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The Holiday Half Day 2023 by Nico and Champ

Thu, Dec 21 2023 12:30 PM (362 replies)
  • bbqdog61
    430 Posts
    Thu, Dec 21 2023 12:26 PM

    Thanks Nico!! Merry Christmas!!!

  • BlackBogey
    331 Posts
    Thu, Dec 21 2023 12:27 PM


    I would like to have 3 sleeves of Callaway L 43 golf balls as i reach 365 consecutive day on WGT

    I got this one Nico.  Ern, balls coming your way, Merry Christmas!

  • WGTNico
    626 Posts
    Thu, Dec 21 2023 12:30 PM

    Hey everyone, 

    This has been an absolute blast. I will have to stop here as well I'm out of credits. Thank you for being such an amazing community and continuing to play WGT and support us. It means a lot to us and can't wait for 2024. Happy holidays everyone!