (28 replies)
  • flatcapjack
    388 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 9:38 AM

    What's the point in playing showdowns when you play a Level 125 and there only a Master !!! and they have all the best gear absolutely no chance especially into the wind WGT needs to advance these players like in the old days

  • bwsq
    96 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 10:22 AM

    It's been my experience that a level 125 master has no game so I really wouldn't worry about them and just play your own game.

  • callaghan159
    6,184 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 11:15 AM

    It's your final score that counts not each individual 3 hole match. Play your game and don't worry what the players shoot and you will be fine.

  • tramilleo
    1,853 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 1:24 PM

    Doesn't even really matter who the opponent is, you are playing for score, besides you are a TC you should easily be able to adapt to the different greens and win against a master no matter the level. Are you a red tee TC by chance ??????

  • SimonTheBeetle
    3,424 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 1:31 PM

    Very sage replies, gentlemen.

    You will encounter those hi-level lo-tier players more and more since the mobile coin room "ecosystem" continues to produce them so you'd better get used to.

  • HamdenPro
    2,297 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 2:21 PM

    Just got finished playing the second round. Almost all the other players were Tour Pros, ranging from level 64 - 88.  I did not say "my opponent" as I do not look at Showdowns like that. For me, it is just trying to birdie one hole at a time. I do not care what the other person is doing. In fact, I hope we both kick azz.

    I also think, at this time of day, and given the coin room the Rookie level uses, there were, in fact, some Tour Pros that played like you would normally expect. The higher-level ones were very good. Looking at the stats and seeing very few ranked rounds, I would suggest they play primarily in the coin rooms, and practice rounds, for the most part. They would still rise in level, but not in Tier.  I see this a lot with mobile players who do not have the capabilities to arrange, and select, games as the non-mobile.

    Just the way it is. All you can do is play your best and not worry about who you are paired with. IMHO

  • SimonTheBeetle
    3,424 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 3:30 PM

    I guess everybody's thinking + or - the same. If it's the general consensus, I don't see why the showdown event even has to be a match-play format. :-/ 

  • SimonTheBeetle
    3,424 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 4:18 PM

    So why not have single player rounds for these Showdowns ?

    Exactly. The bogey-bogey-bogey issue would be solved automatically as well.

  • tramilleo
    1,853 Posts
    Thu, May 19 2022 7:39 PM

    Single player for showdowns????  EXCELLENT IDEA PDB1, INDEED it might help to rid the game of the  bogeyx3 rounds