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Yancy Alien Hunting On Golf Course -- Shocking End!

Sat, Aug 8 2020 5:37 PM by adaputter. 1,318 replies.
  • adaputter United Kingdom
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    Fri, Jul 5 2019 1:32 PM

    "Captain's log, Stardate 5431.6. Immediately after making contact with Yancy's brain, Doctor OPY, Engineer FRAPPORT, and myself MELFORD MEL were taken prisoner inside a highly complex civilization hundreds of meters below the surface of Hole 9 whereabouts is sketchy but we think its somewhere near the pinehurst course. The primitive Golfer we encountered above warned us about the givers of pain and delight and the frightening consequences of using starter balls."

    Most people have wondered if there is life beyond Earth in space. With all of the countless billions of stars and possible planets and moons in space, many people think that under the right conditions, life can exist elsewhere in space. However, there is no evidence for this yet. Yancy is operating or planning several missions which will search for evidence of life on Mars, on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and which will search for Earth-like planets around other stars. Other projects, like SETI, are scanning the sky for signals from intelligent life in outer space. One day these projects may discover life in outer space.

    well YANCY maybe  on to something



    FRAPPORT: Right. Locked onto you. Energise. Coadjutor engagement. 

    MEL: What happened? 

    FRAPPORT: I took a flop. 

    MEL: Onto what? 

    FRAPPORT: I don't know. Some kind of a green surface. 

    Yancy: Magnetic?. Decontaminate that wedge quick. 

    FRAPPORT: Yes, Yancy. (runs off to decontaminating module) 

    MELFORD MEL: That acted like a shanked shot. 

    DRMOOSE: Yancy its your shot ready to hit it yet.

    FRAPPORT: Just one moment, Yancy. It checks out okay now. You better go get a synchronic meter so we can double-check. 

    Yancy: Yes frapp i think your right. 

    MELFORD MEL: All right, Yancy. Locked onto you. (Yancy stumbles as he leaves the tee) Are you all right, Yancy? 

    Yancy: Yes, I'm all right. Just a little dizzy. 

    OPY: Let me give you a hand. 

    Yancy: I can't get through there. Nothing serious. Don't leave my golfbag unattended. 

    OPY: MEL will be right back, Yancy. 

    (both leave, and another Yancy materialises on the green to everyones amazement)

  • YancyCan United States
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    Mon, Jul 8 2019 9:00 AM

    Captain's Log, Stardate 5431.6

    Just a quick informables for those who have seen the multiple chapters of this ongoing epic saga from WGTer Adaputter. You are getting a sneek peek at a new branch of the all-beta Team Yancy Media Group which now includes the written word. Follow this thread and Team Yancy via @TeamYancy on Tweeter & InstantGram for the official debut of this iconical story and the medium we will presentables to you!

    Best, I am Yancy

  • YancyCan United States
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    Mon, Jul 8 2019 9:04 AM

    Tribute To A Friend - Yancy's Gift of Song - (2012)

    Dedicated this performance to a good man and friend who continues to be a SOLID person & a privelidge to know - You know who you are & I continue to respect your authority with also understandables on the wish for anonymity. Today, I am issuing a new WGT challenge to you. Calling you out here. One CTTH round all up on the Hilversmooch. I got this. Even though you have been with WGT before it went online. One solid company man who brings clarity to issues up here on this WGT everytime & anytime. Thanks for all the help over the past decade.

  • YancyCan United States
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    Tue, Jul 9 2019 6:49 AM

    Did I leave a blue light jacket here?
    THX -- Yance

  • drmoose United States
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    Wed, Jul 10 2019 1:30 PM

    Mr. Ambassador,

    Will this new paranormable shopping network include a "buy a tip " feature for locating the signs on CB 8 & 9 ? Iffin' so, I will buy an unlimited supply of "rocks" fer every player on this site, you have my word ( which I do not give lightly). Oops, my suit is tellin' me it needs to vacate the the liquid reservoir ( kinda lost count of the manhattens, I guess). Carry on, my good man.

