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Re: How i putt

Mon, Oct 14 2013 11:53 PM by BOBTX61. 54 replies.
  • Partsman41953 United States
    311 Posts
    Thu, May 9 2013 3:42 AM

    Thanks for the great information. I to have been having a problem with reading the breaks on putts along with my short game. I normally have 15' putts and will maybe make 3 in a round if I am lucky which is killing my scoring. 

    My speed is pretty accurate but reading breaks is just guess work for me. 

    I would really like to have more tips if you have time. 



  • youngsteezy United States
    23 Posts
    Thu, May 9 2013 4:45 AM

    great tips ty! I'm also curious about the part of the meter when you pull it forward and hold it for a sec the ding area starts to get smaller, kinda hard to explain but if anyone knows what I am talking about what does this do? thanks in advance.


  • mattrock63 United States
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    Sun, Oct 13 2013 9:42 AM

    I am finding , over the past couple of weeks at least, that contrary to tournament speed greens as well as the laws of physics, championship speed breaks LESS than tournament speed. Why this has been programmed that way is a mystery to me. It seems to me the faster a green is, the more it will break. Maybe someone else has noticed this? Or am I seeing things?

  • drmoose United States
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    Mon, Oct 14 2013 1:58 PM

    the ding area starts to get smaller

    This is your " margin of forgiveness" area, the smaller the area, the more accurate you have to be when executing the putt.

    Doc :)

  • BOBTX61 United States
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    Mon, Oct 14 2013 11:53 PM

    Interesting to watch your putting methods.  It appears that you are using ALL of WGT's devices (putter pal & the putting target) to help you.

    I feel sure most WGT players do use the "putting target" to putt.......but, it you don't place the target just "right"....and you don't hit the correct distance for a given won't go in.

    I admit, my putting is NOT that good.  I'm just under 40% on my (1 putt average).  I'm a Legend with a 65.35 average....hit 1,800 ranked rounds now. But, in all of those ranked rounds....I have NEVER used putter pal OR the putting target.  I just read the putting grid and putt.  I realize I'm guessing a lot on putts.....but, so are PGA pros and so is everyone on WGT who uses the putting target.

    I think....whatever method works for you, use that method to putt.  I will say this...I do use that TARGET on my other golf shots......just not when I putt.