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COIN MK2-MK7 Full Set Stats

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Thu, Feb 29 2024 11:45 AM (10 replies)
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  • WGTShamWow
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    Thu, Feb 29 2024 11:45 AM


    I can't even begin to imagine how you found the hidden ProShop listing for these clubs.

    You (WGT) sent it to me.  : )

    Well, that would make sense. lol.


    the Coin Gear club sets are only intended to be available to rent in game for coins, which is why you can't search for them in the ProShop.

    Why haven't you made this public before?  That is actually something very good to know.  Country Club set up all sorts of tournaments, most people have millions of coins that they can't do anything with, so  the CC's can have tournaments where you have to rent one of these sets of clubs for a round.

    This begs the question, why have you got two pro shops???  Every time you do a pro shop update (which is just about EVERY release!), you need to update in two places!  And what does it matter whether people get them through the website or in-game?

    They've been around for a while and I am sure they were announced when first added. In my opinion, I do think that its a little convoluted on how to find them and they should really have their own spot in the Shop to make them a bit more visible. 

    I know we kept a number of things both on the website and in game when everything migrated away from Flash to make things a little easier for players during the migration. Things like the ProShop, Tournaments, Country Club section, etc. can be found on both the website and in game. I think its pretty convenient to still have both, so you don't have to launch the game to access these sections. Updating the ProShop isn't that bad, and most things are added once and show up in both shops. The Coin gear sets are an outlier as they can be rented but not purchased, so they only show in the in game proshop and not the web shop. 


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