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Tiger, isn't this getting out of hand?

Sat, Feb 13 2010 5:38 PM by BOFFMEN. 130 replies.
  • Snaike United States
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    Thu, Oct 8 2009 1:38 PM

    Hate him or love him, he is simply the best!!! par none! And guess what he will be the greatest golfer ever!!!
    Bar none...

    "Par none" is like my grandma.. she doesn't play so her par is none.

    As for the Greatest Ever.. That's for fanbois to decide.  You have no idea how well Eldrick would have played against Ol' Tom Morris... Sam Snead.. Ben Hogan... etc in their primes.

    Eldrick may get all the records (and he is good enough to do it)... and he may be the greatest golfer in our generation... but it's intellectually dishonest to call him the greatest of all time.


    **Edit... Ninja'd by SoulCatcher... too long on the phone with the window open.  meh.

  • SweetiePie United States
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    Sun, Oct 11 2009 12:20 AM

    It is an interesting situation. The name Moe Norman,should also fit into the mix. If the name draws a blank, then so should futher commentary.

  • SweetiePie United States
    4,925 Posts
    Sun, Oct 11 2009 12:20 AM

    It is an interesting situation. The name Moe Norman,should also fit into the mix. If the name draws a blank, then so should futher commentary.

  • Snaike United States
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    Sun, Oct 11 2009 10:16 AM

    Too right, SweetiePie, too right.  A tip of the 'tuque' to Moe Norman.. one of the greatest players to never "make it" on the PGA tour. 

    And it certainly wasn't because of his golf.

    Even the fanbois hero, E. Tont Woods, stated "..(o)nly two players have ever truly owned their swings Moe Norman and Ben Hogan," Woods said. "I want to own mine. That's where the satisfaction comes from." (found here)

    Also, from the above source, we find this gem....  "In a 2004 USA Today Q&A interview, VJ Singh was asked this question: Who's the best golfer you've ever seen?" Singh's answer: "Moe Norman. I've hit balls with him lots of times. He was incredible. Whatever he said he could do, he could do. If you talk to Lee Trevino and the other greats of the game, they'll tell you how good he was. He could talk it, and he could do it. God gives people little gifts, and Moe had a gift for golf.""

     A more accurate ball striker and colorful character is not to be found... 

    RIP Moe (2004)

  • AndyJK Australia
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    Fri, Oct 16 2009 11:44 PM

    Great player Woods, great player still.

    I  guess in a way I can understand the bashing. When your as good as Tiger, everyone wants to see him fail. But for those who pick on him as a person your just not in an appropriate position to comment. Since when was golf about shaking hands walking down the 3rd fairway, or putting on a fake fasci smile to every fan who grabs your attention? We all like to see nice golfers do well, but since when is Tiger not one of these?

    Sure he doesn't over indulge with the fans like Mickelson, but thats why Tiger is better than Mickelson. Tiger is fully in the moment. Barring a quirky one liner from the gallery, Tiger keeps his teeth to himself.

    Tiger went without 1 major in 09, but what he did do was furthur establish the field is still a fair way away, in my opinion. Tiger won more tournaments than anyone else, shot some scary course records and could well hold the record for the most 2 inch tap ins for par. I felt he was very unlucky this year, not a lot went his way. But this was his comeback season after a lengthy lay off. He made changes, and we might not see its produce until next season.

    Golf isn't like football. Being young isn't essential to golf. Sure it helps to have a fit body, but there is no age restriction on golf. And lets remember Tiger is only 33. He's a spring chicken compared to most.

  • danohi50 United States
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    Sat, Oct 17 2009 3:54 AM

    Going by "the greatest of this era is accurate...

    going by physical fitness is accurate...

    Jack still has more majors and second place in majors is just as crazy..

    Today there are more people at the top of the food chain...but truly great players are far and few between.

    In Jacks day  he had to rundown arguably the most beloved golfer of all time..

    Arnie...then comes Gary Player..Lee Trevino...and Tom Watson.. All these players career wise had way more majors  than the best of today  sans Tiger..

    Remember  Jack is Tigers hero and role model..what does that say?

    Ive been lucky to have ben around since the hayday  of Palmer...Nicklaus, and Woods..

    Im the best fan of all these players in their era,s...maybe ill be around to see the next great too

  • tigger447 United States
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    Mon, Oct 19 2009 10:06 PM

    my only reply to Tiger's anger as of late is very simple to understand. anyone who has a child knows the ammount fo responsibility and sleepless nights it involves. He is very dedicated to his child and wife but we are all human. I suspect his anger has nothing to do with steroids but rather the normal parenting temperment of lacking real sleep and rest. The amount fo preasure he is under because of his standing number one in the world is something we all will never understand. Phil and Fred couples are just two laid back guys who understand and even when the preasure is on them have shown the frustrations.  This is no the time to critisize any of them but to stand behind them and understand we are all only human and we are all subject to anger.


  • GITrDONE United States
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    Wed, Oct 21 2009 5:54 AM

      I got alot of respect for the man.He inspired me to get off the couch and go play some golf and for that I am truly grateful.After playing for awhile I to thought I was'nt supposed to hit a bad shot either...but it happens...I missed a birdie putt one day and I throwed a fit and went to cussing and throwing stuff...very immature...My best friend told me that I was taking all the fun out of the game for him and my first reaction to his comment was "I'm not playing this game to please you I'm playing for me"...As time went on I learned that that was the wrong answer...No matter who you are,when your on the golf course and someone hits a good shot,whether you know the person or not, we like to watch that shot...We all want to see only,no we all expect to see good shots from Tiger and when we don't it's very disappionting...Like all celebraties...all he has around him are yes men and they can't possibly take a chance on telling him anything that he does'nt want to hear or they will be banished from his little group...I'm very fortunate to have had a friend like that at the time...there seems to be alot of give and take when you get to be where Tiger is...I'm just glad I don't have to give up my true friends just to take money and fans that have to be pleased week in and week out...He oughtta play a couple of rounds with Boo Weekly if he wantst to put some fun back in his game...I am unable to respond to the steriod acucsation because any response would be speculation...It just sems to me that he is playing the game only to please Tiger and no oneelse...Unfortunatly for him he has millions of "FANS" that expect the best play and golf etiquette from their hero...It's a fine line that I'm glad I don't have to walk...I like being me and don't really want to be anybody else..Why would you???

  • AeroGNR United States
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    Mon, Oct 26 2009 7:55 PM

    I can't believe people are actually thinking he's on steroids.  How is he too big?  What it is he? 215-220 pounds?  How can other athletes get bigger and not be on steroids?  Because golfers are either suppposed to fat/unathletics or skinny people?  I'm so happy there's ONE athlete in golf.  He's the only reason why I watch.

  • radaman United States
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    Fri, Oct 30 2009 12:11 AM

    Tiger is the best at golf now and has been for several years. Do we forget about M.J?, the best b ball player of his era (the best ever to many people) and he didnt go around giving high fives to every fan either. Jordan was a very dedicated and serious baller as is Tiger a golfer. I can say that tiger brings the golf fans to the events and also the reason so many people watch the  "golf channel".  He also donates his time and millions to various charities and such as do several other pro golfers. Every man/woman cant act the same way just to make others happy, but they must carry themselves in a professional way when they are in the publics eye...Tiger does this very well. A few curse words here and there are all part of any game as we all get frustrated for various reasons. Tiger makes every other pro golfer want to get better and do it consistently, just to be able to beat him. How can people be upset about that.