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2023 Andyson Memorial

Thu, Jul 11 2024 3:58 PM (497 replies)
  • MioKontic
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 3:56 AM

    In the absence of anyone else doing it, I have taken it upon myself to organise the prestigious Andyson Memorial for 2023.

    Andyson and I spent many hours on Skype, talking about all sorts of things, but a lot of it was spent discussing and trying out things that might be fun for the forum.  Some of you will know about and laughed at his National WGT Enquirer magazine front pages, the Xtranormal videos (which led to my own WGT Weekly News videos), and of course his Hitler outburst videos with subtitles specfically for WGT - hilarious!

    So, while you are signing up for this year's tournament, have a smile at those memories.  If you didn't know Andyson, take a look at his profile page where you can see all the WGT National Enquirer pages.

    This year's tournament will be the same as last year, except we will not have the initial 2 qualifying rounds.  There will be a Matchplay event and a separate Strokeplay event.  State whether you wish to play in the Matchplay event, Strokeplay event, or Both.

    Matchplay event:
    Everyone who signs up for the Matchplay event will be put into the draw.  Depending on numbers there will likely be byes in the first round.  Each round will be a knockout between pairings over 18 holes (courses to be posted later), with the winner of each match-up progressing to the next round until we have an overall winner - the 2023 Andyson Memorial Matchplay Champion.  Apparel should be turned OFF for the Matchplay event.

    Strokeplay event:
    Each round of the Strokeplay event will be over 18 holes (courses to be posted later).  For each round there will be a cut-off score.  Anyone scoring above the cut-line will be knocked out of the tournament, those on or below the cut-line will continue to the next round.  This will continue until only 1 player is left - the 2023 Andyson Memorial Strokeplay Champion.  You can play on your own or with friends.  Since the wearing of game-enhancing apparel can't be policed, I will allow players to wear such items if they wish to do so.

    I will be giving prizes (golf balls) to each of the winners of the Matchplay and Strokeplay events.  If anyone would like to donate a prize, please let me know.

    If you wish to enter this prestigious event, please post your name in this thread together with Matchplay, Strokeplay or Both.  Closing date for entries will be midnight UK time on Saturday 19th August (4pm PST, 7pm EST, 1am CET Sunday 20th August) after which I will publish the draw, courses and dates.

    Prize donations:
    Bills Band CC (Tdotdoba)


    # Name M / S / Both
    1 MioKontic Both
    2 SpacemanSpiff76 Both
    3 AnaNikolaj M
    4 Slimjim001 Both
    5 RoggRR Both
    6 TomCarioca Both
    7 conveyorguy Both
    8 garyk49 Both
    9 ciombo89play Both
    10 Tdotdoba Both
    11 amateur4sure Both
    12 Debrug S
    13 cousinzeke1 Both
    14 KARTIKAYAN Both
    16 dacrash S
    17 Tiffany1968 Both
    18 drmoose Both
    19 JMH1 Both
    20 HKharroubi1 Both
    21 GHOST3715 Both
    22 Allqvie Both
    23 jerseyjake72 Both
    24 DufferJohn7 Both
    25 BlackBogey Both
    26 Next260 S
    27 IvyCaldwell1978 Both
    28 WildCoast M
    29 lousoly Both
    30 kasia1967 Both
    31 donarsky61 Both
    32 Beermoose60 Both
    33 Trinbagoboy Both
    34 HamdenPro Both
    35 borntobesting S
    36 Simhar0 S
    37 Rossembo Both
    39 Boycalvin S
    40 rafy54 S
    41 lonniescott711 S
    42 DodgyPutter Both
    43 hokeypokey300 Both
    44 Beryman S
    45 DaleMatherly Both
  • MioKontic
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 3:57 AM

    This will be a knockout tournament with each round being played over 18 holes (plus extra holes if required) on the following courses:

    Round Course To Be Played By (end of day Saturday uk time)
    1st Round Torrey Pines 2nd September
    2nd Round St Andrews 16th September
    3rd Round Pinehurst 30th September
    Quarter Finals Oakmont 14th October
    Semi Finals Pebble Beach 28th October
    Final Congressional 11th November

    Apparel should be turned OFF for the matchplay event.  Score and/or a screenshot of the scorecard should be posted in this thread.

