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WGT Early Access for PC

Thu, Aug 13 2020 2:43 AM by phipster. 1,095 replies.
  • ferenc1 Germany
    10 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 4:18 AM

    why does it take so long for the launcher to finally work for everyone?

  • mrm6400 United States
    1,687 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 5:45 AM

    WGT Champion,

    Thanks for adding the restart function in the options in the course icon.  For unlimited it comes in handy when meter sticks early.  Which I must say the meter is much smoother and consistent with PC new version of game.  Now just need to slow it down a bit for some of us who can not afford better golf balls all the time.

    Can you add a leaderboard option in tournaments on the scorecard.  When you play CTTH and complete the round you can see the leaderboard but when playing a regular round let's say a WGT Weekly Tournament those leaderboard options are not available yet.

    Would also like to see a way to see a replay and share a shot of that replay. 

    Sometimes you hit a great shot and want to share it with others to encourage them that it can be done and this is how I was lucky enough to get it to drop.

    Thanks for all the hard work as we see the improvements already.

    Greatly Appreciated,


  • mantis0014 Australia
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    Fri, Oct 11 2019 7:28 AM



    The only way I got to play the Mobile versuion on PC was to turn me Firewall off.  

  • ScottHope United Kingdom
    6,743 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 8:36 AM

    I know it probably feels like I'm having a go at you Mantis, but I'm not because I like you.

    If you wish to risk the security of your own machine to enable you to play a golf game, then that is entirely your own business. But what you shouldn't be doing, is suggesting that others should try it.

    If anything nasty was to get onto your PC through you disabling your firewall, then you could find yourself in a whole world of pain. We stick so much personal and private information on our computers and mobile phones that having it stolen or leaving it unprotected behind a firewall so that anyone can see it, is sheer madness.

    You could have your identity stolen, your bank accounts emptied, all your online accounts taken over and god knows what else.

    If you're quite happy to risk all that for a golf game, then as I said, that's entirely up to you. But don't suggest that others do it.

    I'm only thinking of yours and the safety of others because I care.

  • SamSpayed United States
    2,126 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 8:40 AM

    The only way I got to play the Mobile versuion on PC was to turn me Firewall off.  

    Mantis, you should be able to go into your firewall application and add (or modify) exceptions to allow the WGT application's .exe and .dll files to go through your firewall.  Have you tried doing that?  If you don't know how, check your firewall application's user guide.  That would be MUCH safer than disabling your firewall altogether.

  • DonCaron United States
    5,266 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 8:44 AM




    The only way I got to play the Mobile versuion on PC was to turn me Firewall off.  

    Put an exception in your firewall. Just google how to do it.

  • ScottHope United Kingdom
    6,743 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 8:54 AM

    Mantis, I know you only turned off your firewall for a short time to get the game running and then turned it back on, so I hope others here aren't thinking you've turned it off permanently. But I've read that it doesn't take very long for an unprotected machine that is connected to the internet to become infected.

  • nolan60 Canada
    138 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 9:19 AM

    There is 2 schools of thought here

    Yes, you do need a firewall. but you are probably already protected. There are essentially 2 types of firewalls: hardware and software. ... If your computer connects to the internet using a router, you already have a firewall built in to your security, because the router acts as a hardware firewall

    just a thought guys


  • jimshaw39 United States
    587 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 12:20 PM



    I'm going fast and didn't grab the quote of the person that asked. 

    While the "play friends" option isn't here yet because we're working on a more sophisticated multiplayer lobby, you can still play in random 3 or 9 hole matches by selecting FRIENDS at the bottom of the main menu and then selecting the Green button beside a player's name. This will give you the option to invite the player to a 3 or 9 hole match. 

    Currently you can only invite to a random 3 or 9. 



    UPDATE: Scratch that. Apparently that only works if you have already played against them this month. 

    We'll have proper friendly matches soon. Sorry. 

    I think most people are more worried about how the game plays than all those small features that everyone knows will be there eventually. It's an early release right? so obviously all the functionality will be there, you have over a year to figure that part out... It won't matter if it functions but the game plays like the mobile game. You're going to lose many of the veterans and top players.

    Would like to see a little more response on the things us pc players really care about which is how the game plays, the ding size, the forgiveness on iron shots, woods and drivers... Number 1 being the dot speed on greens.

    I'm worried that the priority is to get the mobile game play to work and the actual game play doesn't match. Think that will be a problem.






  • jimshaw39 United States
    587 Posts
    Fri, Oct 11 2019 12:39 PM


    It's unlikely that anyone has not spotted this, but just in case. The 'Green View' button when on the green (I thought it was just a label, duh) is clickable to give you another view of your putt...

    ...makes me chuckle when the balls tracing the break fall off the edge.

    Scott. do you think we've found proof that the earth is flat?  Jim