    Doc :)

  • frappefort Canada
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    Wed, Jul 10 2019 5:15 PM

    After a long silence  ,I been reading  ,glad  I did    .can not talk about my adventure (adduction)  they wont let me yet.   keep reporting   Yancy   . Keep this going  guys. Frappefort

  • YancyCan United States
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    Fri, Jul 12 2019 10:08 AM


    The Paranormal Hunter Gear Shopping Network --- Team Yancy Enterprisables

    The Team Yancy Paranormal Shopping Network is set to launch soon (again), and Yancy is combing thru audition videos looking for that right person for an on-air live show host paranormal hunters gear salesperson. With a debut in 33 countries worldwide, this decision is being taken super cereal and such. Just like every time we do this. @TeamYancy


  • adaputter United Kingdom
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    Fri, Jul 12 2019 5:38 PM

    Yancy's log, stardate 5371.3. A huge cosmic cloud has been reported moving into the outer fringe of our pinehurst golf course. Nothing like it has ever been seen before. Yancy has sent MEL with the Alienfinder to as investigate as we're the only humans in the vicinity of the phenomenon. Our present position is near pinehurst 14th hole, which contains bunkers, the most effective place in the entire WGT land

    Yancy's log, supplemental. At hole  15 we have the chance, we could intercept group who are playing front 9 before they reach the nasty hole 9 which we all know about. But we are uncertain what we can do to stop a matter-energy cloud which measures thousands of times more than our jellyworms can handle


    Yancy: Where are we? 

    FRAPPORT: just on fairway i think

    Yancy That isn't good. these balls are fairway finders, are they not? 

    FRAPPORT: The Treaty of WGT does not permit them BALLS  at all, beyond cheating programmes. Obviously, the treaty has been broken. 

    MEL A WGT web. We won't be able to move unless we can turn it off somehow. 

    (A group of alien life forms in spacesuits enter) 

    Yancy: The leader, be-draggles one is a reader of minds. (my mind is being read)


    DRMOOSE: I've heard all Aliens telepaths are unhappy neurotics. that one fits the description. 

    FRAPPORT: There is no sure way to guard our thoughts from him. Yancy, he is not likely to deal with me or MEL in a hurry. think we inferior beings to them. But the ALIENFORMS are meat eaters. If you sense him reading your mind, think of eating a raw jellyworm. 

    FRAPPORT: Yes, Yancy. Maybe I can goad them into revealing their purpose. 

    OPY: DRMOOSE. This may be crucial. In the presence of the unknown lifeform, do not say anything, do not do anything startling. Try to look harmless. 

    MEL: Any special reason? 

    Yancy: Are you forgetting that unknown creatures are dumb animals? In an emergency the WGT may forget a humanoid is an intelligent creature. 

    MEL: Thanks. Thanks a lot. 

    FRAPPORT: YANCY, I value your intelligence, but we may be able to seize an opportunity to escape if the alienform believe you have none. 

    MEL:WOW good thinking Yes, 

    ALIENFORM: Identify yourself. 

    Yancy: CAPTAIN YANCY of the BUGfleet vessel ALIENFINDER. This is First Officer FRAPPORT. 

    ALIENFORM: You're a WGT golfer?. I feel no pressing need to talk to a drinker of bug juice. Humanoids at least are omnivorous. I am a driving coach. You are prisoners of your own making ,Cashe a figment of your small minds 

    FRAPPORT: Messing with minds must be a habit with you. This tough cookie has, two sleeves of titleist . 

    ALIENFORM: as a superior race our archaeologists found both boxes, but the one we managed to keep was empty. It served us well as bait to draw you here, but the Sleves had weapons that could devastate a good round. There could be one left in your sleeve .

    DRMOOSE: we played four rounds on here with humans and lost all of them. The last one was two weeks ago , and I haven't learned a thing since. 

    ALIENFORM: Guard your speech. None of my crew has yet tasted a BURGERKING as our ancestors did. We would welcome the opportunity. Always you have had superior equipment. We seek a driver that will defeat you at last. 

    MEL: Then you're really working for the  government. 

    ALIENFORM: The records will show the SPIDER PUTTER is a stolen concept putter If we are captured, the Highest tier tour champion will come looking for us. But if we succeed, you are defeated for our tables. 