    Two weeks are given for each round,  Please make every effort to get in touch with your opponent and get the game played, do not wait for them to contact you.  If for some reason a match is not played, I will arbitrate as to who goes through to the next round based on who made the most effort to get the game set up.

    1st round draw (to be played by 2nd September):
              conveyorguy   v   AnaNikolaj   6&4
              drmoose   v   MioKontic   6&5

              lousoly   v   hokeypokey300   3&2
              Tiffany1968   v   DaleMatherly   4&2

    All other players have a bye in the first round.

    First round games to play played on Torrey Pines, full 18 holes, plus extra holes if required.  Please post the winner of the match in this thread, together with the score and/or a screenshot of the scorecard.

    For those who can and want to play their 2nd round games...

    2nd round draw (to be played by 16th September):
              AnaNikolaj   v   MioKontic   3&2
              hokeypokey300   v   Tiffany1968   2&1

              garyk49   v   Beermoose60   3&2
              DufferJohn7   v   KARTIKAYAN   3&1

              HamdenPro   v   donarsky61   1up
              TSOULARA   v   jerseyjake72   2up

              GHOST3715   v   kasia1967   5&4
              IvyCaldwell1978   v   ciombo89play   1up

              RoggRR   v   Trinbagoboy   5&4
              HKharroubi1   v   SpacemanSpiff76

              Tdotdoba   v   Rossembo   4&3
              WildCoast   v   DodgyPutter   w/o

              JMH1   v   cousinzeke1   1up
              WUISENRIKE   v   BlackBogey   1up

              Allqvie   v   amateur4sure   3&1
              Slimjim001   v   TomCarioca   1up

    3rd round draw (to be played by 30th September):
              AnaNikolaj   v   hokeypokey300   1up
              Beermoose60   v   DufferJohn7   2&1

              HamdenPro   v   jerseyjake72   4&3
              GHOST3715   v   IvyCaldwell1978   2&1

              Trinbagoboy   v   w/o   w/o
              Tdotdoba   v   WildCoast   2up

              cousinzeke1   v   WUISENRIKE   7&5
              Allqvie   v   TomCarioca   1up

    Quarter finals draw (to be played by 14th October):
             AnaNikolaj   v   DufferJohn7   5&4
              jerseyjake72   v   GHOST3715   3&2

              Trinbagoboy   v   WildCoast   6&5
              cousinzeke1   v   TomCarioca   3&2

    Semi finals draw (to be played by 28th October):
              AnaNikolaj   v   jerseyjake72   3&1
              WildCoast   v   TomCarioca   4&3

    Final (to be played by 11th November):
             jerseyjake72   v   WildCoast

    Andyson Memorial 2023 Matchplay Champion:  jerseyjake72   3&2

    If anyone wishes to stream their games for others to watch, please post the date and time of the match and the link to the stream.

  • MioKontic
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 3:57 AM

    This will be an elimination tournament, with players having to match or beat a set score - the cut line -  to progress to the next round.

    Games should be set up as Ranked (single player) or Scored (multiplayer).  Games should be set up manually; WGT weekly/monthly tournaments and CC tournaments will not count.  Players can play as a single player or with friends.  Since the wearing of game-enhancing apparel can't be policed, I will allow players to wear such items if they wish to do so.

    The first ranked game in the player's score history on the course for the week will be the counting score.  One week will be given for each round.  If a player does not match or beat the cut line, or does not post a score for that week, they will be eliminated.  If at any point during the tournament only one player remains, they will be crowned Andyson Memorial 2023 Strokeplay Champion.  If all remaining players (two or more) get knocked out in the same week, an extra round will be played by the remaining players on Best of Hardest full 18, and all players must post a scorecard so that a winner can be determined, by countback if necessary.

    All scores must be posted by midnight UK time on the Saturday for that week (4pm PST, 7pm EST, 1am CET Sunday).  I am aware there will be a time change part way through this tournament, so I will allow an hour or two grace period to post scores during those weekends.

