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Re: It hit the pin!

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Thu, Apr 2 2009 5:00 PM (4 replies)
  • CoBeerToad
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    Thu, Apr 2 2009 5:14 AM

    Newbie here. Several times when putting from the fringe and a few times chipping I see the ball going towards the hole. And then I get up and start to cheer only to see the ball bounce off the pin. Where's my caddy to pull the flag? Or am I missing something (besides the hole)? 

  • Snaike
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    Thu, Apr 2 2009 10:30 AM

     Where's your caddy, indeed.  I have played many rounds and I haven't seen one yet.

    To your point, and to the 'official' rules of golf (specifically 17-1), says you may have the flagstick attended, removed or held up prior to making a stroke from anywhere on the course. The ball better not hit the flagstick or the attendant, though, or it’ll cost you either loss of hole or two strokes.

    Since it wasn't attended before you made the stroke, let's hope it doesn't become attended as your ball gets closer...  or it's two strokes.

    Havng said all that in fun, let me just say that it's a game and that is one of the quirks of the game that make it interesting. I have had an approach hit the pin and bounce straight back at me...  quite humorous indeed.

  • GFORCE13
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    Thu, Apr 2 2009 1:17 PM

    I have hit the Pin at least 50 times on approaches, chipping etc. Only once has it gone in. The ball can be barely rolling and hit the pin and bounce 3 feet from the hole....pretty funny to watch actually. It is just part of the game. something I think we will all have to live with for now.


  • Weirsy
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    Thu, Apr 2 2009 2:04 PM

    OK I just hit the pin twice in one round at WC ! 3 and 6. See replays. I've been playing for a couples months now and haven't gotten 1 hole in one while others have over 10...the injustice ! Oh well, I waited 20 years for my first real one.



  • Snaike
    3,678 Posts
    Thu, Apr 2 2009 5:00 PM

     20 years? .... /jealous!

    I am still waiting and it's been much longer than 20 years.  3" is my claim to fame, but never an ace.

    So the few I have seen here are how I have to live vicariously through the pixels.