    (YANCY hits his shot it hits a unknown  box, then open it. FRAPPORT removes a picture of a one-eyed green crocodile standing on it's hind legs) 

    MEL: Could that be a picture of a ADAPUTTER? 

    Yancy: If so, it is the first ever discovered. An important historical find. 

    (There are other things in the box) 


    (Then, a green pistol-shaped thing) 

    YANCY: Nothing like this has ever been found. We are the only ones who have it. Look at it, human. This weapon may well mean the end of mankind.

  • YancyCan United States
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    Mon, Jul 15 2019 1:37 PM

    There are two hidden wooden signs left on Chambers Bay Golf Course - on holes 8 and 9. The elite squad that has been searching for them for a long time has decided (upon referral from a PGA pro) to contact one of the world's best known instructors David Leadbetter and talk personally with him on this.

    Best -- I am Yancy


  • adaputter United Kingdom
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    Mon, Jul 15 2019 2:53 PM

    Yancy,s log wgt date 65417.04

    Ah, yes, DRMOOSE.

    There can be no doubt that our memoirs will be one of the biggest sellers in the history of WGT folklore.

    - What's the title? - Outer Space and I by Yancycan.

    - I can hardly wait to read it.

    - And so you shall, DRMOOSE.

    By accident,(LAUGHS UNDER HIS BREATH) I scanned a couple of pages.

    Let me quote-- Mind your Drives, ninny, or you'll lose your BALLS! 

    FRAPPORT[ screams into  the talky walky Speaker ] Get up here on the double! I'm quite concerned at the moment.


    FRAPPORT, get up here and I mean now! Dr MOOSE.

    Yancy, you'd better get up there! There must be something wrong! Oh, very well,im on my way.

    How can they expect an artist to be creative when he's constantly being harassed by the elements and his dreary fellow golfers? step aside, sir.

    Yancy, we've got to take the chance.

    FRAPPORT, I guess you're right.

    That BALL he hit knocked out all the long-range driving equipment.

    You, um-- You wish to see me? Yes.

    - Pick one.

    - For what purpose, may I ask? One of our back spin isn't functioning properly.

    That's what caused that.

    Bottom line is that we have to relaod the wgt server and repair it immediately or we risk blowing up the entire game.

    - Then, by all means, let us do so.

    - See there? [ OPY] That's a cosmic cloud.

    I don't want to endanger the games  of those on this course without first checking it out.

    So one of us will take the alienfinder pod and execute a test  drive or chip?.

    All right, we'll each draw one.

    The short one goes.

    If it's left to me, I go.

    But why endanger our precious lives? We could send the OPY.

    No, the job might call for some unusual reflex actions for which he's not TRAINED.

    If you were half the good friend you claim to be you would volunteer for this task.

    Soft living has made you spineless! Here, sir.

    The white feather of a coward.

    Cruelty, cruelty, thy name is FRAPPORT.

    All right.

    Let's get on with it.

    [ Moans ] Oh, dear me.

    The ALIENFINDER pod will be ready to leave in five minutes.

    - Let's go.

    - [ GOLFBALLS Clatter ] Doomed.

    I'm doomed.(OPYSHOUTS)

    And right smack in the middle of my most game ever OPY (WHY ME ).

    That cosmic cloud is probably harmless.

    But you can never tell until you get in it.

    For once in your miserable life, OPY, try to act like a man.

    You are cold and cruel, Yancy.

    Give the others my love and tell them that my last thoughts were of their kind faces(TELL THEM I WILL MISS THEM).

    - Once you reach the cloud, send back immediately.

    Yancy... is he in beta -pod#444?

    YES  Yancy

    Yancy"launch code 8679"

    FRAPPORT"launch code 8679? you sure about this Yancy"

    Yancy" OF COURSE IM SURE iniate code FUGOAWAY  AT ONCE"

    turning my keys now  Yancy


    Yancycans alien finder update

    we have no responce from our pod cannot conect with it something as gone terribly wrong

    we may have lost  one of our own

    like all who have been lost before we will find them oneday

    YANCY OUT (see you on the greens)