    The tournament will start on Sunday 20th August.  The course schedule, and the cut line for each round, is as follows:

    Courses To be played by (end of day Saturday uk time)
    Par Required score to progress
    Kiawah 26th August 72 -3   (69)
    Bethpage Black 2nd September 70 -4   (66)
    Merion 9th September 70 -5   (65)
    Pinehurst 16th September 70 -6   (64)
    Oakmont 23rd September 70 -7   (63)
    Royal St Georges 30th September
    70 -8   (62)
    Chambers Bay 7th October 71 -9   (62)
    Congressional 14th October 71 -10   (61)
    St Andrews 21st October 72 -11   (61)
    Torrey Pines 28th October 72 -12   (60)
    PGA National 4th November 72 -13   (59)
    Erin Hills 11th November 72 -14   (58)
    Wolf Creek 18th November 72 -15   (57)
    Pebble Beach 25th November 72 -16   (56)
    Olympic 2nd December 70 Lowest score wins

    We have 41 entries for the strokeplay event.  Each week every remaining player will start below the cut line.  When players post a score they will either be moved up above the cut line, and progress to the following week, or remain below it.  Any player below the cut line at the end of each week will be eliminated.

    Andyson Memorial 2023 Stroke Play Champion:   JMH1

    ---------------------------------------- cut line (Erin Hills, 58, -14) ----------------------------------------

    Beryman (59), kasia1967 (63), Beermoose60 (63), jerseyjake72 (63), rafy54 (64),
    hokeypokey300 (65), Rossembo (NR)

    ---------------------------------- missed cut (PGA National, 59, -13) -----------------------------------


    ----------------------------------- missed cut (Torrey Pines, 60, -12) -----------------------------------

    donarsky61 (64), IvyCaldwell1978 (65)

    ----------------------------------- missed cut (St Andrews, 61, -11) -------------------------------------

    HamdenPro (70)

    --------------------------------- missed cut (Congressional, 61, -10) ----------------------------------

    Slimjim001 (NR), DaleMatherly (NR)

    ---------------------------------- missed cut (Chambers Bay, 62, -9) -----------------------------------

    Simhar0 (65), MioKontic (65), amateur4sure (66), dacrash (NR)

    -------------------------------- missed cut (Royal St Georges, 62, -8) ---------------------------------

    KARTIKAYAN (65), TomCarioca (NR)

    -------------------------------------- missed cut (Oakmont, 63, -7) ---------------------------------------

    Tdotdoba (64), Allqvie (64), Boycalvin (64)

    -------------------------------------- missed cut (Pinehurst, 64, -6) --------------------------------------

    DufferJohn7 (65), Trinbagoboy (NR), cousinzeke1 (NR)

    ---------------------------------------- missed cut (Merion, 65, -5) ----------------------------------------

    GHOST3715 (66), Tiffany1968 (NR), lonniescott711 (NR), RoggRR (NR)

    ---------------------------------- missed cut (Bethpage Black, 66, -4) ----------------------------------

    BlackBogey (75), HKharroubi1 (NR), ciombo89play (NR), garyk49 (NR), conveyorguy (NR), borntobesting (NR)

    --------------------------------------- missed cut (Kiawah, 69, -3) ----------------------------------------

    SpacemanSpiff76 (NR), Debrug (NR), drmoose (NR), Next260 (NR), lousoly (NR), DodgyPutter (NR)

  • MioKontic
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 3:58 AM

    I'll start the ball rolling...

    MioKontic - both.

  • SpacemanSpiff76
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 9:20 AM
    SpacemanSpiff76 - Both
  • opyeuclid
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 3:35 PM

    I will offer to cover some of the prizes .


  • AnaNikolaj
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 4:00 PM


  • Slimjim001
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    Sat, Aug 5 2023 4:35 PM

    Slimjim001  -  both

  • MioKontic
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    Sun, Aug 6 2023 12:34 AM


    I will offer to cover some of the prizes .


    Thanks OPY.

  • RoggRR
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    Sun, Aug 6 2023 8:41 AM

    Both (TL), please


    ..... Thank you vm, Mio

    ... and this should be 8th memorial tournament, right?