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Most Consecutive Days Played!

Tue, Oct 10 2023 5:24 PM (481 replies)
  • Kalliste
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    Thu, Jul 27 2017 5:43 AM

  • LuckySkreet
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    Thu, Jul 27 2017 7:39 AM

    I guess, at some point,  you must ask yourself......  "What the hell does it matter?"

    Yeah...yeah.....  as of last week, I had accumulated  just under 1400 days..   so technically, I guess it mattered to me.....why, I don't know......

    Moving along.....  my streak ended last week  due to  some coronary issues and several days in the hospital.    When I returned home I noticed the counter had reset to day "One".      So....  yeah, I didn't continue the consecutive streak and basically it ended and restarted.....   I've no issues with is what it is.......

    Anyway....  I decided to message one of the mods to see if there was any possibility to consider outside factors and re-instate my streak.....    My message was answered promptly (as always) and the end result being "I took it the team, and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done."   What I can say is...... I have no reason to believe this mod did no more or no less than what he said........   he sent it up the ladder and that's all one can ask.

    Am I pissed?   Naaaaa..... I didn't play those it's hardly any reason to be pissed.   Am I disgusted?   Naaaa......   I'm just not going to let an XP bonus drive my decision to play or not anymore.

    When you look at the big picture.....  there is NO reason to accumulate the points, other than to level up faster.   I mean there's not even a liberal participation trophy awarded for consecutive play......  no sleeve of balls,  no "special access" to equipment......  no special tournaments.....   nothing.     Being at level 112, I can hardly see a reason to accumulate anything anymore.......   there has been zero addition of equipment I can purchase in the last 6 months (or longer) so what the hell does it matter?  It doesn't....

    Just my take............

  • DuFussMcGoo
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    Thu, Jul 27 2017 9:37 AM

    When you look at the big picture.....  

    Great post. Absolutely correct. I'm at 1952 today and shooting for the 2000 mark, then...?


  • Robert1893
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    Thu, Jul 27 2017 10:00 AM


    Great post!

    Recently, through series of events, I lost my CDP. I was up to 780 days. At first, I was a bit bummed about it. But, at present, there's actually only 1 club out there that I might want to buy but can't because it's a Level 103. That only means it'll probably now be an extra 6 months or so added to what I thought it would take to get there. Even so, that club doesn't strike me as a "game changer."

    So, unless they introduced some new "can't have" clubs at levels 100 or higher, it really makes no difference that I got reset to day 1 a few weeks ago. Just have to keep things in perspective.

  • alanti
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    Thu, Jul 27 2017 3:41 PM

    Indeed, an excellent post by Lucky.....and a damned good take IMHO.

    I have not slaved for consecutive days, in fact since the new system came out, the best I have done was a streak of 15 days.............

    Then again, I am happy with the equipment I have and accept my game is what it is and I only play for enjoyment.

    Being a slave to the game is long gone (I did lose a streak on over a year at one stage) and I have the freedom to play when I want to play, not because of any obligation to keep up a meaningless number (as pointed out).

    On a personal front, I wish you the very best LS, and take care of yourself, in recent times, you have earned respect from that really you - what did you do with the old Lucky?


  • DuFussMcGoo
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    Thu, Jul 27 2017 4:03 PM

    If its POINTS you need for your CC, or for yourself (a "must have" driver at lvl 103), then there are "alternative" methods to get mega daily XP points. I'm referring to the "Custom Course" glitch that has not yet been all know the "glitch" a custom course at your CC then follow up by playing a 9 hole tournament and having a "1 putt hole"; then a "2 putt hole". After the round, sit back and get about 3,700 XP points. It's much easier than playing every day for 4 years!

  • LuckySkreet
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    Thu, Jul 27 2017 5:27 PM


    On a personal front, I wish you the very best LS, and take care of yourself, in recent times, you have earned respect from that really you - what did you do with the old Lucky?


    Alanti......            Nope....   I'm still the same ole' sarcastic SOB as always.  Hell I'm no different than anyone else.....   for better or worse, we all speak our minds....   I guess my comments of late have just resonated differently.....        I do appreciate your kind words.....  coronary heart disease is something never cured... and hopefully routine maintenance will keep me, and others,  around a bit longer......    Likewise, you have earned my respect as well....

    On another note.....    Living in South Carolina, WGT will not or can not  "verify" my account....thus leaving me out in left field regarding credit redemption.  During my WGT tenure, I have amassed a little over 550,000 credits (certainly more than enough for my needs) so I'm researching avenues to use these to sponsor a tournament...but I dont think WGT will allow for an "invitational".........  so without the ability to  restrict the snerts, cheats, multi's and ass-bags...that's not gonna happen.   Perhaps, I'll create my own little temporary CC, create my own invitational and roll that way.....        I would welcome any suggestions from you folks...... I'd really like to see the top "real" players go at it in a 4 round single play...but then again, why in the hell should I do what WGT should be doing all along??

  • Jimbog1964
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    Thu, Jul 27 2017 7:27 PM

    LS - I am sure you have explored it but any relatives in a state that allows transfer? Kind of officially move and move back or would that amass a cost?  I don't want an answer even if you would give one, just through it out there.............I have a bank that knows I live in Oz and a bank that still thinks I live in England, and two passports...In fact hopefully have three soon LOL as my Mother was Irish (Brexit thing)......

  • mrcaddie
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    Fri, Jul 28 2017 9:59 AM

    I guess, at some point,  you must ask yourself......  "What the hell does it matter?"

    This sums it up perfectly.

    Great post LS!


  • webbjoseph
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    Fri, Jul 28 2017 9:47 PM

     50% for that day and xp day for 600, and this is what i got.