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Re: Scott's tips.

Sun, Oct 8 2023 12:55 PM (737 replies)
  • HoylakeHunter
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    Fri, Jul 28 2017 8:36 AM


    Tip for imgur users. By adding a single modifier letter to the end of your image URL, you can change the size of your posted image, for example...

    Default link URL:

    Square image, 90 pixels x 90 pixels, add an 's':
    (memory aid) small square

    Square image, 160 pixels x 160 pixels, add a 'b':
    big square

    Original aspect ratio, 160 pixels, add a 't':

    Original aspect ratio, 320 pixels, add an 'm':
    medium thumbnail

    Original aspect ratio, 640 pixels, add an 'l' (lower case 'L'):
    large thumbnail

    Original aspect ratio, 1024 pixels, add an 'h':
    huge thumbnail

    hello,so what size to use here.i joined today and the 450 width still works but the height is a problem,i used to leave it on 0 in photobucket, now it crops off the bottom third.

    ty for any help.

  • DodgyPutter
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    Fri, Jul 28 2017 9:07 AM

    Leroy, I'm not sure how it worked but I just copied your post then pasted it back in the forum and it looks fine.  I realise this is no help long term.

  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Jul 28 2017 1:14 PM
    Fullscreen for the Unity Game : Windows Only
    There is a newer version of this utility here

    October 27th 2019 Update :

    Added the shortcut keys to the AutoHotkey system tray menu, for reference as well as another way to access them. You can find them by right clicking on the system tray icon.

    The shortcut keys are at the top of the menu. The Fullscreen shortcut is the default option, so double clicking the system tray icon will activate that, no need to open the menu first. The others can be activated by opening the menu and clicking on the shortcuts. Of course the keyboard shortcuts still function as normal.

    October 26th 2019 Update :

    I didn't like the fact that I had to press the CTRL + f shortcut key multiple times to get to fullscreen without any border, so I have duplicated the part of the script that deals with that to try to overcome it. Seems to work okay now.

    Changed the part of the script that determines your available screen size. So if you change your taskbar's position or size, hitting the fullscreen shortcut key (CTRL + f) will recognize that, and resize the game screen accordingly.

    The window mode shortcut key (CTRL + w) now takes into account your screen size when putting the game window into windowed mode.

    11th Dec 2019
    I have noticed an issue with the fullscreen option where the game screen does does not respond to the mouse. If this occurs, click the game taskbar icon to minimize the game, then click it again to bring the game back up, hopefully that will solve the problem. If the game screen border appears after doing this, then just apply the fullscreen shortcut again.

    This application puts the game into fullscreen, but allows you access to the taskbar and your other applications without causing the game screen to disappear.

    click to view fullsize

    How to get the game into fullscreen with AutoHotkey :

    There are two ways to go about this. The first way is the easiest. Just download and run this file, WGT EXE fullscreen.exe, then go read the shortcut key instructions at the end of this post.

    The second way takes a bit longer, but is not difficult. It also gives you AutoHotkey, which is a very versatile Windows scripting program. But you don't need to know anything about AutoHotkey to run my fullscreen application.

    Firstly, download and install AutoHotkey.

    1.) To install AutoHotkey, go to the website and click the download button.

    2.) Double click the downloaded file to run the installer.

    3.) Click the express installation button on the set up window.

    4.) When the installation has completed, click the exit button on the set up window.

    That's AutoHotkey installed.

    Now, for the fullscreen script, download and run this file, WGT AHK fullscreen.ahk. When it is running you should see an AutoHotKey icon (green square with a white H) in the system tray.

    If you wish to see what's in the file before you download it, you can view the contents HERE.

    It does not matter whether you start the game first, then run the script, or the other way about, it should (hopefully) work in either case.

    The script won't work if the game is in fullscreen mode, so make sure that is off in the game options first. As for the screen size options in the game, it doesn't matter which one you choose.

    Also, this script doesn't work for the game launcher. Wait for the game screen to appear before trying the shortcut keys.

    12th Dec 2019
    If you want a different system tray icon from the standard AutoHotkey one , you can download it from HERE. Just make sure you place it in the same directory (folder) as the fullscreen script, because if the script can't locate it, the default icon will display.

    Shortcut Keys

    The script gives you three shortcut keys to play with, which are also available from the AutoHotkey system tray icon...

    CTRL + f

    This puts the game into fullscreen mode. You may have to press the 'f' key up to three times whilst holding down the CTRL key to make sure the window is fullscreen and the border is gone.
    CTRL + w

    This puts the game back into windowed mode. It won't be the size it was when you opened the game (haven't worked out how to do that yet) but it gives you something you can move about that doesn't take up the whole screen.
    CTRL + x

    This shortcut exits out of the script. Using this stops the shortcut keys working and removes the AHK icon from your system tray.

    Shortcut keys in the AutoHotkey system tray icon menu...

    ...the shortcut key at the top of the menu that is in bold, can be activated by just double clicking the system tray icon, no need to open the menu first.

    You can close out the script once you have got the game into fullscreen mode if you wish. Its only purpose is to resize the game screen, it does not have to be running all the time you are playing, but if you exit the script you won't be able to resize the game screen with the shortcut keys.

    I hope this works for you guys, but there are no guarantees.

    Good luck.  ; )

  • ScottHope
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    Thu, Aug 10 2017 9:24 AM
    View Surface Maps

    Just make your course and hole selection and view the map.

    View Surface Maps

  • papafish456
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    Thu, Aug 10 2017 12:39 PM

    Has anyone heard of a program that allows PC users to play cross-platform with Ipad users?

  • ScottHope
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    Thu, Aug 10 2017 2:02 PM

    I think Mr GaryPinHunter knows a thing or two about cross platform play.

  • phred952
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    Thu, Aug 10 2017 3:20 PM

    Very nice short cut Scott.  Saves a lot of time.  



  • ScottHope
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    Fri, Aug 11 2017 12:51 AM

    Thanks Jeff. Once you get used to applying Javascript then it only takes a 10-15 seconds and you're up and running. For the one hole play, I think it's easier to use the Javascript than rummage about in a mile long URL looking for characters to change to take advantage of using different tees and wind speeds. There are also a few extra courses that you don't get with WGT's version. ; )

  • phred952
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    Fri, Aug 11 2017 6:14 AM

    I agree it's much faster and easier this way.

  • SimonTheBeetle
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    Wed, Aug 16 2017 11:20 AM

    Every time I see what Scott does, I wish he could do the same for the mobile app.

    Another awesome job!