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Active Members or Possible Merge Wanted

Sun, Jun 16 2024 6:19 PM (1 replies)
  • jgozza
    14 Posts
    Mon, May 27 2024 10:01 AM

    No One Like Us are seeking active members who want to help build a great club while having friendly banter in our chat room!!

    If you are getting bored in your current club or not being allowed to play in clash matches then you should join us!!

    We hold in house tournaments and give out gold credits to the top players for both weekly goals and XP contributions laderboards

    If your looking to play skins matches and alternative shot games then we do that too and games are organised via our Discord page.

    We have two Directors positions available too for anyone who was thinking of merging clubs and are willing to join us. Feel free to add me as a friend to discuss this.

    So if you want to assist in Clashes, Turf Wars, Club Goals and want to compete against the top clubs in WGT please join us here: No One Likes Us!

    Hope to see you in the club house but if not wish you well in your next club!!


  • Mchrome
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    Sun, Jun 16 2024 6:19 PM

    I am a director of a club which fits this category (Jaguar Irons), but the club owner hasn't played in a few years. I would be happy to merge if I I can do this - Please let me know.