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Yancy Alien Hunting On Golf Course -- Shocking End!

Sat, Aug 1 2020 2:09 PM by bypass07. 1,317 replies.
  • Chris1973M United States
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    Fri, Jun 14 2019 1:42 PM

    i replay in fast mode i can almost see;s it(OO)

  • YancyCan United States
    3,019 Posts
    Sat, Jun 15 2019 1:22 AM

    i replay in fast mode i can almost see;s i

    Big Ups to Chris1973M! He gets this time-space conondrum sample - get some unusuable data in his hands and baaaam Chris is off to the laboratory running  fast mode (beta) & stuff that is way above my capacity to truly understand. Thanks for beins on the team Chris.

    We should all strive to be more like him.


    Best, My name is Yancy


  • adaputter United Kingdom
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    Mon, Jun 17 2019 2:01 PM


    yancy's log, stardate 5591.2. The crew of yancy alienfinder is ready for some well-deserved rest and recreation. Therefore we have set course for the so-called 'pebble beach', located in the Omicron Delta region. The unplayable course in wind was constructed long ago by a highly advanced alien race. Its sole purpose is to provide fun and amusement for space travelling passers-by.

    [Planet surface]


    YANCY; Yes, just as beautiful as I remembered it. Nothing's changed. 

    OPY; This looks like the same spot we beamed down on on our first visit. Remember, Doctor, when we saw the White Rabbit? 

    DRMOOSE: Yes, and all because I said this place made me feel like Alice in Wonderland. 

    FRAPPORT: One side! One side! I'm late! I'm late! Oh, my fuzzy ears and whiskers, I'm late! 

    (And the white rabbit in waistcoat and jacket bounds across the meadow, followed by) 

    YANCY: I beg your pardon, but did you see a white rabbit? 

    OPY: He went that way, Yancy.

    YANCY: Thank you so very much. 

    FRAPPORT: Like you said, Doctor, nothing's changed. 

    DRMOOSE: It's hard to believe they're not real. 

    YANCY: Well just remember they're highly sophisticated robots created by the planet computer to make your dreams come true. 

    OPY: So think only happy thoughts. 

    DRMOOSE: My prescription exactly. 

    (So, opy finds a mirror-like lake to sit by, gazing at his reflection and humming to himself, while frapport walks in the woods, and mel gazes at a colonial house with formal gardens) 

    MEL: Lovely. They just don't make them like that anymore. 

    ALIEN SHOUTS: Off with his head. Off with his head! 

    DRMOOSE: Hey, what's going on here. 

    (One of the Jack playing cards throws his lance) 

    YANCY: Stop him! 

    (MEL runs) 

    YANCY: ALIENFINDER! Emergency! Beam up!

  • txzdave United States
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    Tue, Jun 18 2019 12:44 AM

           Dammit, Lemme see.


                                        ~   ~

  • Chris1973M United States
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    Wed, Jun 19 2019 12:31 PM

    Good Luck Lady's !


  • YancyCan United States
    3,019 Posts
    Wed, Jul 3 2019 12:55 PM

    Way Way Way Back Wednesday:

    WGT Golf - Approach Shot Success Tutorial - From Yancy WGT.P.A.R.

  • Chris1973M United States
    1,467 Posts
    Thu, Jul 4 2019 5:41 AM

     Wowser!! That be some eye opening ..mind blowing Tut.. Deserves a Green Bug Juice!! Thanks Yancy!! (00)




  • YancyCan United States
    3,019 Posts
    Thu, Jul 4 2019 11:36 AM

    AdaPutter Holes Out & Then This Happens..... 

    Quote from Ada: "what happened think i disturbed aliens"

    Please click on the blue link to view:

  • YancyCan United States
    3,019 Posts
    Thu, Jul 4 2019 11:37 AM

    CHRIS1973M: Wowser!! That be some eye opening ..mind blowing Tut.. Deserves a Green Bug Juice!! Thanks Yancy!! (00)


    Thanks Much Chris
    My Name Is Yancy

  • adaputter United Kingdom
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    Fri, Jul 5 2019 10:54 AM

    Yancy's Log, stardate 4523.3. Bethpage hole7 has issued a priority one call. More than an emergency, it signals near or total disaster. We can only assume the Aliens have attacked the clubhouse. We're going in armed with jellyworms


    OPY: The reading's growing stronger, Yancy. Coming from a fairway bunker directly ahead. 

    Yancy: It's not a signal, OPY. It does not seem to even exist, and yet it's affecting all my irons. 

    DRmoose: What!!!!? 

    OPY: Someone or something is attempting to attract our attention. 

    Yancy: Someone or something has succeeded. Our distress signal relays have been activated. We've been given a direction to follow, but how? What's causing it? 

    FRAPPORT: I do not know. Not even  an electric-wave ARC can know the unknown, YANCY. We are hundreds of YARDS past where any GOLFER has ever explored before

    OPY: a Green golf ball dead ahead, Yancy. Becoming visual. 

    (There's a yellow and a gold ball on the visualizer.) 

    OPY: looks like a taylor made level 61, Yancy. 

    FRAPPORT: Close to titleist conditions. 

    MEL: With two very important exceptions. It's much more costly  than WGT starter balls, and about a half the yardage, its diameter was totally ripped away by some sort of cataclysm. The ball has evidently been dead since then. Sensors detect no spin of any kind. 

    Yancy: All of your questions will be answered in time, even the unquestionables

    FRAPPORT; Are your hailing frequencies open? MEL



    ADAPUTTER: I am ADAPUTTER. It is the energy of my thoughts which has touched your instruments and directed you here. Now with this closer distance I can speak to you at last. 

    Yancy: Who are you, ADAPUTTER 

    ADAPUTTER: Please assume a standard distance from my ball , YANCY 

    Yancy: Is that a request or the rules? 

    ADAPUTTER: The choice is yours. I read what is in your mind. Words are unnecessary. 

    Yancy The ball is dead. There's no possibility of anymore shots its out of bounds 

    FRAPPORT: And you are as dead as your ball . Does that frighten you, MELFORD MEL? For if iT DOES NEVER PLAY MERION AGAIN