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Re: Ending Flash the way WGT does...

Fri, Oct 23 2020 8:55 PM (89 replies)
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    Wed, Sep 16 2020 2:15 PM

    Well Craig... I can only give you a small sample size of what I would call my "Tight Group" it consists of 2 separate Skype calls  1 group mostly players from your side of the pond 12-15 gents & 2 ladies or lasses? All on Flash....

    A second Skype group for me is at night a "Skins Games"  mostly guys in the States and a few Aussie's.... that group is closer to 20....And again ALL Flash players... a few have tried PCEA but never in our competitive nightly game ...

    All these guys have the same answer "I hate the PCEA and will quit WGT if I can't continue on Flash"

    In my country club we have more PC players than mobile.... the "mobile" crew as you would imagine are fine they have always played mobile so nothing has changed for them ...Now the PC players much different... I believe some of the guys are at least "Trying" the PCEA?...But most of the longtime PC players ..."Same answer I will quit WGT come December" ...Sad really but can't say I blame um ...They've taken a great realistic golf 'Simulation" game  and offering in it's place a  low level looking animated arcade game...Truly a case of  Golden apple's & rotten Orange's my friend....

    Hence I have been walking as many of them thru the set up that will hopefully keep us all playing .. The true WGT game ..."Flash"


  • Miantiao
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    Wed, Sep 16 2020 5:07 PM

    Hence I have been walking as many of them thru the set up that will hopefully keep us all playing ..

    Problem is Flash won't be updated in future to meet requirements of updated or new operating systems.

    On a positive note, the end of December will provide the impetus for many Flash players to get off our bums and play more real golf.

    I know my Mizuno MP32s will appreciate the added exercise.



  • DodgyPutter
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 3:29 AM

    TopGolf was mislead by a strategy, focussing on the "youth", but the Youth will never spend 10 USD for a virtual "sleeve", nor will they play this for longer than 3 months. I have kids myself, aged 25 and 11. WGT made so many mistakes, ruining a once perfect game experience. I had my fun here, made some good friends. But the "fun" is over.

    I really don't get the statagy either, £40-£50 for a driver and the same for a putter, do they really think that the young gamers will pay that? As you suggest they'll play it for a while and see that they need to spend serious money or play with a disadvantage and find something else to play. 

    But with apparels, that add on distance. Well, I am a real golfer, but wearing a Tailor-made cap never added any distance to me... :-)

    I fear the magic clothing will only become more ridiculous, we've going to see the likes of the "cloak of invincibilty" (can only be used two holes a round but you can't lose a mp hole while wearing it)  the "lender wand" (a driver that knocks 20yds off your opponents drives and puts them onto yours) and the resserection ball that survives going in a bit of grass or getting wet (very expensive though).

    It may be that affecting oppenents shots negatively is the way wgt need to go at some point, when more than half of par 4's are driveable perhaps, They could sell hook and slice apparal that, when applied (and it would be a decision at the start of each hole), makes your opponents shot go 10yds left or right of where it would have landed, you could of course anticipate hook being applied and aim accordingly but that would risk being 20yds off line. Sounds like a great moneyspinner when you add the lost balls (or investment in resserection balls) to the cost of this stuff.

    Yes it's just me being daft, but then I'm told it's all about the numbers and nothing to do with golf so maybe I'm just exaggerating....a litlle :-)).

    Good luck Kyle and have fun :-))

  • DodgyPutter
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 4:04 AM


    I wonder what the percentage is now for players playing the new version against those still playing the old version .

    The numbers that are playing it on steam are available:

    When it launched, in April, the peak noumber playing was 401 since then the monthly peak numbers numbers have been 359, 319, 285 and 265

    The average number playing in April was 252.5 and has been 226.4, 208.7, 188.2 and 183.1 in subsequent months.

    There are 124 currently playing and it's at 986 on the chart.  128,945 hours have been played.

    I think that's around a 35% drop in peak numbers and 30% in the 30 day averages.  For a positive spin the number of people leaving are slowing down :-/

    I have seen people on here, that were here before steam, saying they are sometimes on that platform.  That means not all included in these numbers are new players.

    4,037 Posts
    Thu, Sep 17 2020 11:55 AM

    Good luck Kyle and have fun :-))


    It looks as tho WGT finally had enuff of Kyle ...He is either suspended ..AGAIN..Or they finally booted him totally out ...I am hoping for the former and not the latter...If it is the latter I will miss playing with K a true WGT character.....


  • DodgyPutter
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 12:31 PM

    I noticed he wasn't searchable.

  • TopShelf2010
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 4:52 PM


  • Miantiao
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    Thu, Sep 17 2020 9:19 PM

    Thank you WGT for this removal btw. Long time coming.


    Your obsequiousness knows no bounds

  • stephendaines
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    Wed, Sep 23 2020 5:20 AM

    Unfortunately, it looks like Top Golf have fallen into the trap that so many good online games do.....the idea that amusement arcades earn lots of money. I`ve recently seen the same happen with a racing sim, the newest version now resembling an arcade game and not a simulator.

    WGT was a very good golfing simulator. Not easy to master, but a wonderful game for those that took the time to learn it. Just like racing simulators, it wasn`t "pick up and play". You needed to learn it`s intricacies. No magic buttons to help, just tutorials to watch and practice...lots of it.And for those that took the trouble, wonderful help from other players, during the game and here on the forums.

    The problem is that simulators don`t earn vast amounts of money. Which is why the loss of Flash is the excuse needed to change to an arcade style game. Make it simpler to play without too much excercising of the brain. Add gimmicks to attract a younger audience,etc, etc.

    The numbers will drop as dedicated players leave because it`s not what they want, and while they use us as guinea pigs to perfect the newer version.Come December we will see a growth, of younger players, novices and people that just want to "play at golf" . No doubt we will see more gimmicks added, and less purity of the sport of golf.

    Put simply, they don`t care about who plays at Top Golf Towers. They just want numbers, and money, and I for one won`t be one of them. I will continue playing, or trying to, until Flash finally dies. I`ll continue hacking it out of the rough, and building sandcastles in the bunkers, and enjoying every minute of it, but unless something drastic happens, I will be gone with the death of Flash

  • Miantiao
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    Tue, Sep 29 2020 3:49 PM

    The end of Flash. 

    The world is now at the mercy of Ming the Merciless